Joni Katajamäki

Software Designer

  • Jyväskylä Finland

Curious technologist and a motivated software engineer who enjoys learning new and interesting programming languages and tools.

Work experience
Work experience
Aug 2014 - Present
Software Designer

Developing traffic management solutions for Nodeon, bringing modern .Net-technologies to the growing field of smart traffic.

  • Designed and implemented a traffic monitor service with a remote user interface. Keywords: .Net, C#, Windows
  • Designed and implemented the server and client architecture of a road tunnel monitoring system. Keywords: .Net, C#, Windows
  • Improved the build & dependency management infrastructure of the developer workflow using a modern package manager and an automatic build system.
Feb 2014 - Jul 2014
Software Engineer
JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Continued my previous job for JAMK and JyvSecTec, this time as an actual engineer. I improved the previously built software development process and came up with new tools to be used in our training simulations.

  • Rewrote and improved an existing web-based visualization for a network traffic simulating botnet. Keywords: Golang, Javascript, Typescript, Html5, D3, Websockets
  • Created a virtual filesystem connected to an information aggregation network. Keywords: Golang, XMPP, FUSE, Linux
  • Programmed a monkey-patching plugin to a Java-based network attack simulation system. Keywords: Java, Scala, Golang
  • Setup a continuous integration system. Keywords: git, GitLab, Jenkins, deb, rpm, Linux
Feb 2013 - Dec 2013
Software Developer
JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

I did my civilian service for JAMK's JyvSecTec cyber security project as a software developer, writing tools and programs for their network attack simulation ecosystem.

  • Wrote a program for repeating recorded TCP network traffic. Keywords: Golang
  • Created a user interface for a network traffic simulating botnet. Keywords: Golang, Javascript, D3.
  • Setup the development infrastructure. Keywords: Jenkins, git
Jun 2009 - Jun 2012
Project worker
JAMK & Nestronite

I worked on an open source ALM platform ( developed by a collaboration between JAMK and a company founded by a classmate and a couple of my teachers called Nestronite. I was a big part of the project throughout it's evolution from a grab bag of tools to the professional looking platform it is today. I worked on the project in multiple roles over the years, sometimes as a student, sometimes an employee and even as a shareholder in Nestronite.

  • Researched and implemented several data integrations between OSS project management tools using various languages. Keywords: Linux, Javascript, Python, Perl, MySQL
  • Setup development infrastructure related to packaging and collaboration. Keywords: deb, Jenkins
Aug 2007 - Dec 2012
B.Sc. Software Engineering
JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Thesis - Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration API for the FreeNEST platform.

The thesis consisted of a partial implementation of the OSLC API, being responsible for a development team and documenting possibilities for related future development.

Other projects

Elovalo 2012

Had a part in designing and implementing three programmable 3D LED matrix cubes made from 512 LED-lights for the Jyväskylä City of Light 2012 event. I was involved with the electrical design and programmed a Python software that controlled the cubes.

Programming Languages

Used in anger: Go, C#, Javascript, Typescript, Java, Scala

Used for tinkering and experimenting: Rust, Haskell, F#

Language: Finnish
Language: English
Fluent in spoken and written English
Language: Swedish
Rudimentary understanding of Swedish