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Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Chief Executive Officer

The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM)

ACRM is a 90-year old multi-disciplinary medical association comprised of MD’s and the professionals commonly found on a Rehabilitation Team.ACRM members are focused primarily on the clinical practice and advanced research for patients who suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) or Stroke.(ACRM Wikipedia: )

I am responsible to the Board of Governors for the Strategic Plan, Financial Management, Day-to-Day operations that includes operational oversight and strategic support for the ‘Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’ which is, by far, the leading journal in the field of rehabilitation medicine in citations.(Archives Wikipedia: )

I am currently implementing an advanced strategic plan, which incorporates my 6M Model™ of organizing and fueling: Membership, Meetings, Media, Management, Marketing and Mission.Within this model, specifically, we have achieved “exceptional growth” with significantly improved operating margins.

I have also launched ACRM Publishing, a Charitable Giving Program, applied the latest thinking and best practices with regards to technology, Social Networking, Lobbying efforts, and advanced partnerships with such organizations as ASNR, IRSG and AAN.

Jan 2006Dec 2008

Vice President and General Manager

NeuStar, Inc.

Spearheaded NeuStar Secretariat Services (NSS), a full-service association management company, providing advanced professional support to mission-critical technology communities, including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), FIRST, ICIN (International Conference on Intelligent Networks) as well as corporate initiatives.Managed diverse teams cross-functionally.Maintained full compliance with corporate and client requirements.Drove sophisticated proposals and pricing decisions as well as tracked and reported financial progress.Ensured expert leadership for diverse staff of association executives, information technologists and administrators.

Operations and Strategic Planning:Led operations and developed strategic direction with responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long-range planning, global analysis, event planning, contract negotiations and technology infrastructure services.Salvaged NSS and developed world-class operation in one year by training existing staff as well as recruiting new executives.Identified and successfully brought in new business.

Financial Performance:Recovered 116% of acquisition costs in less than two years by selling new services, securing additional clients and ensuring very strict cost management.Increased revenues by 75% within 15 months and produced 50% gross profit margin on services.Drove $15,000,000 in client cost savings in very extensive request for proposal process and diligent negotiations.

Information Technology:Overhauled technology infrastructure with exceptional operations record.Migrated information technology infrastructure successfully from external source to in-house.

Contracts:Drastically improved client and corporate risk positions by developing standard contracts.Negotiated five-year, multiple-event contract with Hilton International.


Executive Director/CEO for: ITUG, PASS & EDGE

SmithBucklin Corporation

Led three professional technology associations servicing advanced users for HP, Microsoft and Computer Associates.Revitalized management and operations for International Tandem Users Group (ITUG), Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) as well as an association for Application Development Software (EDGE).Improved companies performance, resulting in millions of dollars of increased revenue and profits for each association.

ITUG:Revitalized sales and profitability from severe negative cash flow and significant negative net worth.Reduced expenses significantly and grew sales by building high-performance international event for global market leader.Increased sponsorships, advertising revenue and exhibit space.Expanded franchise event internationally to Europe, Middle East, Africa as well as South Pacific.Generated positive cash flow, reliable profits and 1,000% increase in net worth within two years.Two-time recipient of Excellence Award.

EDGE:Restructured EDGE by developing and implementing highly successful merger and turn-around strategy.Recommended and achieved approval from board for total restructuring strategy.Worked closely with board chair to cut operating budget 50%, secured 80% of annual operating budget in funding and initiated plans to re-enter global event business, resulting in successful and profitable resurgence.

PASS:Developed and implemented comprehensive turn-around strategy to revitalize sales as well as profitability.Met with company’s executive committee and recommended aggressive cost-cutting plan, increased profitability of technical training events as well as diverted resources from unprofitable programs, generating positive cash flow and net worth within eighteen months, while simultaneously becoming clear conference brand and share leader.

Jan 1998Oct 1998

Senior Financial Specialist

Case New Holland

$5 Billion dollar heavy equipment manufacturer for farming and construction equipment.

Provided industry and company analysis to senior management. Prepared monthly financial reports submitted to the Board of Directors. Identified and corrected modeling errors in acquisitions and joint ventures that led to a drastically improved purchase price for Case Corporation.

