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We Believe....

  • that the greatest relationship is between an individual and God and that this relationship frames every thought, attitude and action.
  • healthy and flourishing families are necessary for a healthy and flourishing church.
  • a christian community should have a focus on influencing the surrounding community.
  • a strong church doesn't exist when one person is doing everything themselves; team work is not only necessary, but also more fun.
  • Sunday morning is important, but it's not everything; small groups are necessary for spiritual growth, building relationships and discipleship.
  • in encouraging others to understand their spiritual gifts and to use them both inside and outside the church.
  • in the importance of introducing the lost to Christ and discipling new believers as they learn to follow Jesus.
  • that every Christian needs to be surrendered to God and open to the Holy Spirit directing the details of their lives as they follow Christ.
  • that accountability is foundational to a healthy life.
  • wisdom comes from being mentored and from mentoring others.
  • in having individual and corporate times of prayer that are focused, and that prayer also needs to be intertwined into everyday life.
  • that there is benefit both to the church and to the individual when serving in the church and that church leaders need to model service.
  • that being a pastor is not just a job.
  • that our worship can be extravagant; both in inward passion and outward expression.
  • in the statement of faith laid out by ACOP for ordained ministers. (
  • that every church is different. Visionary leaders understand that the DNA of the church, its culture, and its people are what make them different. They realize that the church is most effective when those differences are leveraged to meet the specific needs of the surrounding community. 
  • there is a place for everyone.
  • in communicating truth that is so filled with love and grace that it is irresistible
  • you are never too old or too young; too rich or too poor; too good or too bad. God uses everyone.



I was born in Fernie, BC where my family lived a unique life completely off grid about four miles from town. We moved to Invermere, BC when I was nine and my dad took a job at the local college as an ABE Instructor. My parents taught me a lot about compassion and caring for people and a little bit about several different world religions. When I was sixteen I had an encounter with Jesus Christ. After surrendering my life to Him at a summer camp, my life would never be the same. I had always been a "good" kid, but my motivation and outlook on life were radically changed. That fall I went from being a very shy young man who mostly avoided others at school to starting a weekly Bible study at lunch time in the "Great Hall" of my high school. This was my first taste of ministry and public speaking.

After graduating, I followed what I felt God was telling me and abandoned my plans for University and a teaching or counselling career and took a part time job as the Youth and Young Adults Pastor at Radium Christian Fellowship. During this time, I also worked part time as a contractor for my bi-vocational Senior Pastor. After working with the Radium church for about a year and a half I started to consider going to Bible School; however, I didn't find anywhere that it seemed God was leading me to go until I came across a discipleship program in Prince George, BC.

In September of 2001, I went  to Gateway Christian Ministries to take a one year ministry training program. Shortly after completing the program I accepted a position at Gateway as the Children's Ministry Pastor. During my first couple of years at Gateway I also worked part time in the Christian School that was run by the church. In 2005 I stopped working at the school and added the responsibilities of Church Administrator to those of Children's Pastor. During my time as Children's Pastor, Gateway grew to have an average of between 70 and 100 children involved weekly in the ministry. I also implemented a Church Management Database that allowed us to keep better records, effectively follow up with people for Pastoral Care, and provided us with a check-in and security system for our Children's Ministry programs.

In 2009 I traded my role as Children's Pastor for that of Family Ministry Pastor. I maintained oversight of the administration and accounting for the church, but hired an assistant to do the bulk of that work. As the Family Ministry Pastor I had many responsibilities including church wide small groups and campaigns, marriage events, parenting classes, pastoral care, visitation, community outreach events and occasional Sunday Morning preaching. I was also on the board of directors for the church for six years, and the treasurer for four years. For my last year at Gateway I was also one of three members of the Executive Leadership Team with oversight responsibilities for Sunday services, service teams, worship, tech teams, children's ministry and office staff.

One thing that I have always been passionate about is the influence that a church community can have on the broader community that it is a part of. I have always encouraged people to get involved in making positive changes wherever they are at. In the  fall of 2011 I saw an opportunity to advocate for our city and, with the support of the church, ran for a seat on Prince George  city council. I placed ninth out of sixteen, one spot away from council in a race where I was out spent four to one by the competition. The whole process of the election was an amazing opportunity to gain influence in the community and to be able to speak and minister to people who I would have never had contact with otherwise.

One of my greatest joys at Gateway was seeing the church as a whole take on a passion for both leading people in our community to Christ and doing things to care for them and show love in practical ways. In December 2012 Chantal and I lead the church in their third annual Great Toy Giveaway. This was their biggest and most successful outreach event. Through this event we made room for over a thousand people to have their whole perspective of God and church changed. Aside from the practical ways that families were  cared for through this event, we also had over 120 people make a first time commitment to Christ and many families become part of the  church family.

In January of 2013 I resigned from my role at Gateway Christian Ministries. Chantal and I believed that God was calling us to something new in ministry. We felt  that it was  important for us to work with the church there to finish well in the responsibilities that we had been given.  It was difficult to say no to what was relatively easy and comfortable for us, but we believed that we were saying yes to God and the future that He has planned for us.


