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Work experience

Systems Analyst

Ramco Systems
Systems Analyst Worked from conceptualization to installation of Flight Simulator retrofit project. The project involved understanding of all major components of a fighter aircraft system that are managed from cockpit and simulating their behavioral aspects and eventually controlling realistic control/display elements in cockpit. Led a team of 5 developers and mentored them throughout the project. Was recognized as top performer(top 5 percentile of entire organization). Interacted with very senior technical and non-technical defense officials to gather requirements to submit proposals for various projects. Tools: C++ on Windows, C on Real time OS


Renaissance Worldwide Inc
Consultant Developed web application for a major farm equipment manufacturer to assist with upgrading their legacy business systems(dealers/suppliers transaction related). Tools: C++/Solaris environment, legacy database(Mainframe) and RDBMS.

Senior Software Engineer

American Software
Senior Software Engineer Assisted with development of Flow manufacturing system: Flow manufacturing schedules production based on actual demand instead of forecast. The system is a distributed Client- Server solution with Windows and MS SQL Server. Business logic residing in AS400 environment was accessed using Cool Plex. Functional components include: Line design; demand smoothing, Production reporting, Product costing and Method sheets. Designed and implemented front-end of Product costing module and interface to third party method sheets utility. Implemented a Meta-data driven EAI system that facilitated external systems to post and retrieve information from American Software's Flow Manufacturing system. Researched interface requirements of source and target systems, XML schema and designed the architecture and defined the interface. Tools: Microsoft Visual C

Senior Software Engineer

Veriprise Wireless
Senior Software Engineer An on-line trading exchange chose Veriprise Wireless Platform to wireless enable their applications for mobile devices. The solution comprised of analyzing the business requirements, identifying a subset of functionality that are to be wireless enabled(taking into consideration the characteristics and limitations of wireless devices), defining application specific protocols for communication between devices and the platform, developing client applications for the devices, data communication channels and integration with existing application using COM. Researched and documented interface with FIXML based COM APIs of customer's system Technical contact between developers and customer for interface requirements and data exchange contract. Tools: Java/XML

Senior Software Engineer

Proficient Systems Senior Software Engineer Proficient's product facilitated Sales people of organizations selling complex consultative products(Mortgages, real estate, etc.) to engage on-line customers using various media means(chat, collaborative browsing), thus providing the missing human touch in world of E- Commerce. The product's analytics and rules based system offered core value by identifying the most prospective customers to engage and linking them with an agent with most relevant expertise. Designed and implemented the following components individually or as a lead over a period of 5 years: Data extraction and transformation-Generic system to derive components out of complex data types like URL, date-time to enable the core Predictive Analytics system to consume fine grained data. UI Framework for entire system using DHTML and OO JavaScript to create Rich Client user experience Reflection(on JS and Java) based communication framework for RPC type communication between JavaScript on UI and Java objects on server hiding the underlying HTTP. Java Reflection based component for marshaling Java beans to XML. Integrated third party system for chat and collaborative browsing feature by adapting the same for paradigm of Proficient Systems' business entities. Logging framework using Log4J and testing framework using JUnit Reporting framework Identified a low cost spell checker solution and integrated it by adapting the UI and implementing user/vendor specific dictionary framework. Tools: Java, XML, Javascript, DHTML


Director, Advanced Analytics Research Leader of team that actively seeks out challenges within organization that can benefit from



PSG College of Technology


PSG College of Technology


Kennesaw State University