Dramatically improved purchase price for Case Corporation by identifying errors in acquisition and joint venture models under consideration by Board of Directors. After reviewing models, concluded that earlier due diligence was flawed in that it did not take the impact of the tax free zone in China into consideration. Credited with restructuring of deals that resulted in enhanced purchase price for the company.


President, US Operations

Frango Software (Now IBM)

$40M Financial Accounting Software company, Headquartered in Sweden.Led startup of US operations for this $40M Scandinavian-based software company. Set up US operation and recruited high-performance staff. Managed all aspects of operations including P&L, sales, finance and legal. Initial driver in Frango's successful IPO.Hired top investment banker to work with CEO to quantify company's marketability.IPO was one of the most successful in Sweden to date.

Led startup of US operations for this $40M Scandinavian-based software company.

Set up US operation and recruited high-performance staff.

Managed all aspects of operations including P&L, sales, finance and legal. Initial driver in Frango's successful IPO.

Hired top investment banker to work with CEO to quantify company's marketability.

IPO was one of the most successful in Sweden to date.


President (Owner)

Yohan, Inc.

Specialty home services business start up which grew to over 50 employees within 18 months.Managed all aspects of operations.Exceptional growth and significantly expanded service offering.Sold company to key manager, who continued to run the company very successfully.


Financial Analyst & Manager

Procter & Gamble

$76 Billion dollar global consumer products company.Managed thirteen accounting professionals.Improved collections and reduction of risk and bad debt.Increased cash flow by $1.7M while saving $700K annually.


Law Clerk

Tom Tuohy & Associates

Appeared on status calls, filed complaints and conducted legal research.


Served as the Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Intern

The Honorable Congresswoman Lynn Martin (later Secretary of Labor for President G.H.W. Bush)

Conducted legislative research on the feasibility of converting military bases in to minimum and medium security prisons.


Jan 1990Jan 1992


The University of Chicago - Booth School of Business
Sep 1985Jun 1989


North Park University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Class Senator 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

Nominated for Student Body President 1988

Social Events Chairman 1988-1989

College Life:

Vice President of The Resident Men's Assocation, Habitat for Humanity, Academic Justice, Social Justice

College Scholastic:

Academic Excellence Award 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

Robert Byrd Award for Most Outstanding Student in Political Science


Center for Creative Leadership - Developing the Strategic Leader: 2/5/2000

Center for Creative Leadership - Leadership Development Program: 2/5/2001

Center for Creative Leadership - The Looking Glass: 2/5/2002

Dale Carnegie Sales Training, 2009


Barbara Fuller

“Jon is a dedicated and tireless professional who is passionate about his work and will work around the clock in order to achieve his objectives. He is extremely intelligent and very creative. Jon is diplomatic and fair in his dealings with clients, upper management, and staff alike, and aims for win-win results in all situations. These traits contribute to his success in bringing in new business and negotiating contracts for NeuStar. They also contribute to his success in maintaining good working relationships with difficult and demanding clients. Jon stays on top of schedules and budgets for all projects and works to ensure that they are met. While he trusts his people and doesn’t get involved in the day-to-day technical work, he will gladly roll up his sleeves to assist a staff member who reaches an impasse that might adversely affect the budget and schedule. In summary, Jon is a superb Vice President & General Manager at NeuStar, and I recommend him without reservation.” July 6, 2008

Dan Harris

“Jon's brilliant intuition, insight, direction, and leadership style put him at the top of my list of best executives to work with. His ability to assemble a terrific team, trust and rely upon the professionals he works with to get the job done right earns him the respect of his team and the executives Jon works for. He is a positive force, committed to succeed, focused on the right things, and truly respects those who work with him and for him.” April 20, 2008 

Vikas Sharma

While Vice President and General Manager at NeuStar, Inc. (via Linked-In)

“Jon is top notch executive and super easy to work with. I had worked with him on several occasions and find him very fast, encouraging and supportive. He is very clear and concise and is open to suggestions. I find him cool and if I was asked to rate him on the scale of 1-10 I would have given him 10+++.” June 26, 2009

Christine Ginsburg

“Jon is a leader who is characterized by ideals of success and relationships. He is a strong negotiator who achieves the maximum advantage for our company while protecting us from risk. And he is devoted to resolving conflict in a way that preserves relationships and allows progress. He is creative and tireless in dealing with the issues we face.” April 20, 2008

Dr. Warren Heard, PhD.

