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  • Early years training and experience
  • Kindermusik training (Kindermusik Certified)
  • Vygotsky in Action in the Early Years: The Key to Learning Curriculum training
  • Background in Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Project Approach, and Inquiry Based Learning
  • Special education training and experience
  • ESL/EFL training and experience (TESOL Certified)
  • Multicultural training and experience
  • Leadership training and experience

About Me

As a teacher it's important for me to create a classroom culture where children feel welcomed, supported, respected, and challenged. My view of an ideal classroom is that where students construct their own knowledge and new understandings in a safe environment and build personal and social confidence while exploring and investigating their world and having fun. I always believe that students should have ownership of their learning and their interests should be a big part in developing the curriculum.

Educational Philosophy

I believe that education is an interactive journey of learning involving teacher, students, parents, communities and the world. As a teacher, I strive to be a facilitator of learning, a guide to knowledge, a motivator of thought, and create a classroom environment that stimulates and engages all students. As a class, my students and I are partners in the learning process. We are committed to moving forward at our own pace and in our own ways in an environment that is safe and where there is respect for the exchange of different ideas. Parents are an essential part of the learning process, their support and involvement makes us a stronger learning community and adds depth and context to our understanding of each student. School is a place to explore, learn, share, challenge, make friends and connections and have fun. Most importantly it is a place to discover love for learning and the unlimited possibilities and wonders of life and self.


Cum Laude

    Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in Special Education

    College of Education, University of the Philippines

      Quezon City, Philippines


Lead Teacher Of The Year 2013

    International School Of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichment

    Jakarta, Indonesia

Work experience

June 2013June 2017

KIndermusik Administrator

International School of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichments, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Supervised the implementation of ABC Music and Me by Kindermusik across three centers
  • Supported family experience by setting up their @ Home account
  • Organized unit materials and school's music program
  • Supported school's marketing through the creation of panel boards (picture of classes, music crafts, sample materials)
  • Offered free demo classes at school's Open House and summer holiday programs
  • Provided professional development training for teachers
June 2016June 2017

Infant and Toddler Lead Teacher (5 months-2 years old)

International School of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichments, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Implemented the school's Infant and Toddler program which is designed to provide stimulation, interaction, routine and exploration opportunities for early motor, social, intellectual and moral development
  • Prepared thematic lesson plans 
  • Partnered with the main care giver of the child to promote bonding and purposeful play
  • Displayed children's activities and development through a Reggio-Emilia inspired panel documentation
  • Ensured that parents received adequate information about their child's experiences and progress in school through weekly communication mail updates and regularly scheduled parent conferences
June 2012June 2016

Nursery 2 Teacher (3-4 years old)/ N2 Level Head Coordinator

International School of Multiple Intelligences Learning and Enrichments, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Implemented the JOLLY PHONICS approach in teaching beginning reading to children ages 3-4 years old
  • Taught mathematical concepts through GROWING with MATHEMATICS curriculum and MONTESSORI approach
  • Extended children's play experiences, interests by using the PROJECT APPROACH method
  • Implemented some components of the Vygotsky in Action in the Early Years: The Key to Learning Curriculum
  • Prepared a bank of teaching aids, teacher-made materials, manipulatives, and worksheets
  • Prepared highlights and daily lesson plans
  • Documented and evaluated students' progress on a consistent basis
  • Prepared reports and individual portfolio for each student and handled parents' conferences
  • Conducted enrichment classes after school hours for students who are in need of academic support through remedial classes
  • Contributed to the school gazette as part of the editorial board
  • Events coordinator of several school programs
  • Worked together with other N2 teachers from other branches to make sure that the curriculum is being implemented and provided suggestions and ideas on effective implementation, modification and individualization of the curriculum
Mar 2008Jun 2012

Preschool Teacher Assistant

International School Manila
  • Provided support to supervising teacher to implement a play based curriculum
  • Performed lead teacher role from time to time such as leading circle time and taking over as a substitute teacher for the day when the lead teacher is absent.
  • Prepared materials for classroom use
  • Extended children's play experiences by developing interest/inquiry based classroom projects
  • Maintained daily annecdotes of students' behaviors, interactions and interests.
  • Tracked and evaluated student progress
  • Developed and implemented a portfolio based assessment with the supervising teacher
  • Designed photo story documentations for children's learning journals to make learning more visible inspired by Reggio Emilia
  • Mapped out and implemented Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with Educational assistants for children in preschool under Learning Support
Nov 2007Feb 2008

Practicum Teacher

EDUCARE Learning Center
  • Worked with children with special needs (i.e children with autism, down syndrome, dyslexia and ADHD).
  • Developed and implemented an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for an eight year old student with dyslexia.
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans for a multi-level, multi-age type of class.
Jun 2007Oct 2007

