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Work experience

May 2014Present

Volunteer Janitor

Harroll Road Church of Christ


Aug 2010May 2015

BS Aerospace Engineering

Florida Institute of Technology

From my five years at Florida Tech, I have acquired many skills in different forms from different courses I have taken. I have been involved in many different lab course, allowing for me to learn teamwork and the basic use of different scientific instruments, while also improving my writing skills with the many lab reports. The labs I have taken are in the subjects of: Chemistry, Physics, Materials Sciences, Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Structural Design, and Aerospace Experimental Aerodynamics. In addition to the basic aerospace curriculum at Florida Tech, I have also taken an extra course specializing in Heat Transfer, along with joining the student body newspaper, The Crimson, to further my writing skills and research techniques. As required per the curriculum, all aerospace juniors start a planning course to envision and design a project that we are to build are senior year, allowing for us to develop our teamwork and researching skills. The group I was part of designed a variable aspect ratio drone that was be able to expand, or retract, its wings in midflight; for our design, we were given the Northrop Grumman Award for Engineering Excellence by Northrop Grumman itself along with a team of engineers from several other companies.


Air Breathing Engines

In addition to required research, I have branched into other fields of knowledge to help improve the accuracy of an overall project. Through great lengths, I devised a way to calculate the true air density based upon the local temperature and humidity since both play a major factor in the take off and landing distances of an aircraft.


I have experience writing code in this language through the semester course I had taken in college. I do not have strong proficiency in the language, but I am willing to learn more if needed.

C++ Coding

While I am not extremely proficient in coding C++, I self taught the language to myself as a way to more efficiently code over the use of FORTRAN. I have become very accustom to using the basic commands in the language and written many mathematical programs for class work in the language; I am willing to further my knowledge if needed.

Matlab Coding

I have spent ample time using Matlab throughout college in many areas of math to code and solve simply to complex mathematical problems in both numerical solutions and graphical solutions.