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About me

New to Munich.  I am an extremely motivated person, who will give 110% at everything.  I am an outgoing individual full of ideas.  German skills are pretty basic, but improve every day.  I am fluent in English and Spanish.  Everything is going according to my plan to become successful.  Experience is what I seek.  I am currently looking for a job where German is not necessary (at least for a couple of months).  I will stay in Munich for an Indefinite amount of time.  I will start my Engineering Career here in January.

I am an Italian Citizen.

Work History

Apr 2013Aug 2013


Pizza Hut

Worked for 4 months at Pizza Hut back in the United States. Quit because I moved. 

Feb 2009Jan 2010


Johns Garage

Worked for about one year for Mr. John, an inventor for whom I helped put together internet antenas.



South Texas College

 I bounced from major to major for two years, and didn't complete any.  Decided to come to Germany for three months.  Went to Freiburg and made up my mind.  "I want to be an Engineer and I want to study in Germany" I thought.  I moved to Munich and got an Appartment. Everything Is in order, but I want to work.