Student Teacher, Kindergarten Class

University of the Philippines Integrated School
  • Supervised a kindergarten class with around 30 students ages 5-6 for one semester
  • Developed and implemented a 4-Pronged Approach Reading lesson plans
  • Produced instructional materials for classroom use


September 8 2017September 30 2017

TESOL Certificate

International TESOL EDUCATION and Consultancy Corporation

120 Hour Tesol Certification Course 

Jan 2012May 2012

Certificate in ESL in the Mainstream for the Early Grades

Government of Australia (Department of Education and Child Development)

Teacher Development Course taken at International School Manila

ESL in the mainstream for the early learner is a professional development program for teachers working with children aged 4 to 7 years for whom English is a second language (ESL). The program:

  • enhances understanding of the language-related needs of children from non-English speaking backgrounds and of ways of meeting those needs
  • develops an understanding of the role of language in learning, the critical role of the adult in scaffolding children's language and the value of explicit teaching about language
  • further develops collaborative partnerships between educators, parents and children in early childhood settings with a focus on maintaining and developing the child's home language, their personal and cultural identity, and family and community cohesion
  • increases awareness more generally in schools of the need for specialist personnel, training, programs and materials to support ESL learners.

Seminars Attended

October 23-25 2017

International Early Childhood Educators' Conference 2017

International TESOL Education and Consultancy Corporation and STI 

STI West Negros University, Bacolod City, Philippines

September 17 2017

Teaching English To Young Learners

International TESOL Education and Consultancy Corporation

Sta. Cruz, Makati City, Philippines

October 15-16 2016

Kindermusik Certification Course

Catherine Leung

ISMILE Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

September 10 2016

Peaceful Curriculum and Respectful Relationships

Dee Finn

Alam Atelier School Bali, Indonesia

August 29 2015

Play Therapy: "Why Play?" The Importance of Play for Child Development

Kate Macairt

Jakarta, Indonesia

June 13-14 2015

Creative Teaching Workshop: Developing Trust in the Classroom as a Pathway to Academic Success

ISMILE School, Jakarta Indonesia

July 01 2014

ABC Music and Me Implementation Training

Francesca Zordan

ISMILE School, Jakarta Indonesia

May 24 2014

Storytelling Workshop with Kiran Shah

Kiran Shah

Enterprise PTE LTD, Singapore

March 12-21 2014

Key To Learning Intensive Training

Galina Doyla

ISMILE School, Jakarta Indonesia

October 2012

Workshop on Jolly Phonics and Growing with Mathematics

ISMILE School, Jakarta Indonesia

March 2012

Vygotsky in Action in the Early Years: Key To Learning Curriculum

Galina Doyla

ISMILE School, Jakarta Indonesia

November 2012 and 2013

IndoFest (Indonesian Festival of Puppetry and Creative Arts)

Jakarta, Indonesia

February 2012

Play Based Learning Inquiry in the Early Years Workshop

Meagan Enticknap-Smith

International School Manila, Taguig City

February 2011

Play Based Learning

Anissa Eglington and Catherine Luhtala

International School Manila, Taguig City

March 25-28, 2010

8th Earcos (East Asian Regional Council of Schools) Teacher's Conference

International School Manila, Taguig City

Workshops I attended at EARCOS:

Kim Cofino

21st Century Learning

Pauline Gibbons

English as Second Language/ Reading

Jane Kurtz

Literacy and the Power of Reading

Strong Readers/ Strong Writers: Making Deep Connections

Jeff Utecht

Technology: Digital Tools for Digital Teachers

Maggie Moon

Conferring with Young writers-Pushing Students to do their Best Work!

Kristy Mally

Imagination in Motion – Exploring the Creative Power of Movement

Dawn Dinwiddie

Is It Friday Yet? Successful Behavior Management

John Joseph

Learning Styles, Creating an Education System for the Whole Child

August 2009

Inquiry in the Early Years

Kath Murdoch

International School Manila, Taguig City

January 13-14, 2008

“Identifying and Addressing Developmental Gaps in Vision Skills”

Ateneo de Manila University

May 10, 2008

Dyslexia Screening for K-3

Benitez Theater, U.P College of Education

February 16, 2007

Symposium on Applied Behavioral Analysis

Benitez Theater, College of Education,

U.P Diliman, Q.C

May 26, 2007

Psychoeducational Intervention for Children with Autism: Curricular Priorities and Effective Strategies

NISMED, UP Diliman, Quezon City

October 25-27, 2007

The PAN-ASIAN Learning Difficulties Conference 2007

Crown Plaza, Manila

December 08, 2007

“What Works and What Doesn’t Work”

Newest Trends in teaching Students with ADHD

Benitez Theater, U.P College of Education

February 23, 2006

Symposium on Special Education Awareness

Benitez Theater, College of Education,

U.P Diliman, Q.C

My Professional Portfolio

Current Interests