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Feb 2015May 2015

Supervised Internship: Murphy Commons Student Instructor 

Murphy Commons

During my internship, I was a student instructor for an after school program called F.U.N.. Murphy commons is a low income apartments and it is located in Chico. Murphy Commons and the Child Development department created F.U.N. It stands for family university night, which is put on by Chico State students. During this internship, I was in charge of providing the planning of three of the F.U.N. nights throughout the semester. I also help children with their homework, provided snacks, and created both fine motor and gross motor activities.

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Supervised Practicum: Associated Students Child Development Lab

The Magnolia Preschool Room

During my internship, I interacted and taught children from ages 3 to 6. My job during this internship was to help assist the two head teachers in the classroom. This included helping out with snack, lunch, nap,  and indoor and outdoor activities. I also assisted with bathroom checks and followed safety measures in the classroom.

Sep 2013Dec 2013

Supervised Fieldwork: Student Volunteer

Boys and Girls Club

During my internship at the Boys and Girls Club, I participated in assisting the main instructor in the fourth grade classroom during homework hour. During this hour, I would help children with their homework and also help motivate them. Once homework hour was over, I was in charge of monitoring the free time area and was also able to interact with the children through activities and games.



Bachelor's Degree: Child Development

California State University Chico

Child Development Practice: Children and Families (Spring 2015)

Child Development Practice: Children and Families  was an online class I took at Chico State that required me to do an internship that was a total of 72 hours. I decided to do my internship at Murphy Commons, which I believe was very beneficial towards my career because it gave me insight to an after school program. I was able to plan three of the nights with my own curriculum. It was very insightful. This course allows the student to explore and work at an internship site that is in their interest for a career after college.

Issues in Assessment for Children and Families (Spring 2015)

Issues in Assessment for Children and Families was an observation class that taught me how to appropriately take observations in a classroom setting. One assignment that was very interesting to me was when I had to observe a classroom 6 times and determine whether or not the teachers were displaying effective learning techniques. It helped me grow in my observation skills and also in my teaching skills too. This course focuses on assessment, specifically, child and family assessment.

Child Development Practicum (Fall 2014)

During my Child Development Practicum course, I learned a lot about how to be a preschool teacher and what a schedule is like everyday at a preschool. The interesting part about this classroom is we follow the Desired Results for Children and Families and utilize it in our curriculum. In my future job, I would be able to apply the Desired Results for Children and Families in my lesson plan every single day. A really interesting assignment I completed for this class was creating a curriculum assignment and implementing it in the classroom, following the Desired Results for Children and Families. This course focuses on having the student effectively plan and implement developmentally appropriate practices in their internship placement. The student was also supposed to see their growth throughout their internship as a leader.

Professional Seminar in Child Development: Current Issues (Fall 2014)

My Professional Seminar in Child Development: Current Issues class was a very rewarding class for me because it had me look at issues that I would not consider before. It had me look into issues that children deal with every single day. During this class, a judge came into our classroom and also gave us his insights on homeless children and gave us advice on how to help them. I thought this was really valuable information for my career because I have insight on how to help assist these children. This course reviews and discusses serious issues that affect the child development field.

Development of Children’s Art (P-8) (Spring 2014)

Development of Children's Art was a very fun class for me to be apart of because it showed me that children also need to express their creativity as well. In this course, I learned how to teach several art classes to children and how they each could benefit from it. A really interesting project we did in class was an art portfolio. I think this can be very beneficial for my career because it has given me insight on how to be an art teacher and what should be expected from my students. This course focuses on teaching the students art-making skills and how to apply it to teaching Pre-K through Eighth Grade.

Marriage and Family Relationships (Spring 2014)

Marriage and Family Relationships was a very rewarding class to take. It really gave me insight on the hardships that children face everyday in a family that may have some personal problems going on. One assignment that was really interesting was watching a video and trying to determine what family problem was happening. By the end of the semester, I was able to locate the problem. This course reviews marriage and family relationships and discusses issues that may occur in these relationships.

Access & Equity in Education  (Fall 2013)

Access and Equity in Education was one of my favorite classes in my undergraduate career because it was about learning how to be a teacher in the real world. I learned how to deal with problems dealing with race, gender, and religion. These are all important things to learn as a future teacher. One project that was really interesting was creating a prezi about a topic that we felt strong about. The entire class got to see what everyone really had strong feelings for on an important issue. This course reviews current issues today in the school systems and how it is affecting the children and families.


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