“Jon is a consummate professional who is very teachable and dedicated to a lifelong growth path; his eagerness and openness to learn not only encompasses his chosen vocation, but is representative of his general orientation to life.  Jon is very intelligent, insightful and creative; he is also an original thinker.  Unlike many who have generous cognitive abilities, Jon is also very practical.   Also, unlike many who are gifted intellectually, Jon has a high emotional quotient to complement his intellectual quotient.  In fact, it is his high EQ that probably has more to do with Jon’s success than his IQ. 

Jon is aware of himself, his strengths, his weaknesses and his growth areas.  He is also relationally aware and easily gauges his relative relational position and the impact that he is having on others.  Jon is an excellent communicator and, as such, builds relationships well.  The strong relational side of Jon makes him a superior leader and manager.  Jon’s relational giftedness includes conflict resolutions skills and an ability to take a win-win approach and work out solutions that benefit both sides.  Because Jon genuinely values others perspectives, even when they differ from his own, Jon is able to negotiate in ways that build equity in relationships and not erode it.  All of this relational ability puts Jon’s “likeability quotient” near the top of the scale.

Jon is passionate about his work and to call his work ethic “excellent” still does not adequately describe it.  The amount of work Jon is able to produce in short (or long) bursts is no less than “amazing.”  Jon gives the term “burst-worker” a whole new meaning!  Furthermore, Jon’s work is always accomplished with utmost integrity; he is a sincere person with enormous amounts of character and moral fiber.  All that Jon does, he tries to do at the highest level; Jon seldom skims the surface but almost always displays obvious depth in his analyses and work production.

Jon is a natural leader who has a winsome charisma that emanates from him as he interacts with clients, upper management, and staff.   These traits contribute to his success in bringing in new business, motivating and managing staff, dealing with his superiors and negotiating contracts. These traits also contribute to his success in maintaining good working relationships with difficult and demanding colleagues.  Jon’s success with high maintenance clients is absolutely invaluable.

As a leader Jon is able to do “vision-casting” in ways that are exciting and motivating.  Once that path is charted Jon is able to keep the team focused on the goal until the objectives have been accomplished.  In leading the team, Jon remains flexible so that the team never feels that they are merely instruments to accomplish corporate goals, but they remain real people with insights, ideas and feelings.  Humor is an important part of Jon’s repertoire and he uses it strategically to keep the team relaxed as they push hard to accomplish team objectives.  For someone so gifted, Jon still has an air of humility about him that is positively disarming.”15 August, 2008

Marshall Eubanks

“I have worked with Jon Lindberg during his entire time with NeuStar Secretariat Services and can attest to his energy and diligence. He has played a vital but largely unsung role in getting the Internet Engineering Task Force Secretariat and meeting services back on track. I would be pleased to work with him at any time.” January 11, 2007 

Jon Fisher

“Jon and I worked together for several years, and I was always impressed by his professionalism and leadership ability. During this time, Jon had to deal with a variety of organizational, technical and people issues, and he always maintained a positive approach. I highly recommend Jon for situations where he can assume a leadership role and move an organization forward.” April 19, 2008 

Matt Eichstedt

“I had the good fortune to work with Jon for 8 years. During that time, he served not only as my boss, but more importantly, as my mentor, advocate and friend. And I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jon again in the future - he's a Grade AAA professional. Any organization that has Jon in their corner will be well served.” March 29, 2007 

Dan Brake

“Jon is a truly gifted and accomplished individual. I have known Jon for over 15 years. He is a man a character and integrity. He has the skills, intellect, talent and personality to tackle any business venture and solve any business issue or problem. Jon is one of the most delightful people I have ever met.” April 15, 2009 

Donald L. Jones

“Jon is a detail oriented and thorough individual in his decision making. When giving directions to subordinates, he is clear and concise but leaves room for input from others as necessary.” April 21, 2008 

