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An excellent communicator with extensive experience operating to the highest standards across different cultures and environments focusing on interpersonal relations, with the ambition and ability to reach daunting targets. Strong academic credentials combined with a passion for international business and affairs are assets which would be readily transferable to the business environment, with the clear potential to refine and tailor these skills to finance.

Work experience

Jul 2015Oct 2015

SL Volunteers- Sri Lanka


What I was doing:

Worked overseas on Special Needs, Mental Health and teaching projects. Organised and led teams of undergraduate volunteers and acted as a pastoral mentor.. Developed lasting and rewarding relationships with clients, who would come back weekly to use our services. Learnt skills in communication and teamwork across cultural boundaries. 


Over 100 hours spent teaching English. 80 hours working with mentally and behaviourally challenged clients.

Excellent feedback from volunteers and supervisors on work placements.

Helped manage over 100 volunteers working on different projects.

Skills learnt:

How to motivate and inspire others to improve their potential

How to deal with conflict in the workplace.

How to work with a range of clients and tailor the approach to their needs.

How to perform and adapt quickly to a new culture and environment.

How to best support new team members and make sure they are fully satisfied with their work.

Initiative in coming up with new ways to effectively teach and communicate with clients.

Jun 2014Sep 2014

International Citizenship Service VSO- Bangladesh


What I was doing:

Worked alongside local volunteers to distribute the UK government aid budget, supplying sanitary latrines and water systems to over 50 families in South West Bangladesh where their water supply is poisoned with arsenic. Educating the local community on global issues such as climate change and pollution.


8 Sanitary Latrines and 1 Pond-Sand Filter constructed and completed.

3 Global Awareness Days on Climate Change, Pollution, and First Aid

Medical Health clinic for over 300 families.

Skills learnt:

Organising and managing budgets and schedules

Dealing with cross-cultural work issues  (e.g. corruption.)

Flexibility when such problems arouse

Project planning and deliverance.

How to convey complex ideas simply and effectively.

Jan 2014May 2014

Goldsmiths University

Research assistant

What I was doing:

Worked in the psychology department of Goldsmiths university, helped carry out and assist in experiments and admin work. I learnt how valuable it was to treat everyone's input as equal, often with ideas from some of the most junior staff being more influential than those leading the research. I also was able to learn skills in co- operation and skill sharing, to improve the strength of our experiments.


Completed experiment showing that geographic and mathematical ability were related in children.

Presented our findings to a group of professors from Goldsmiths University

Skills learnt

Experience in professional London office.

Dedication in completing long and difficult tasks.

How to focus and reach a set objective.

Presenting and Public speaking.

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Raleigh International- Borneo


What I was doing:

Worked on a community and environmental project for 7 weeks based in the Bornean Jungle, as well as joining an expedition for 3 weeks. Working alongside 10 other volunteers, helped dam a waterfall to provide year-round water to a nearby village, built a bridge to allow access to an area of Special Scientific Interest. The program was also heavily personal-development focused, where we would be assessed on  our improvements ever 2 weeks.


Dammed and piped a waterfall to provide fresh water to 100 houses.

Completed the bridge which allowed access to a virgin area of rainforest.

Completed a 3 week trek only with the provisions carried.

Skills learnt

Interpersonal skills in dealing with the same people for 3 weeks.

How to manage, run and complete a project in an exotic environment.

Dedication and hard work to achieve our set goals.

Flexibility in dealing with challenges.


Oct 2014Jun 2017

Philosophy and  Psychology (BA Hons)

Durham University

First year: 1st class honours 

Sep 2013Jun 2014

A level

Albemarle Tutorial College

Biology: A         Maths A

Sep 2011Jun 2013

A levels / Pre-U

Westminster School

Philosophy A*         History A*         Economics A          English Pre-U: Distinction 2


Available on request.