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Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Entrepreneur and business consultant


Entrepreneur and business consultant, in continuous developmentMar 2008 - present

I have being seasoning my experience withentrepreneurial and turnaround projects focused mainly in the commercial and marketing areas and as well general management. The objective has being to learn and develop my commercial and marketing skills; while recovering these companies from a loss situation and learn from other industries.

·Interim general manager at an underwear and sleepwear manufacturer focus in domestic market (Jul 09 – current)

oDevelopment and implementation of turnaround strategy, marketing portfolio redefinition, and operations improvement.

oSales increase: 19%+ YTD 11vs10, over 32%+ FY 10vs09 and over 53%+FY 09vs08.

oFrom 2 digit losses to one digit profit.

·Home construction – diverse projects.

·Board member and partial time consultant at a gifts store chain with multiple sales points (Jan 09 –current)

oRedefinition of core business, development of recovery strategy, cost savings, restructuring, development of new products, team work focus in delivering results.

oSales growth at stores: 10% YTD 11vs10, in top of 30% at stores 10vs09

oRecovery from losses to one digit profit.

·Partial time consultant at an importer and commercial company supplying goods to the furniture industry – commercial support, sales policies, distribution agreements, administrative controls, new products introduction – 83% sales increase 2008 vs 2007 – (Mar 08 – Jan 09).

·Food delivery business - master franchise - management and support to close the business (Mar 08 – Dec 08).

Jan 2005Jan 2008

Managing Director Operations Bore Locks Division

ASSA ABLOY Mexico - a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY Group

Managing Director Operations of two independent manufacturing and commercial companies: Yale Security Systems Mexico in Mexico City ( and Manufacturas TESA in Guadalajara ( 11 direct reports with a total staff of 920+ people, annual sales of $50+ M USD with sales presence in: Mexico, USA, Canada and Latin America; with a market share in Mexico over 40%. P&L responsible for both companies. Main products mechanical locks for residential and commercial market. Direct distribution to customers in USA and Canada.

·Manufacturing rationalization project that generated savings in exceed of $2M USD per year; including a factory shutdown in Mexico City, absorbing operations at the Guadalajara site plus outsourcing to Asia.

·Domestic sales growth of 6% in 2007 and 10% in 2006, keeping a profit of 2 digits while facing a sales decrease of 30% in exports due market crisis in USA.

·New products development with improved margins for specific markets niches; achieving 11% of sales at TESA within 2 years of introduction.

·Led the recovery through the market crisis in 2005 and the metal crisis in 2006, delivering two digit profit in one company and one digit profit in the other, overcoming an adverse situation in the Mexican market.

·Continue to led the implementation of a lean manufacturing culture all over the company. Among other results: productivity increase 35%, inventory reduction 30%, area reduction 25%, flexibility increase, lead time reduction and production cycle reduction. A never end journey.

·Massive production relocation project from Spain to China and Mexico; supplier development and reverse engineering for more than 500 parts and subassemblies, involving over 150 different high volume production tooling. 30% average cost saving - without affecting the market (Jan 05 – Jun 06)

Dec 2001Dec 2004

Director Operations

Cerraduras TESA - a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY Group

Manufacturing company located in Guadalajara, 500 employees, annual sales $30M USD, 50% exports to USA, Canada and Latin America.Main products: mechanical and electronical locks. High mix, low volume.


·Design, development and start up of the Plating area, achieving 20% cost saving; 25% inventory reduction and production cycle time reduction, while increasing flexibility and taking control over a core process (Jul 04 – Mar 05).

·Construction of a new manufacturing site in Guadalajara to relocate current operations and becoming the first step to absorb other projects and businesses within Americas region. Operations improvements such as area reduction of 15%, productivity gains 15% and inventory reduction(Feb – Sep 2004).

·Continuous improvement project start up - evolution from production lines to production cells with significant gains in productivity and area reduction (2003).

Dec 1997Dec 2001

Director Operations

Cerraduras TESA - a subsidiary of WILLIAMS Group

·Keep the team focused and united through the transition period from WILLIAMS to ASSA ABLOY as interim Managing Director reporting to England Headquarters (Sep – Dec 01).

·Electronic locks business´ spin-off project, required to accomplished acquisition of our company by ASSA ABLOY due FTC regulations. Project scope included: facilities construction, plating capacity increase, people recruitment and training to establish a new independent company with sales of 9M USD representing26% of the previous total operation (Feb – Ago 01).

·Production relocation project of a product family from USA to Mexico related to the electronic locks business; achieving a 30% productivity improvement, 15% cost reduction and 95% reduction in customer complains and non quality costs (Ago – Nov 00).


Plant Manager

Cerraduras TESA - a subsidiary of Talleres de Escoriaza Group - TESA

Plant ManagerJan 1995 – Dec 1997

Materials Manager            1994 – Jan 1995

Planner and International TradeMay 1992 - 1994

·Production relocation from USA to Guadalajara of two product families, migrating to a direct distribution operation to customers in USA from the Guadalajara site, while keeping commercial offices and customer service in USA (1997).

·Operations leader to adopt the corporate standards due the acquisition by WILLIAMS, PLC (1997).

·Business model change, getting out of the retail market to focus in the builder market through wholesalers and direct sales. Operations head; from less than 10 customers to hundreds; from high volume, low mix, to high mix low volume.

·ERP software selection and implementation, development of procedures and controls to efficiently manage the operation while growing and institutionalize the company.

·Key role in the company operations startup and growth, with increasing responsibilities over time. From 600K USD sales in 1993 first full year of operation; to 25M USD sales by 1997.Company started operations in May 1992.


Jan 1998Present

Master in Business Administration

Jan 1992Present

Industrial Engineer

Universidad Panamericana

Relevant Courses / Seminars

  • Innovative Leadership Seminar - Center for Creative Leadership.
  • Diverse training in lean manufacturing, quality assurance and operations.



Industrial Engineer, Master in Business Administration and Executive Program at the IPADE.

Successful achievements in growing and developing a company from the start-up, turnaround projects in large and small organizations, implementation of a continuous improvement culture, recruitment, development and training of high performance teams, production relocation, new product development, cost savings, new plant development and other complex projects management. Proven ability to motivate the organization generating synergies to achieve substantial improvements. Broad international experience dealing with corporate offices, customers and suppliers in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.


Early career history

  • Enar RepresentacionesJan 1991 – May 1992

    Sales rep selling raw materials and equipment for filtration, plus chemical products for industrial and commercial applications.


  • Spanish - native
  • English 95% - bilingual