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Known for my proficiency in the planning and execution of strategic global business development opportunities, the establishment of sales targets and the planning, supervision and direction of tactical activities leading to the expansion of key and corporate accounts.  

Responsible for the planning and leadership in the implementation of goals directed to attain sales targets and market penetration, as well as the direction of field sales and operations and the negotiation of strategic agreements. 

My Experience and Background Include:

  • Customer relations management, customer retention initiatives, new business development, sales and marketing leadership, multichannel distribution management, development of OEM projects and proposals including product and ROI presentations.
  • Successful penetration of new and existing market segments directed at the increase of new business opportunities and revenue growth.
  • Establishment of the criteria for customer satisfaction initiatives, the advancement of standards and guidelines for the development of domestic and international market share growth and the implementation of lean business principles.
  • Experienced opportunity hunter, successfully conducted business in over 20 countries worldwide,  bilingual English and Spanish, highly familiar in identifying and engaging decision makers


Business Development Manager
Targeting the increase and the impact of company profitability and assisting to ensure that tactical and strategic decisions are made based on new business development.   Supporting the overall process of management and corporate decision-making, assisting to ensure the organization maximizes the short, medium and long term profitability and shareholder return.   Contributing to the development and refining of company's vision and strategy.    
Prepare sales forecasts
Sales forecasting can be focused on an industry, a company, and individual or an specific brand.  Typically these forecast are updated monthly or quarterly and provide International, National or Regional projections.   These short-long range analysis help the company better understand the fundamentals of the future economic environment and its impact on the business.      
Customer Relations Management
Customer relationship management is important in running a successful business.  The better the relationship the easier it is to conduct business and generate revenue.  There are several software companies that offer CRM applications that integrate with existing packages.     CRM is not just the application of technology, it is the strategy to learn more about the customers needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships.  
Tactical Sales Plans
The most effective way to accomplish this is to develop a written sales plan with specific sales metrics that measure success.   Plotting the business goals and sales approach to help the team achieve the quota is essential to the creation of strategic and tactical sales plans.   Using a metrics-driven system to develop a scalable sales model is a critical component to the success of the plan. 
Problem Solving
There are several tools available and designed for an early detection of a potential problem.       Constructive Controversy (arguing for and against options). Inductive Reasoning (drawing good generalized conclusions) Heuristic Methods (using rule of thumb) Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (spotting problem early)   And there are several tools available to assist in solving the problem.     Plan, Do, Check, Act (implement new ideas in a controlled environment) Soft Systems Methodology (understanding very complex issues) Appreciative Inquiry (solving problems by looking at what is right) The Straw Man Concept (build it, knock it down)     
Multichannel Distribution Management
I am familiar with various types of Channel Distribution.  Among the most common, "strategic" and  "tactical".  Although they are similar in nature, their differences are clear.   The level of participation would play an important role in the configuration of the contractual obligation.  The role playing would be determined and influenced by the value added, reseller type and distribution detail.    
Team Leadership
Individual contributors form a strong foundation for an organization.  Competitiveness, persistence and drive form the core of group participation, influence and support.   Teams share a common purpose and a clearly defined goal. These parameters are defined by the expertise, motivation, accountability, goal and reward.   My role as the leader is to clarify the expectations for each member, actively participate in getting to know each person on the team, their strengths and weaknesses and challenge them to attain levels of excellence individually.    Adding to "the sum of the parts" is the reward for the contribution to the organization.    
Sales Direct / Indirect
Throughout my career I have learned different methodologies and strategies that have helped me achieve success in the sales industry.     The appropriate use of technology identifies qualities in the client selection process and predicts critical behaviors helpful to the execution of a successful closing.   By focusing on understanding and solution based propositions, the possibilities of a long term relationship with the customer increases dramatically.      

