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Work experience

Jan 1990Present

Chief Executive Officer

Orka Holding
In the course of the two recent decades, Jordan Kamchev and his team have been sharing all successes and achievements of Orka Holding. Nowadays, Orka is a highly renowned company which succeeded to create a brand in several segments of society. Orka was established on 30 January 1990. The start of such a company marked the beginning of a new age in the Macedonian economy. The success achieved by Orka was a result of hard work, great efforts and skilful management, trust and reliability provided by the management for their partners, employees and clients. Since its establishment Orka Holding continuously transforms ordinary trends into a different and intuitive business management. In the last decade the company marks one bold step after another, performing bravely into new industries with continuous expansion and steady development. Orka's start was modest, with a team of 30 people employed in a manufacture plant and one retail shop. Within the next years the company expanded its facilities to follow the new trends of operation and promoted a model of successful corporate management. Today, 25 years since its’ founding, Orka Holding counts more than 3 700 employees.
Mar 2010Present

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Acibadem Sistina Hospital
In 2001, Kamchev as a sole proprietorship founded the first Private Specialized Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology Mala Bogorodica - Sistina, his biggest investment to date. The ground breaking spirit of Jordan Kamchev and the desire to create a sustainable healthcare system were more than enough for Orka Holding to open the Clinical Hospital Sistina in 2010, being the first hospital in Macedonia of a kind. In 2011, Sistina officially became partner with the Turkish hospital chain Acibadem Healthcare Group - the largest network of hospitals in South East Europe. Acibadem Sistina is a recognized brand in the Macedonian health care system of today, and is synonym of trust, safety and quality. It provides employment to more than 700 employees. All members of the medical team are experienced professionals, experts in their respective fields. The hospital's personnel include a top team of 150 renowned doctors, 15 of which are university professors. Acibadem Sistina Hospital occupies 22 000 square meters of in-doors space in a six floors layout. It is equipped with 10 operating rooms (theatres) and has a capacity of 189 nursing beds and 56 intensive care units.
Dec 2011Present


Ilija Kamchev Foundation
In 2011, Orka Holding established Ilija Kamchev Foundation, named after the founder of this highly reputable company. The humanism, vision and responsibility of the company's founder, remain inexhaustible inspiration to the followers of his philanthropy. The purpose of the Foundation is by way of awarding scholarships is to help forge new teams of medical specialists in the areas that are deficient in Macedonia. Each year, the Foundation allocates funds for scholarships for specialists who will have the privilege to realize specialization in Macedonia, as well as world- renowned medical centers. In the long run, the introduction of this scholarship is a serious investment in the health system of the Republic of Macedonia based on international standards and protocols for patient treatment. Besides education, the Ilija Kamchev Foundation support activities to other segments of society that are of interest to the general public. The foundation supports and is actively involved in the implementation of projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of arts and culture, humanitarian activities, sports, publishing, preservation of the environment.


Univerzitet 'Sv. Kiril i Metódij' vo Skopje


Business Management