Chantal was born in North Battleford, SK to an RCMP family. Her family (two sisters and a brother) moved to Abbotsford, BC and through several smaller BC communities as the RCMP shuffled her dad through several posts. They landed in Prince George in 1995 when her dad changed careers to become a pastor. When Chantal was 18 her dad left the family and church for a lady that he had been counselling. Everyone in the family handled this differently. For Chantal, it made her question everything that her dad had taught and in the end it drove her to find faith in Christ for herself in a way that she never had before. For both of us, this event in her family is a constant reminder of the responsibility of leadership; when we see the devastation that the choice of one man had on that church and numerous families. For Chantal, this has also shaped her career path. She recognized that for a Christian woman there is often no one to go to for counsel and advice except a male pastor. After graduating high school, Chantal spent a year at Briercrest Bible College. From there she went on to get her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia and then her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. In addition to working together to lead the church, Chantal has run her own counselling practice; however, most of the counseling she does is within the context of ministry through the church.

Jordan and Chantal Team Up

Jordan and Chantal met in November of 2007 at a church young adults group. The time line for when we started dating is a little different depending on which one of us you hear it from, but it didn't take long. Both of us were new to this as we had never dated anyone before, but we must have picked it up pretty well, as three months later we were engaged. We were married in June of 2008 and Chantal was pregnant with our first child two months later. We now have four children: Tobin (8), Meira (7), Aden (6) and Aila (5) . Having our children involved in the church is very important to us. We love the church and see doing ministry together as something we GET to do, rather than something we HAVE to do. It is our prayer that our children will pick up on this and love it as much as we do.

One of the greatest joys that we have in ministry is that God has called us to do it together. We are very much a team and are able to do this whole thing because we are each called and equipped and joined together for God's glory.

Moving to Nipawin

In August of 2013 our faith and leadership journey brought us to Nipawin Saskatchewan. We left Prince George asking God to Lead us, knowing that we needed new challenges to grow in our faith and abilities. Amid the challenges that we asked for (what a crazy thing to do), there have been so many joys and God moments! We have seen our faith and trust in God grow. We have seen lives changed and transformed around us, including our own.

We are at home here, and God has grown our love for people here as well as our love for the whole North East of Saskatchewan. Our faith and belief that God wants to do something big as the Gospel goes out and the Kingdom of God expands in our area has never been bigger! This will take a move of the Holy Spirit, as well as the people of God praying and being willing to do things that no one else is doing. Big moves of God need big faith and big faith results in us living it out in big and wild ways for His glory!


Dave Wicks

ACOP Regional Director

Kenn Parker

ACOP Regional Director

Rod Barks

ACOP Regional Director

Work experience (Jordan)

Aug 2013Present

Lead Pastors

Nipawin Apostolic Church
Jun 2002Feb 2013


Gateway Christian Ministries

For ten years I worked at Gateway Christian Ministries as the Children's Pastor, School Assistant, Administrator, Family Ministry Pastor and Executive Team member.

Summing up everything I have learned here is difficult. I have had an opportunity to lead in almost every aspect of church leadership. I have worked with staff and volunteer teams on every level. I have been able to walk with people through both difficult and exciting times in their lives, and have learned how to lead them through both.

I have learned a great deal from the other leaders of the church; both what to do and what to do differently.

I am very grateful fort his church, the opportunities we've had, and the church family that we were a part of.

Feb 2008June 2013


Nextep Media Ltd.

Nextep Media is a small outdoor media company that I started with a partner. We started this company with the intention of supplementing our ministry incomes. We have had some success, but not what we hoped for as we haven't had the time to invest in really making the business successful.

Along the way I have learned a lot about management and weighing benefits when making decisions.

Dec 2009Apr 2010

Accounting Assistant

TBJ Terlesky Braithwaite Janzen LLP

I took this job during a season when Gateway had to lay off some staff. I worked my days off in the accounting office to ease the financial strain on the church.

This job was a good experience in being exposed to accounting principles in greater depth and to some of the corporate culture.

Mar 2000Sep 2001

Youth Pastor

Radium Christian Fellowship

I started this job very hesitantly, thinking I was too young and didn't know enough. I learned that when the call is from God, things like that don't matter.

I left Radium Hot Springs to move to Prince George and join a Ministry Training program.

Mar 2000Sep 2001


Frater Enterprises

The best thing about this job was spending most days in the truck with the Senior Pastor learning from him about ministry.

Education (Jordan)

Jan 2014Jan 2014

Epic Retreat


Selected by President Wes Mills for a small group intensive development retreat with ACOP leaders.

Apr 2012May 2012

The Leader's Soul

Lift Leadership Institute for Transformation

This course is designed for church leaders at every level—from pastors, teachers, interns and elders to Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, and children's and student ministry leaders—who want to explore new and healthy ways of fulfilling their calling.


Variety of courses through local ministry training centre

Christian Ministry Training Centre

Pastoral Theology, Fundamentals in the Faith, Biblical Law I & II, Communion with God, Cults & World Religions, Equipping the Saints, Family, Marriage & Home, Galatians, Revivals in History, Work & Finance, Applied Social Work, Covenants I & II, Living in His Sufficiency

Sep 1998Jan 2001

High School Diploma

David Thompson Secondary School

Certifications  (Jordan)

Sept 2016Present


Nipawin & District Ministerial Association
Aug 2003Present

Roots of Empathy Facilitator

Roots of Empathy

Competent Comunicator

Toastmasters International
Sep 2010June 2013


UNBC Interfaith Chaplaincy
Sep 2011Present


UNBC Interfaith Symposium
Apr 2008Present

Ordained Minister

ACOP of Canada
Nov 2004Nov 2010

Board Member

Gateway Christian Ministries
Nov 2006Nov 2010


Gateway Christian Ministries

Licenced Member

ACOP of Canada

Board Member

Northern Children's Festival