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Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Sr. Torque Motor Assembler

Moog Controls Corporation

Performed a variety of precision sub-assembly and assembly operations on electro-hydraulic 151 stage assemblies (torque motors) using a variety of mechanical measuring instruments, assembly tools, assembly fixtures and cleaning devices.Worked from drawings, operation sheets, parts lists, controlled procedures (CPD’s,CDI’s,etc) and other instructions, both written and oral.

Visually inspected parts and assemblies and detect unusual conditions.In addition to assembling new units, performed diagnostic rework and trouble shooting on units, which do not meet test requirements.

Achieved expertise in performing a majority of cell operations through cross training.These operations include press fitting, Induction brazing, flapper grinding, deburring, cleaning, assembly, air gap EDM’ing, nozzle pushing, and gain setting using hydraulic Amp stands.Required to train new employees in all aspects of the cell.

Participated in planning and preparing work within the Cell (printing work order paper work and killing parts from floor stock) and help solve problems occurring within the Cell.Positively contributed to the teamwork environment in terms of productivity, initiative, cooperation, data collection and attitude.

Sep 2006Sep 2007

Cell Deburr

Moog Controls Corporation

Performed required bench and machine operations to clean; polish; break edges; form radii; blend defects; remove contamination, excess material and flash and detect unusual defects in material or workmanship.Made own judgments and decisions on defects.Responsible for sizing parts, using adjustable measuring instruments such as micrometers, bore-mics, diatest, etc., when removing defects or assisting others in removing defects.

Worked from operation sheets, blueprints, sketches, and plastic bodies to plan entire sequence of work performed.Selected, sharpened, and/or made special tooling as required.Select lighting aids and visual magnification as required to meet quality specifications.

Jul 2005Sep 2006

Sub Assembler

Moog Controls Corporation

Performed variety of sub assembly.These operations include induction brazing, sandblasting, feedback wire pressing,hydraulic pressing, pressure checking and inspection.



NC I and NC II

Aug 1999Apr 2002

Bachelor of Science