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Work experience

Coating Technician

Pfizer Pharmaceutical R&D

Morris Plains, New jersey Coating Technician Working as a processing/warehouse technician Receive raw material putting on the inventory computer and files. Then place it on the shelves on the warehouse keeping inventory on a computer spreadsheet Looking up the inventory from the spreadsheet in order to find the material for the chemists so they can begin making their products Also worked as a coating technician Technician Totowa, New Jersey Dec. 1995-April 2002


Cotton Machine, Weighing machine.
labeling machine, Capper machine, Wrapper machine

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine Operator

Ivax Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine Operator Northville, New Jersey Working in the pharmaceutical technician, locating material from the warehouse, setting up and waiting out and checking labels are correct in the staging area Screening, blending and mixing the raw material to produce a finished product Filling drums of finished product for compression Worked with Tablet counter

Aseptic Technician

Enzon Pharmaceutical
Aseptic Technician, South Plainfield, New Jersey Working in an aseptic environment, clean room class 100, 000 to 100 manufacturing. Production manufacturing and filling vials, inspecting, coding, labeling and packaging in cold storage temperature and shipping finished products Sterilizing and sanitizing rooms and equipment and staging and preparing for their next assignment.


Cotton Machine, Weighing machine.
machine, Wrapper machine, pharmaceutical product. Also worked with Tablet counter, labeling machine, Capper machine, Wrapper

Pharmaceutical Operator, Packing

Hoffman LaRoche Pharmaceutical
Nutley, New Jersey Working at a pharmaceutical operator, packing finished products such as Tamiful capsules and tablets in bottles and in blister packs. Preparing products to be shipped to other warehouses to be distributed.

Material Handler

Novartis Pharmaceutical
Material Handler Specialists, East Hanover, New Jersey Working as a material handling specialist, picking and scanning on C-pad for stock deductions. Packing and labeling finished pharmaceutical products to be shipped to various states and other countries. Checking ongoing inventory on a computer for various variety of finished pharmaceutical products. Using various packaging equipment in accordance to the cGMP's and SOP's for clinical packaging.

Weight Room Operator

Weight Room Operator, Clifton, New Jersey Working as a Weigh Room operator, weighing out raw material for manufacturing batches. Pulling

New Jersey Compounder

Genzyme Sanofi Pharmaceutical
Fairfield, New Jersey Compounder, Working as a fragrance compounder, compounding raw materials to produce a finished product. Locating material on the drum rack scanning the labels on my computer than waiting out materials. Locating the right materials in the warehouse scanning the labels on the drums and placing a computer for correct inventory. Packaging finish liquid fragrances in drums and totes labeling and preparing for shipment on a computer

Production Assistant

Genzyme Sanofi Pharmaceutical
Production Assistant-, Ridgefield, New Jersey Working as the production assistant running a filling and packaging line of injectable vials. Filling, capping, and then labeling the vials. Then packaging them in the shippers. Palletizing then shrink wrapping and finishing off all paperwork. Transferring the finish Products to the warehouse.


liquid fragrances
compounding raw materials
Chemical manufacturing