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  • 6 years of experience working as IT with different Technologies: .NET, IOS, Robotics
  • Over 4 years of experience developing for iOS
  • Extensive knowledge of MVC design pattern for modular and scalable development.
  • Good Knowledge of Instruments for CPU profiling, memory management and LLVM debugging.
  • 1 Year of experience developing for Windows Phone 7
  • Server side applications using .NET/SQL Server 2008
  • 6 months of experience in Web development using HTML5, MVC3 and Razor.
  • Over 2 years working with Robotics, Control and Automation (PLC) and electronics. Education:
  • Diploma in Robotics Engineer at ABB University (2009 – 2010)
  • B.S.   degree   in   Computer   Science   at  “Tec de Monterrey” (2002-2007)
  • Diploma in Electronics Technician at “Instituto Salesiano Carlos Gómez” (2000-2002)


Aug 2002Dec 2007

Computer Science

Tec de Monterrey

Work experience

Oct 2013Present

iOS Developer

Onstar General Motors - Remotelink

App Store Link

Project Description

OnStar RemoteLink offers an innovative way to connect to your vehicle. Vehicle owners with an eligible model can use their mobile device to access real-time data from their vehicle and perform commands like unlocking doors remotely.

Job Description

Role: Developer
Team: 10 IOS developers, 10 Android developers, 2 QA, etc
Tools: CI with Jenkins,  TestFlight delivery, Xcode libraries managed with cocoapods, Ruby Manager RVM, Functional tests with Frank and Calabash. Gitflow Workflow.

Jun 2013Jul 2013

iOS Developer at AXEN Pro (

Exhilent (Client) - TappIn

App Store Link (Old version)

Adhoc Distribution Link (New version)

Project Description

TappIn provides instant remote access and file sharing of any size file from a computer using any Web browser or iPhone, iPad.

Job Description

Create a new app based on an old release. Migrate Xcode project from memory management to ARC. Resize and adapt new graphics for devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 3. Consume new TappIn services.

Environment Objective C, XCode 4, IOS 6, TappIn API

Apr 2013May 2013

iOS Developer at Axen Pro (

Bestfitmobile (Client) - Herbalife Oliympics

Adhoc Distribution Link

Project Description

Herbalife Olympics delivered to athletes sponsored by Herbalife. The users would be able to research over all Herbalife products. Also, they can find a contact or distributor or great places near their location using Location services and Yelp.

Job Description

Role: iOS Developer
Team: 2 iOS Developers, 1 QA, Design Team Schawk (
Deliver requirements and specifications to design team
Remove unused modules from the previous apps
Add new modules and sections for the new version
Replace athletes gallery, biographies and general information
Update frameworks like WhirlyGlobe
MVC was redesigned this time to use native controls instead of WebView content.
Old Carrousel framework was replaced with UICollectionView, and several screens were replaced with new collectionView layouts.
This app didn’t have any external service connected to it, so I had to be sure that all the content were exactly the same like the website biographies, images, etc.
The project was the same than the previous version, and also the storyboard, but 70% of the screens were removed and they were created again, with a very different design delivered by Schwak, the design team.
Implement Yelp Services with OAuth
A new map was created with UIMapKit to show contacts and distributors of Herbalife, near of the user location. Also, this map was consuming the Yelp services, to provide the user with great places to visit with the next categories: Hotels, Restaurants, Night life.
Beta tester
Documentation via AssemblaTickets, activities and general follow up via Assembla

Environment Objective C, X Code 4, IOS 6, Yelp API, git

Oct 2012Mar 2013

iOS Developer at Axen Pro (

Bestfitmobile (Client) - Harris Teeter

Project Description

An iPad was mounted in a kiosk for every Harris Teeter store. The app was delivered for those iPads, allowing the Harris Teeter customers to review a list of coupons. With e-VIC coupons, the customer can link valuable manufacturer coupons directly to their VIC cards (Very Important Customer cards).

