Japanese - Studied Japanes for 2 years at the University of Virginia


Software Engineer with 4 years experience.  Recent experience with JavaRuby on Rails and the Dojo Javascript Library.  Flexible and able to tackle a wide range of tasks, capable of picking up new languages and environments quickly.  Among tasks handled in the past...

  • Working on large teams and working individually
  • Startup and large business experience
  • Managing SQL databases
  • Designing web interfaces
  • Writing process documentation
  • Administering web servers
  • Managing Employees
  • Using Windows XP and Vista, Sun Solaris, Linux (Ubuntu), and OS X


I am looking for a challenging, engaging Software Development position where I can use my skills to the fullest and continue to learn new ones.  My main objective in my work has always been to make product that I'm proud of, and I'd like to work for a company that allows me to do that.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2008 - Present

President and CEO

BoxConfig, LLC

Founded a company to build a web site to help people build computers.

  • 4 employees (self included) at peak.
  • Ruby on Rails backend (more than 2500 lines)
  • Dojo Javascript libray front end
  • Heavy use of AJAX
  • Handled almost all programming effort
  • Set up SVN and Trac servers, in addition to web site servers
  • Handled other aspects of the business, such as managing employees and securing contracts.
Feb 2005 - Mar 2008

Software Engineer

Java development.  Worked on the MEDAL team to develop naval minehunting software.  Actually day to day work was varied between many tasks, including:

  • Worked effectively as part of a large team (for MEDAL), and individually (on the smaller, related, TPST product).  Individual and group work was well received by customers. 
  • Wrote documentation and revamped a Sun Solaris install procedure, shortening it from an 20 hour process to an 8 hour one
  • Software design and implementation for an interface to receive data from an external mine hunting system to small GPS devices.


Aug 2001 - Jan 2005


University of Virginia

Received a degree in Computer Engineering in 3.5 years of study.  Also completed the requirements for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degrees.



Dojo Javascript Library

Used this library to build the interface of BoxConfig, LLC


Used Firebug on a daily basis to debug javascript at BoxConfig, LLC


Heavy use of AJAX technologies at BoxConfig, LLC


Set up and use SVN as primary source control at BoxConfig, LLC


Use Eclipse for everyday development at BoxConfig, LLC


Worked on web pages as far back as high school, most recently on BoxConfig, LLC

Apache Ant

Developed new build scripts in Ant at SAIC


Used C++ extensively throughout college and high school


Ran Linux (Slackware) through High School; today, regularly develop in an Ubuntu Linux environtment


Have run various apache servers personally and professionally since High School


Worked with various SQL databases, including MySQL, SQLite, and Sybase


Developed the interface for  Made heavy use of AJAX and the Dojo Javascript Library


In addition to coding during school (not counted), worked in Java as a primary language at SAIC for 3 years.


Worked with Ruby before founding BoxConfig, experimenting with various startup ideas since January 2007

Ruby on Rails

Wrote backend code on the website was written in Ruby on Rails.  Also parsing code to load the database by downloading and interpreting data from the internet.



Shawn Faust

Supervisor at SAIC.