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Josep Miquel Vera Maiquez

CTO at Fav24


As CTO, today I do not only report to the company CEO, but also I help him to understand the importance of each technological decision, and the goal of each one. On the other side he explains me his plans in order to maintain the coherence between our technological capabilities and the business plan goals.

Work experience

Aug 2013Present



Leader of the technical team of the company, particularly building products and building services that embody specific technologies that benefit those products. Research management and organization development. Furthermore I act as SCRUM master during the whole life cycle of the developed projects.

During the last two years as CTO at Fav24 I mainly followed two action lines.

  1. Achieve the technological edge level that a modern startup needs to be competitive and attractive.
  2. Get the IT department on rails with an agile methodology.


The technological challenge: 

The IT department was very heterogeneous due to the fact that we have to support 100% native developments for every mobile platform (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). This was the first challenge I faced at Fav24. I had to get familiar with every platform peculiarity in terms of, for example, continuous integration, device limitations like different ways for identifying a device, different push notification engines and so on.

The second challenge was to build a backend capable of supporting millions of users without increasing infrastructure costs linearly.

The two main actions we took at architecture level in order to achieve this goal were, first using AWS and a good enough amount of its API features to schedule our backend size depending on user’s activity; secondly we dockerized our entire backend stack to simplify our scalability.

In terms of software architecture decisions, we started using spring boot in conjunction to spring cloud (netflix technology), in order to get an internal flexible and scalable micro services-oriented architecture, and a simple and easy to use API on the external side.

The methodology:           

Any methodology was implanted, and no guidelines were followed to ensure the development process.

During the first months I tried to figure out how I could deploy a methodology framework, without giving the CEO the sensation of loss of control at any time. Finally I decided to hire Agilar services to help all the team, including the CEO put in place the Scrum framework.

This process, even sometimes hard and complex, changed dramatically the productivity and quality of every development, and we were able to get metrics about our progress and development speed, giving more control to the product owner and the CEO.


Now I can confirm that both action lines have succeeded, even though both must be periodically and closely followed, in order to prevent the loss of focus.

Oct 2008Present

Partner & Advisor

IT services company for clinics and medical practices. I own the 50% of the company and since the last two years I act only as shareholder.

Feb 2005Aug 2015



A software tool focused on quick development. At present and since 2014, the project is considered closed.

Apr 2011Aug 2013

Specific Knowledge Leader

Everis Spain S.L.U.

Strategy Consulting and Information Technologies

Jan 1992Aug 2013

Hardware & Firmware Developer


Hardware digital design and firmware development for industry automation.

Mar 2005Sep 2008

Project Leader

Emagister  Servicios de información, S.A.

Leadership, architectural definition and development of the softmagister project, consisting in a CRM Software for training centers, with real-time communications between the training centers and the central services of the company.

Dec 2000Mar 2005

Software Developer

Expectra Information Technologies, S.A.


  • Analysis and development for new features for the product MAEXBIC3000.
  • Analysis and development for the module for reading and writing smart-cards using a crypto-processor.

Endesa Servicios, S.L.

  • Analysis and development on Remote Control Systems for Endesa Servicios, S.L..
  • Analysis, development and module maintenance tasks for the system for conduction/distribution assistance SAC-AT.
Jul 1999Nov 2000

Software Developer


Analysis and development of a budgetary accounting information system for public entities.

Jul 1997Jun 1999

Software Developer


Analysis and development of a transformation system for centroid-segments files, to polygonal files in MapInfo interchange format for the Centre for Cadastral Management of Barcelona.


Sep 2014Oct 2014

Agile Coaching


Scrum personal & team coaching

Aug 1997Jan 2000

Computer Science Senior Engineer

La Salle Bonanova
Aug 1994Jul 1997

Computer Science Technical Engineer




I have the ability to communicate with others in a clear and direct manner, in a way that they don't feel threatened or put down.


I'm convinced that my determination to get things done, to make things happen & constantly to look for better ways of doing things, always helps me to achieve my goals.


Those are my results of the Kent University leadership test. All scores are over 50 points.

  • Authoritarian 32
  • Procedural 35
  • Transformational 35
  • Participative 41
  • Laissez Faire 36
Spoken communication

I have a Good Listening, Empathy, good at Questioning and gathering information, always Giving feedback, always Confirming and clarifying any ambiguous situation.

I'm comfortable doing public presentations and lectures.


Analytical Ability, Lateral Thinking, Initiative, Logical Reasoning and Persistence.

Decision making

Ir order to acheve the best decisions I always try to follow some steps:

  • Clarify the nature of the problem before deciding action.
  • Collect and summarise the data systematically.
  • Use creativity/initiative to get alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Produce a SHORT list of the best options.
  • Make my decision.
  • Implement my decision.
  • Evaluate how well things went.
Action planning

I firmly believe that this is one of the most important skills that every C level executive must have. You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there.

Those are the steps that I normally follow when I involved in an action plan.

  • Identifying your objectives.
  • Setting objectives which are achievable & measurable.
  • Prioritising your tasks effectively.
  • Identifying the steps needed to achieve your goals.
  • Using lists.
  • Being able to work effectively under pressure.
  • Completing work to a deadline.
  • Having a contingency plan.

Those are my results of the Kent University teamworking test. All scores are over 12 points.

  • Evaluator 9
  • Ideas Person 9
  • Leader 10
  • Compromiser 10
  • Summariser 8
  • Recorder 8
  • Encourager 10

Native Spanish and Catalan, mid-high english and french


Management and collaboration: JIRA, Confluence, Trello, Taiga.


  • IDEs: Eclipse, Intellij, Sublime, Atom, Kitematic.
  • Source Control : Git, SVN, ClearCase, ClearQuest.
  • Integration Tools: GitLab, Jenkins, Ant, Maven.
  • Languages: Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Groovy, Python.
  • Frameworks: Spring (Core, Data, Cloud, Boot), Dagger2.
  • Scaffolding: yeoman (yo), JHipster.
  • Metrics + Monitoring: InfluxDB, Grafana.
  • Other Java libs: Jedis, Retrofit, okhttp, jackson, jsoup, crawler-commons, langdetect, rome,  hikariCP, ...etc.
  • Unit Testing: JUnit, AssertJ, Mockito.
  • Acceptance Testing: HPQC.
  • Databases: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, hSQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Cache systems: Redis, EhCache and MapDB.
  • Application containers/Request Handlers: UnderTow, Tomcat, Jetty, Netty, JBoss. 


  • AWS Elastic Caché, Lambdas, RDS, EC2, ELB, S3, CloudFront, Route53 and ASG.
  • AWS API for autoscaling operations, deploy automation and monitoring.
  • Docker and Docker Compose for backend stack building and deploy automation.
  • for load & performance analysis and user behavior simulation.