Job Description

Development process: Scrum Agile Responsibilities:
It was an entirely new project, so I started the project reviewing wireframes, api documentation, security process.
A new navigation system was developed for this application. No segues, no UINavigationController, it was a complete new and redesign navigation flow, more flexible and with several custom properties. This new navigation system brought more complexity to the project, but it really accomplished the goal.
Most of the screens have input forms, for that reason, we implemented the framework EZForms which allows validation, error handling and visual feedback for textfields.
Implement Location Services with Slippy Map. This service provides the location for each Harris Teeter store in USA. With this implementation we let the user to find any store with zipcode, city name, or current location.
Implement Harris Teeter Services, with custom Authentication
Implement barcode scanner using ZBar framework
Implement driver license scanner using a framework provided by Honeywell
Communicate with the support team from Honeywell to get updates and fixes
Deliver builds for 5 sprints
Beta tester
Documentation via Assembla
Tickets, activities and general follow up via AssemblaArchive app for Adhoc Distribution in order to deliver it to beta testers

Mar 2012Mar 2013

iOS Developer at Axen Pro (

Innotech Austin (Client)

App Store link

Windows Phone Store Link

Project Description

Innotech Austin app provides Innotech attendees with set of functions that will allow them to quickly browse the conference schedule, speakers, exhibitors and detailed information about the sessions, biographies and profiles, including location on detailed maps to know where to go and maximise their experience during the event.  The app has different versions, for different events. I develped the app for IOS and Windows Phone 7. The Application development cycle had different stages according to the event date.

Job Description
I covered the next roles:iOS Developer, Wp7 Developer, .NET Developer for WebServices, SQL Server Database Administrator, Project Leader

Team: Two iOS Developers, 1 Wp7 Developer, 1 Android Developer, 1 Backend developer Development process: Scrum Agile
Design Architecture
Create database
Create webservice
Create iOS Application
Create Wp7 Application
Maintaining iOS, WP7 and Android applications for different versions
Consume Rest Services
Creating certificates and provisioning profiles for IOS
Apphub administration
Google play administration
Adhoc distribution with Testflight for betatesters
Publish of the app for the different marketplaces, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, Android Store
Beta tester

Jun 2010Feb 2012

.Net Developer

Outokumpu Mexinox

Project Description

Monitor system for a production line of stainless steel cold rolled flat products. Mexinox installed 23” screens in each line of a plant. We implemented a system that presents quality information to the operators on these screens. This information presented to the operator was a decision make factor for the final users and managers at the plant.

Job Description

Role: Developer, Technical Leader Team: Three .NET Developers Responsibilities:
Design Architecture
Identify user needs
Identify system inputs and outputs
Create interface .NET – AS400
Create database based on a original database running in db2 system
Create tables, views and store procedures
Create backend, a service that monitors AS400 system
Create frontend, a website that presents monitoring information to the operators
Implementation in production lines

Jan 2008May 2010

Robotics Engineer

ABB Mexico

Project Description

I worked as a Robotics Engineer giving support to robots at production line. Role: Robotics Engineer

Job Description

Team: Installation and Commissioning Team Responsibilities:
Build or assemble robotic devices or systems.
Disassemble and reassemble robots or peripheral equipment to make repairs, such as replacement of defective circuit boards, sensors, controllers, encoders, and servomotors.
Install new robotic systems in stationary positions or on tracks.
Install, program, and repair programmable controllers, robot controllers, end-of-arm tools, or conveyors.
Perform preventive or corrective maintenance on robotic systems or components.
Test performance of robotic assemblies.
Train robots using artificial intelligence software and interactive training techniques to perform simple or complex tasks.
Troubleshoot robotic systems using knowledge of microprocessors, programmable controllers, electronics, circuit analysis, mechanics, sensor or feedback systems, hydraulics, and pneumatics.
Assist engineers in the design, configuration, or application of robotic systems.
Develop robotic path motions to maximize efficiency, safety, and quality.
Modify computer-controlled robot movements.
Document robotics test procedures and results.
Maintain inventories of production supplies such as sensors and cables.
Train personnel on how to maintain and control the robot or automation control systems.