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For more than seven decades, the Herman family has provided determined legal assistance in personal injury cases. Harry and David Herman founded the firm in 1942, and since then, three generations of the family have made sure that those affected by personal injury through the negligence of others have proper representation in the courtroom.

Our clients put their faith in us to get justice against corporations that put profit ahead of concern for the victims or their family members. We make sure that the case goes to trial as quickly as possible to avoid the usual legal maneuvers that attempt to delay litigation, with each case focused on the maximization of a settlement.

Our legal staff is well versed in the law regarding personal injuries. This can include: dangerous products; burn or brain injuries; medical malpractice; automobile, 18 Wheeler, offshore or industrial accidents, contamination; electrocutions; and wrongful death.

Class action lawsuits are also within the range of our firm, regardless of the location. In these cases, the collective rights of a large number of clients have been compromised by negligence from companies in such areas as the pharmaceutical and oil industries. In addition, the concept of multi-district litigation is a facet we specialize in and deals with cases that involve plaintiffs in multiple states.

Your legal rights or those of your loved one can be explained by an experienced New Orleans personal injury lawyer. Just call 504-581-4892 or fill out our case review form that’s free with no obligation.