Work experience

Director of Business Development Latin America

Digital Exchange Solutions

Development and execution of strategic global business opportunities, establishment of sales targets, planning, supervision and direction of all tactical activities leading to the development of key and corporate accounts in order to attain sales targets and market penetration. Direction of field sales and operations as well as negotiation of strategic agreements. Responsibilities include:

  • Customer relations management, customer retention initiatives, new business development, sales and marketing leadership, multichannel distribution management, development of OEM projects and proposals, product and ROI presentations.
  • Successful penetration of new and existing market segments directed at the increase of new business opportunities and revenue growth.
  • Establishment of the criteria for customer satisfaction initiatives. Advancement of the standards and guidelines for the development of international market share growth.
Jan 2007Aug 2010

Business Manager Scitex-Signage IPG-LFP Central America & Caribbean


Implemented and executed sales processes including new business development, qualifying leads, identifying decision makers, preparing proposals, making presentations and executing goal strategies. Conducted product and sales training. Organized and coordinated channel partner participation in road shows, trade shows and mass attendance revenue generating activities within the Central America and Caribbean Region.

  • Leadership and execution of sales and marketing plans targeting existing and prospective accounts with an emphasis on increasing gross profit, market share and brand recognition
  • Championed and directed a network of channel partners including over 30 of their sales and marketing associates
  • Successfully presented, recommended, negotiated and executed B2B hardware and software solutions for a portfolio of printing, signage and publishing accounts.
  • Expert hunter and developer of new business opportunities
  • Negotiated and successfully executed the first hardware finance closing for HPFS in the CACE territory, opening the door to potential multimillion dollar operations
Jul 2001Dec 2006

Account Manager

Sysco Minnesota

Developed strategic marketing plans, created and executed revenue generation goals and contributed with production, performance, leadership and teamwork to the overall accomplishment of the business unit.

  • Consistently ranked on the top 5% of high production team members in the categories of  profit margin, market share growth and sales growth

  • Actively participated in the planning, development and marketing of additional product categories that turned into high revenue and gross profit items

  • Developed and executed sales strategies that impacted and increased revenue and market share by 100% within the first year and double digit growth thereafter

  • Incremented visibility and prominence of Sysco brand products reflecting continuous double digit sales growth
May 1995Apr 2001

Regional Sales Manager Latin America

USTMAN Technologies, Inc.

Establishment of strategic sales and marketing plans for the region. Execution and accomplishment of revenue generation and gross profit targets and quotas. Direct and Indirect sales and multichannel distribution management.  Product and ROI presentations. 

  • Successfully entered emerging markets increasing market share, brand recognition and the           development of key accounts
  • Modified regional sales strategy and structure resulting in an immediate increase in revenue generating and a 25 % increase in gross profit
  • Developed strong relationship with multinational energy companies resulting in the delivery of important product and services contracts
  • Implemented and executed Environmental Awareness Programs in partnership with national and international convenience store chains and oil companies helping them save tens of millions of dollars on potential environmental impact and cleanup costs.
Dec 1990Dec 1993

Investment Consultant


Effective leader and sales professional with proven ability to consistently satisfy customer expectations and exceed company sales goals.

Known for top quality sales skills as well as the ability to build strong relationships.  Strongly motivated to attain new business opportunities and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Completed multiple real estate transactions originating healthy profit results and win-win situations by adequately balancing the representation of personal interests of both customers and brokerage firm.
  • Designed marketing and promotional materials that resulted in superior bids for the properties marketed.
  • Served as principal and communications channel between interested parties that ensured an accurate and profitable end result.
  • Executed marketing activities and deployed strategic efforts to accomplish satisfactory financial results for all parties involved.
Jan 1988Oct 1990

International Sales Manager

RTA International, Inc.

Established leadership guidelines for sales, marketing and territory management.Advanced multichannel distribution agreements.Improved customer retention initiatives, strategic sales planning and the execution of tactical market share expansion proposals.

  • Developed strong relationships with international retail chain stores resulting on increased market share and double digit sales growth
  • Successfully conducted contract negotiations regarding the development of consumer electronics OEM lines of products
  • Reorganized the channel partner and reseller structure impacting profitability and increased gross margin


Maria Dolores Ochoa

Customer and Channel Partner

Amy Salzman

Client-Channel Partner, conducted business while at Hewlett-Packard

David Wagner

Sales supervisor at Sysco Minnesota

Jose Antonio Serrano

Country Manager at HP-Scitex Mexico


Sep 1977May 1982



The degree is designed to provide ample knowledge of all functions of a company.  It also allows for specialization in certain areas.  The degree helps to acquire managerial, practical and communication skills  in addition to business decision making capabilities.  

The core of my studies were economics, finance, management and information systems.

I received instruction as well as an advanced study course in International Business Relations and Public Administration.







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SCRUM Alliance - License 138119
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