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I'm Jordan. I'm a Sagittarius. I'm also a Jr Web Dev, and a reasonably good artist. I'm into learning and making real clean code. I make things. From logical code to art and design, I have a wide array of skills to add to any team.

Here’s what I want: I want to be part of a company that takes chances and invests in not only their employees, but their clients; I want to create something new and innovative; I want to effect positive change in the world through the work I do, and I want to ride a T-rex through Disneyland and skip all the lines. The last one is a bit of a stretch, but I hope I’ll be able to the first one with the right company.

Work experience

Jun 2015April 2016

Product Lead


Worked with Riipen to connect students with awesome employment opportunities.  Designed new features for the website, managed a remote web dev team, created promotional material, and was primarily responsible for designing and implementing the Riipen portal -- Riipen's most profitable feature.


DM on Rails - Built in Sinatra, made a web app that allows users to run a tabletop RPG campaign without the need for a Dungeon Master by breaking the campaign down into manageable sections. Provides campaign notes, images, and markdown, as well as automatically saving and loading your place in the game.

Flex Music - Created an app for uploading music videos in Sinatra. Used Flexboxes to simply create a responsive design.

Memoscope - Built in Express, made an innovate SRS(Spaced Repetition System) that utilizes a highlighter function to allow users to memorize multiple sets of data, instead of the typical binary "cue-card" style of most SRS. Built the visualization and highlighter from the ground up.

Photo Bazaar(WIP) - Using the Instagram API, created a means of attaching shops to Instagram accounts, allowing affiliates to generate income through their followers.

Slash Trade(WIP) - React and Meteor brought together to craft a chat client with geo-location, and user inventories.



Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of British Columbia

Major in Visual Arts