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To seek employment as a network security engineer for online multiplayer video games

Work experience

Community Service

California Highschool
  • Assisted in moving an art teacher's equipment to another Room
  • President of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Club
  • Vice President of Anime Club

Sep 2009Present

Automobile Technician Student

Automotive Transportation Academy
  • Acquired knowledge of how to do maintenance on both caliper and drum based brakes
  •  Gained comprehension of machinery that is used to perform tire maintance 
  • Basic electricity understanding
Sep 2011Present

Computer Technician Student

Tri-Cities ROP
  • Perform basic maintenance to a computer
  • Install and format operating systems
  •  Understanding of DOS commands on the operating system windows 9X


Sep 2008Present

General Education

California Highschool


Word Processing Software Knowledge
Has written copious amounts of reports for school. More than able to document of online security stability and security breaks.
Familiarity With Securtiy Software
Educated with how Valve Anti Cheat software operates. Aware of the security software that Xbox Live possesses. In touch with major video game security leaks such as the infamous Playstation Network security failure.
Excellent Communication Skills
Educated with how communication software operates such as skype and ventrillo. Frequent communication with other players who play online video games and who have knowledge of hackers.
Frequent encounters with hackers
Informed of what hackers will do to modify a game for their benefits
Dedication to Mulitplayer Communities.
Possessing a love for online multiplayer games. Motivated to keep online servers safe. Strong knowledge of how to play online games
Familiarity With PC Hardware.
Fabricated a powerful gaming computer. Devised what parts to use for numerous PC builds for peers.