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15-year-experienced professional. Respectful, responsible and highly qualified bilingual (English – Spanish) teacher, who is totally available to provide 100% of his knowledge and support in foreign language acquisition processes taking into account linguistic, socio-linguistic and pragmatic strategies in order to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in Spanish and/or English. I am interested in continuing innovating with my teaching approach.

I have experience in curriculum design providing programmatic points of view in the development of human being and his adaptability to different contexts in the mother tongue and in the acquisition of a second one. I also have experience in research paradigms teaching providing a cognitive, procedural and axiological framework taking into account the context.

I also have the great opportunity of  having been working with English for Specific Purposes (BUSINESS) for several companies such as: BIMBO, TEAM Foods, ALPINA, Stryker, SNC Lavalin, YeapData and VISE LTDA with the highest satisfaction and results.

Work experience

Jan 2016jul 2016

English Language Teacher

Politecnico Internacional

Providing serious and responsible process management in spoken and written techniques in first and foreign language. English teacher leading processes according to the institution´s parameters.

Contact person: Jim Soto

Phone: 573132518534

May 2014Jul 2016

Senior manager services


Founder and head teacher who has innovated in second language acquisition processes working with the highest teaching parameters of the common European framework for companies with E.S.P. (Business)

May 2012Nov 2015

English Teacher

TEAM Foods de Colombia

English language accompanying work developed in three weekly sessions addressed to the company workers under the model of the communicative approach on business.

Contact person: Luz Dary Bayona

Human Talent Coordinator

[email protected]

Tel: (571) 770 9000 Ext. 2237

Bogota, Colombia

May 2012May 2013

English Teacher


Developing strategies taking in mind their contest in order to make them be able to deal with English for specific purposes addressed to supervisors and high executive of the Company using the communicative approach.

2 de Mayo de 2012 a 2 de Mayo de 2013.

Contact person: Julio Silva y Nohora Rivera.

Apr 2012Nov 2013

English Teacher


Foreign language acquisition process with Adults and teacher in charge of FONEDE governmental program for unemployed. I was in charge of supporting processes in companies such as: BIMBO and TEAM Foods de Colombia.

Contact person: Carlos Ramírez Teléfono: 3184879116

Jun 2012Nov 2012

Docente de Investigación, Investigación aplicada y metodología de Investigación


Research teacher (research design, applied research, research methodology and study method

Contact person: Adrián Fernández

Teléfono: 3115070345

Mar 2011Apr 2012

English Teacher


Work in stages in diagnosis, curriculum design and English classes planning. Teaching in Basic, intermediate and Advanced levels. Author of English handouts which worked as the main English classes’ support since March 2011 until April 2012.

English coordinator: Yuliana Andrea Gallego (3144145581)


Aug 2014Aug 2014

Certificate in blended learning, content and language Integrated learning and best practices in TEFL

SUNY Broome Community College of New York


Jun 2005Nov 2011

Bachelor of education, humanities mayor English

LA GRAN COLOMBIA University (Colombia)


Sep 2007Sep 2007

Forum “God and its transcendence in the classroom with a multicultural visualization” 

Mariscal Sucre Militar Academy

September 24th of 2.007


Oct 2006Oct 2006

V encounter with Spanish and Urban literature.

La Gran Colombia University

October 13th of 2.006

May 2000May 2000

Twentieh Annual English Language Teaching Symposium

Centro Colombo Americano