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I am a professional who likes innovation. I focus my strength on creating win-win conditions, getting people work together to get things done and increase solution's value.

I have good interpersonal management skills; I have worked with people from diverse knowledge areas and countries solving different kinds of issues. I bring energy, common sense and positive attitude. I desire to be involved in innovation, technology and energy business.

I have experience on computer systems, telecommunications, mining, energy and start-ups. Able to work alone, I prefer working on multidisciplinary teams.

Work experience


Development manager

Assa Abloy / ODIS Spa

ODIS develops access control solutions for the industry.

My assignment required to design a development infrastructure, including setting up a development platform using Team Foundation Server and continuous integration, a Quality Assurance environment and a production server. On this environment I developed a prototype for purchase planning using historical product sales and supply consumptions to assist on purchase responsibilities.


Consultant-Project Leader

Adasme TI SpA

Adasme TI offers solutions in information technologies to a diverse pool of clients.

Hired to lead and implement specific projects of different levels of complexity, I highlight the design, development and implementation of a system for government-approved electronic sales check (in Spanish, boleta) for Banco Estado's Bienestar department (bank's employee welfare department), including integration with third-party packages(restaurant and hospitality packages) and the emission of the sales check on a geographically distributed environment. Smaller projects were made in areas like electronic document processing and biometry.


Consultant-Project Leader

Watt2Byte SpA

Watt2Byte provides technological solutions for generation companies and their associates. Some relevant activities have been:

Arauco Generación: Operation's report System. For Arauco's group, integrates real time data from their billing counters, CDEC(Centro Económico de despacho de Carga) and internal spreadsheets. The objective is to generate manager-level reports to allow gathering Arauco's generation units KPI's into one sheet.

Minera Dominga: Evaluation of diferente electric supply alternatives based on the project's estimated anual requirements. Among choices where PPA's and solar and wind farms. On those last options, we offered different business model strategies for the administration of the plants.

SunEdison: SCADA integration consulting for Llano de Llampos and San Andrés photovoltaic fields. Activities included manager's decision support, organizing activities and solving issues with external providers and CDEC-SIC; on-site requirements surveys, altering and interconnecting both site's networks and also with Vitacura central office; reconfiguring electrical billing meters; designing operational procedures and training control room personnel; and supporting first months billing process.

Watt2Byte: Integration system for CDEC-SIC data. We implemented a system to capture and process information which automates acquiring on-line data from CDEC, extracting and combining official records to generate services for our clients.

“Pampa Marañón” photovoltaic project development. Plant development consulting which included legal and technical activities, like initial plant design and generation estimation, securing mining rights and coordination with potential clientes. Currently waiting for environmental studies funding.


Executive Director

JointGroup SpA

The company offers innovative solutions on a broad area of products and services, covering from promotional products to IT solutions. Responsible of financial process, international commerce, customs processing and logistics from China to Chile and Centroamerica (Costa Rica). Important activities where:

SOFOFA: Project leader for “Índices de la Industria” system. Every month, "Sociedad de Fomento Fabril”-or SOFOFA, Chilean most important industrial association-, generates a report to contrast government industrial growth numbers with their own. The system recollects on-line data from hundreds of collaborators to calculate the industrial index, substantially improving accessibility, usability and report generation capabilities from previous platform.

Product development: Over USD$ 1.5M in sales for companies like Natura, Oriflame and Moure, being directly involved on client negotiations, design, product iterations and testing, manufacturing in China and different delivery options (DDP, FOB, CIF). Those responsibilities required travelling and staying in China for long periods of time, which allowed to strength our relationship with providers and innovate on the business model.


Senior Development Engineer

U. Adolfo Ibáñez

The University is one of the most recognized private universities in Chile.

As a Senior development engineer. We designed and implemented OMEGA, the new academic system of the University. I was part of conception and design stages; I took responsibility on interviewing users, analyse requirements and implementing different modules. Among them, I highlight the Academic Register, the design of Web and Excel interfaces for student's test and grades management, and the Academic Certificate's module.


IT Specialist

USDA APHIS, IS South American Region

APHIS IS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, International Services), is a branch of the USA Agriculture Department(USDA) which supports safely delivery of foreign agriculture goods to U.S.A. ports from five continents.

