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Work experience


Roanoke Valley ASPCA





Seeking an entry level position in law enforcement.

Course Work

·Ethics and the Justice System addressed the moral and ethical dilemmas confronting criminal justice practitioners and how the dilemmas may be resolved.

·Court Procedures addressed the policies and procedures of the federal and state court systems.

·Criminal law addressed the nature and origins of criminal law including definitions of specific offenses against persons, habitation and property.

·Investigation Principles addressed the components of investigating criminal offenses for the purpose of apprehending suspects.

·Juvenile Justice addressed the officials dealt with perpetuation, apprehension, and treatment of juvenile offenders.

·Community Policing addressed the programs that may be used as alternatives to incarceration and offer early release.

Soft Skills


·Good Presentation Skills

·Works well with others

·Excellent communication Skills.

·Works well in a Team



Interested in persuing a career in the United States Army


Brittnie Smith

Venita Jones

Marcus Brown

David Clayton