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When asked what would make him ultimately joyful, Mr. Joseph Davidovic has this to say: he aims to be a friend to all of his employees and associates spread across different companies. Those companies include Translation Expert, which has been one of Canada’s leading and most respected language translation firms. Conduct a brief visit to their website,, and be awed by what you see: testimonial after testimonial of satisfied and very happy clients. Translation Expert has accumulated a vast reservoir of experience in the field, as well as at cultural consulting, custom application development, and localization.

Serving clients for almost three decades, Translation Expert conducts professional translations that are readily certifiable and notarizable. The firm offers translation and typesetting services in any language, including but not limited to English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Chinese, French, and German. Mr. Davidovic himself speaks five languages. He has always focused on respect for deadlines for the sake of the big-name companies Translation Expert has served. He also ensures that his team of linguists is capable of working using any software. The firm assists clients as well with typesetting, voice overs, interpretations, film, engineering, medical and technical. That’s aside from a variety tool, applications and graphics programs.

Mr. Davidovic enjoins his team of linguists at Translation Expert to rise above the

temptation to just put words into another language. He requires them to have an intimate knowledge of the language, with it being their mother tongue. That is supplemented strongly by a profound knowledge of the subject matter itself. This is why Joseph Davidovic requires everyone in his team of linguists to carry a minimum of ten years specialist translation experience in their specific field.