As the specialist for the South American Region (SAR), and with offices in USA Embassy in Santiago, Chile, my responsibilities included defining, planning, improving and administering IT infrastructure, contracts and services of South American offices. It also required to enforce institutional APHIS and USDA policies and constant travelling among many countries.

Regional Units were dissolved on year 2007 following a global restructuration. I was recognised by my work and the impact it has on connectivity, standardization and security, which allowed a smoothly transition between previously disconnected offices and the remotely manageable network which was then supported by HQ in U.S.A.


Project Manager

Antares Ltda

Santiago Severín Public Library N° 1 of Valparaíso is the first and oldest library in Chile.

I designed and deployed a LAN for the library. My work required taking care of the public competition process, negotiations, design, subcontracting of services, cabling, internet connection, server and computers installation and configuration and personnel computer training, bringing the library a modern, scalable network able to deliver the specific services required by the researchers and community.


Development Engineer

Ingenet Chile Ltda

INGENET Chile was an IT services company which brought services to CODELCO until late 2002.

My main assignment was the migration of historical personnel records from IBM Mainframe platform on PL/1 to an Oracle database, for which I had being hired as a subcontractor for Codelco. Other activities included the development of a website for Radomiro Tomic; to port "Centro de Negocios" web application from Unix to Windows (PERL); support on the deployment of SAP modules; evaluation of new technologies; and support to other engineers on networking and troubleshooting.

I also assisted many projects within the company, highlighting the optimization of GIS systems for mining data visualization (Geosip, Geplam & Simap), creating a virtual memory manager to resolve physical resource limitations(memory and query speeds), and a Delaunoy-based influence polygon algorithm to support a critical mineral extraction points planning system. My work allowed INGENET to load geographic models of hundreds of megabytes on highly optimized memory structures, accomplishing the hardware and speed requirements defined by Codelco and“ El Teniente” division.



MSc on Innovation

Adolfo Ibáñez University

Thesis work: Competitive business model for a green energy generator consortium


Systems Engineer (Ingeniero civil en Informática)

Universidad Austral de Chile

Thesis work: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of the preheating and cooling processing of Vegetal Foods in different geometries


Primary and secondary education

Windsor School of Valdivia

Levels 1-8, 9-12



Private pilot

Club Aéreo de Santiago - CAS

Private pilot habilitation course. Currently pending.


MCP on Windows Server 2003


Certification 70-290, New Horizons (Sonda), Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment.

Microsoft official courses on Windows 2003 and SQL Server (2072, 2274, 2275, 2276)


IELTS (International English Language Test System)

Chilean-British Institute

Intermediate levels I, II, III

Technical domain areas

Software management and life cycle: ITIL, COBIT, CMMI, SCRUM.

Networking: Good skills on TCP/IP and internet protocols and services (DNS, DHCP, routing, etc.) on Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows (Certified on Windows NT 4 and 2003).

Operating systems: Windows 32/64, desktop and server, Linux, UNIX, OSX, SunOS.

Programming languages: C#/VB.Net, Delphi, Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, SQL, ASP, JavaScript, Python, Csh, Bash

WEB servers: IIS, Apache.

Internet technologies: HTML, XML/DOM, AJAX, SOAP, Web Services.

RDBMS: Oracle, SqlServer, Access, Sybase, MySql, x-base (dbase, paradox), Interbase.

OOP: Delphi, C++, .Net, Java, Python.

Hardware: X86 hardware, desktops, servers, UPS, racks, switches, routers, KVM, etc.

Electrical market and related: ERNC normative and regulatory frame for the development of solar plants: Mining rights, environmental studies, required technical studies (plant capacity, line capacity and interconnection). Operational CDEC-SIC requirements for electric companies, SPOT selling and provider contracts, marginal cost analysis per bar, control center operation, hourly production reports, SCADA systems and CDEC-SIC interconnection, CDEC-SIC web system.

International commerce: China commerce, Chilean and Costa Rica’s customs processing.

Others: UML concepts and CASE tools, process modeling, Ms Office, Ms Project, Cloud applications.