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Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology

Minor: Psychology

University of South Florida

Volunteering and Employment


Medical Interpreter

Judeo  Christian Health Center

Currently volunteer biweekly as a medical interpreter in a clinic for low income individuals. The demographics of the clinic are predominantly Hispanic, and thus my role is to assist in the verbal interaction between physician and patient. This opportunity also allows me to shadow the physicians and thus gain a deep understanding of the day to day work life of a primary care physician. 

Feb 2013Present

Teachers Assistant

USF Preschool for Creative Learning

Certified by the Department of Children and Families for employment in early childhood education, my role is primarily to assist with maintenance of preschool and childcare. During my employment I have had ample opportunities to make a positive impact. One such example is when I constructed sandboxes for the children to play in. Due to the nature of the preschool as a lab institution, I have been trained in the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) model of childhood behavior management.

May 2013Present


Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

I have volunteered in various capacities for the Center for Autism and Related disabilities office at USF. Each year I participate in the Surfers for Autism event, which provides hundreds of Autistic individuals with an exciting day of surfing at the beach. This requires heavy vigilance due to the inherent dangers of the activity. I have also participated in a monthly social board game night with individuals affected by Autism. As a volunteer, I have also assisted in designing a variety of autism friendly print outs of student directions, calendars and activity lists for a local preschool.

Aug 2012Nov 2012


Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
My role was to manage confidential information regarding infractions of university policy by students. This included complying with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). I served as the liaison and first line of contact between the police department, witnesses, victims, and infractors.


Cognitive Physiology               Jan 2015-Present

Dr.Potts lab is concerned with information processing at the neurological level.Research in the lab is accomplished primarily by acquiring neural data via usage of Electroencephalograms (EEG). I have been trained in the usage of EEG and have assisted in EEG studies. My role in the research is to both conduct the trials as well as assist in the data processing.. I also attend educational meetings on a weekly basis where new research in the field is discussed.

Ecotoxicology                           May 2014-Jan 2015

Student Organizations


CARD Autism Champions

Vice President

As Vice President I work in conjunction with the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities branch at USF to promote student involvement in autism awareness, education, and volunteering in activities intended to increase the social support of these individuals.


Toastmasters at USF


Public Speaking organization which allowed me the opportunity to improve interpersonal communication skills. Provided an avenue to increase self confidence through both prepared and impromptu weekly speeches.