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Among her many passions, Jonni-Colleen Sissons believes strongly in sharing her love for food, music, and beautiful places. One of her particularly favorite dishes is Sicilian Toast, an variation of the classic French toast. Jonni-Colleen Sissons appreciates the way in which ingredients such as Parmesan cheese evoke an Italian flavor palette, in addition to the pleasing flavors of maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Jonni-Colleen Sissons herself learned about this dish from one of her good friends, Ray Signorello, Sr., who worked with the Signorello Estate, located in Napa Valley. In addition, Jonni-Colleen Sissons treasures her family’s favorite foods. For her son, Jonni-Colleen Sissons enjoys mixing a special beverage that she calls The Sponge Bob. To make this drink, Jonni-Colleen Sissons mixes a half glass of cranberry juice with 7-Up and ice. Some of Jonni-Colleen Sissons’s favorite vacation locales include the Sunshine Coast, located in British Columbia; Signorello Estate in Northern California’s Napa Valley; and The Spa at Camelback Inn, which serves the Scottsdale, Arizona, region. Beyond patronizing top-notch hotels, Jonni-Colleen Sissons holds strong interests in spending time outdoors, whether swimming, hiking, jogging, or golfing. In addition, Jonni-Colleen Sissons supports the skill and pride behind the cuisine offered by her favorite restaurants, most notably New York City’s Serafina restaurant.                            

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