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Personal Statement

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Passion is one of the best traits a person can have. Without passion, life can sometimes feel like a waste of effort. Diving into something that you feel you can make a difference in can take you places you’d never imagine. From small town  Kansas to big city Denver, I’ve met people who weren’t afraid of standing out letting the world know who they are.     Along with passion comes the drive to step up and lead. Leadership isn’t obtained from laying on the ground but getting up, helping others up and taking action. Being an engaged citizen and making a difference only takes a small spark but that spark can turn into a wildfire of chance in the world.     Each of the articles and press releases in my portfolio reflect a special way a student, community member or stranger took initiative stood out amongst the crowd. In the news writing section, you will read the stories of those who either helped organize or participate in an event or program that is giving back to those in need. You will also read about one courageous woman who is stepping up to the plate to keep her daughter’s legacy alive. In the feature writing section, you will read about two individuals with unique stories to tell about their lives and legacies. The review writing section features reviews of music artists with a passion for music greater than typically found the that realm of work and the opinion writing section one article about a girl’s struggle for freedom from a busy world. Both the photography and page design section feature the most artistic side of journalism and include photos from events and some for fun. Last, the press releases section include news releases from events that encourage students to get out and get their hands dirty in community service. All of the items included in the portfolio are a showcase of my skills in news writing and design. They also show a variety of writing that I enjoy from reviewing albums and concerts to meeting people or coffee and getting to know their life story.     All of the articles in this portfolio reflect a different kind of mood, a mood set on leadership. The theme for this portfolio is STANDING OUT, which is shown in several different ways. The horizontal headers on the pages include a row of black and white flowers. Flowers are beautiful, but when bunched together can sometimes blend in to each other and the same can be said about people, but when one person decides to take a stand, fight for beliefs or showcase their passion, standing out becomes an easy task, which is displayed by the colored flowers in the center of the header.     My goal for the future are to work with a non-profit helping to get the word about the change they are making in the world. I have a strong desire to work at a company that embraces free thinkers and those with a passion for making a difference, which are both traits I posses. I would also like to continue to write about others who share my same desire and show the world that excellency still exists today, especially in the hearts of young people. Welcome to my portfolio.

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

News Editor

The University Leader

As the news editor, I layout pages for production Wednesdays and write articles. I also assign articles to other writers

Feb 2011Present


Tigers In Service

Here at Tigers in Service, I help plan Alternative Breaks and service projects for the people on the Fort Hays State University campus. We also help with various volunteer projects alongside Kansas Corps. We also help with advertising other organizations' service projects, log their hours and find them volunteers. 

May 2011Aug 2011


Westword Newspaper

I worked at Denver's Alternative Weekly, Westword Newspaper, doing editorial work, and also some small odd jobs along the way. I worked mostly helping write blog posts for Westword online, that is updated several times a day.


Aug 2008Present

Communication Studies

Fort Hays State University


Westword Photography

Feature Writing

Opinions Writing

Press Releases


Print Journalism
I write articles for the University Leader, my schools newspaper, in which I am the News Editor. I have also written articles for News Reporting class, which includes spots in the Hays Daily News. I was also on my newspaper in high school.
I dabble in Photography, and plan to expand my experience In another Photography class. One class was already taken in the Fall semester of 2009
Layout Design
I use InDesign to create layouts for The University Leader's front and second page.