George Rau

“It has been my pleasure to count Jon as a professional colleague. Jon is a highly-skilled executive with outstanding motivational abilities. His team operates under extremely tight deadlines and must flawlessly execute myriad operational and logistical tasks - each with a high level of external and internal visibility and impact on the customer. He is most knowledgeable and interacts effectively across all levels within the organization. He's a pro.” July 23, 2007 

Jeremy Duff

“I have worked with Jon on both ends of the recruiting spectrum. Jon was an exceptional candidate through the entire hiring process. As a client he was easy to communicate with and a pleasure to represent in the market place.” February 20, 2008 

Thompson Wyatt

“The only thing that is more impressive than Jon Lindberg's intelligence is his formidable work ethic. He focuses really well and will do whatever it takes to succeed. When solving problems, he is willing to look at his team and at whatever contributions he might make to a situation. His openness insures that he will continue to learn and continue to lead effectively. He is an impressive and effective individual.” April 21, 2008 

Michael Lee

“Jon is a manager who is always engaged into existing projects as well as has his eyes opened to any new possible opportunities. He has very positive working attitude and diligent working habit. He knows when to push his people yet does not spare compliment upon a good achievement. Overall, Jon is a true manager who can really drive things forward, and he is a man with strong conviction toward his job and his people.” April 24, 2008 

Jeff Neuman

“Jon is an extremely well-organized and hard worker. He has a unique knack of ensuring that his customers are satisfied despite being responsible for looking after the most difficult of customers in the most unenviable of situations. Jon instills a strong sense of loyalty in his team and is incredibly loyal to those that work for him. He is also incredibly persistent in ensuring that the job gets done.” April 21, 2008 

Ben Petro

“Jon is an excellent example of a strength player with a team mentality. While I worked with Jon I watched as he grew his business with tenacity and diligence while finding consensus and providing transparency to the CFO and CEO. Jon is a focused executive with charisma and talent to spare. If I can provide additional vetting or detail please do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn or Jon has my personal details. Ben Petro” March 9, 2009 


North Park University President's Executive Committee

American Association of Medical Society Executives

ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership

Society for Human Resource Management

CHBC Class 'A' Board Member AMC Institute


A highly accomplished and forward-thinking association executive with significant start-up, turn-around and profit & loss experience, as well as a wide array of expertise, including:

CEO; Executive Director; Chief of Staff; President; COO

Growth Strategies / Cost Control / P&L / Startups / Turnarounds / Risk Management / Restructuring

Sales & Marketing / Fundraising / Business Development / Policy Creation / Complex Business Models

International Experience / Quality Assurance / Mergers / Publishing / Strategic Planning / Negotiations

Accomplished Association Executive with international and domestic experience in operations, P&L oversight, contract negotiations, IT infrastructure services, new business development, team building, start-ups, growth and turn-around expertise.Profit-driven leader who aligns teams to exceed expectations.Decisive executive with proven success in reviving distressed organizations and helping organizations to meet their potential.

Exceptional record of accomplishment of revitalizing revenues, strategic cost cutting, new revenue generation and improving cash flow while dramatically improving service.Thrives in dynamic and demanding marketplace.Stays focused as stress increases.Highly pragmatic business strategist.Thoroughly schooled in conflict resolution strategies.Consistently produces win-win outcomes and stronger business relationships.


I am looking for a position where I can run a large and growing organization (200+ employees). Ideally, I would like to have P&L responsibility, develop and own Strategic Business Plans as well as Complex Financial Plans. I would like to both own and oversee all HR, technical operations, legal activities, key client relationships as well as all contract negotiations touching the business model. I would like to be responsible to the Board as well as lead, motivate and direct the Executive Team. And, I would like for the organization to play a meaningful role and purpose in today’s society.


I thrive on human connection and solving problems, making organizations and peoples' lives better by offering superior leadership, excellent business management and individual coaching.  To this end, I enjoy engineering creative win-win-win solutions.

I am most confident in the area of Leadership! I thrive and excel at getting the most out of a team or organization. Profit; I have an incredible talent for making money while simultaneously delivering superior service.  Finally, Revenue Growth.  I know how to go out and win new business.


Application Development Software

Financial Consolidation Software

Microsoft SQL Server

Avectra netFORUM

HP NonStop Server

Social Networking


Office Suite

Web 2.0





CAE, Certified Association Executive

American Society for Association Executives