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Micro venture capitalist Jordan Combe boosts businesses

Jordan Combe loves his family and nature, Mexican food, whippet dogs and helping other people make money. A graduate with two degrees under his belt; a BA in Accountancy and an MBA in Strategic Management, Jordan Combe has the educational background, experience and talent to turn business ideas with true potential into winners. His fancy has been struck with a variety of businesses; from an innovative dog groomer’s idea to take her services mobile to a faltering building company desperately needing guidance and a slight financial boost. Jordan Combe assisted the former business with not only expanding countrywide but also creating a franchise and thus affording the owner a passive income for later years. After the pecuniary lift, at the opportune time and the solid advice in strategy and management, the building company went from strength to strength and is now flourishing. These are only two examples of success attained by micro venture capitalist and consultant Jordan Combe.

An entrepreneurial venture that provides a unique service

From the time that Jordan Combe entered the business world he had an urge to make things simpler and better. As a young executive in the finance industry, Jordan noticed the rising stationery and catering bills in companies and was confounded at the amount of unnecessary expenditure. He became very interested in the concept of lean management and started his extensive research which included accomplishing his MBA. Jordan Combe also came to notice that the global economic recession has made survival tremendously difficult for businesses, in particular the smaller sized concerns. Anybody starting up something these days ought to realise that it is a bigger gambling exercise than in earlier years with a 50/50 chance to either sink or swim. New businesses need to embrace frugality and come up with innovative ways of raising capital when required. Banks are not what they used to be and most often businesses end up sinking due to lack of any form of capital investment. This presented a unique opportunity for Jordan Combe. He started providing micro capital for a selection of start-ups along with mentoring and consulting. Seeing the fruits of his efforts, Jordan Combe completely re-branded himself as micro venture capitalist and lean finance consultant, effectively creating a one-stop shop for young small to medium businesses with promise. With his specialist knowledge Jordan has become an invaluable asset in the ailing economy of the United Kingdom.

The value of family

Although a very busy man, Jordan Combe makes absolutely certain that he spends quality time with his family. A devoted father to his children Chloe and Dylan, Jordan has been married to his wife Leslie for over 20 years. The family also consists of two lively whippets named Flash and Gordon. Enjoying regular walks in the neighbourhood together, the family also like spending time together on holidays away at their cottage in the Lake District, North West England where whippets are welcome and they can boat and fish in beautiful surroundings. As Jordan is often heard saying ‘It’s all about value’.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2005 - Present


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