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Curious technologist and a motivated software engineer who enjoys learning new and interesting programming languages and tools.

Work experience


Software Consultant

Wunderdog Oy

My first project as a consultant was building a small analytics solution for a company called MyNextRun. The tools used were Java & PostgreSQL.

After MyNextRun I've been working in Elisa for 1 ½ years, building the popular Elisa Viihde entertainment service. There I've worked on the frontend with React and Java in the backend.

Aug 2014JUL 2015

Software Designer


Developing traffic management solutions for Nodeon, bringing modern .Net-technologies to the growing field of smart traffic.

  • Designed and implemented a traffic monitor service with a remote user interface. Keywords: .Net, C#, Windows
  • Designed and implemented the server and client architecture of a road tunnel monitoring system. Keywords: .Net, C#, Windows
  • Improved the build & dependency management infrastructure of the developer workflow using a modern package manager and an automatic build system.
Feb 2014Jul 2014

Software Engineer

JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Continued my previous job for JAMK and JyvSecTec, this time as an actual engineer. I improved the previously built software development process and came up with new tools to be used in our training simulations.

  • Rewrote and improved an existing web-based visualization for a network traffic simulating botnet. Keywords: Golang, Javascript, Typescript, Html5, D3, Websockets
  • Created a virtual filesystem connected to an information aggregation network. Keywords: Golang, XMPP, FUSE, Linux
  • Programmed a monkey-patching plugin to a Java-based network attack simulation system. Keywords: Java, Scala, Golang
  • Setup a continuous integration system. Keywords: git, GitLab, Jenkins, deb, rpm, Linux
Feb 2013Dec 2013

Software Developer

JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

I did my civilian service for JAMK's JyvSecTec cyber security project as a software developer, writing tools and programs for their network attack simulation ecosystem.

  • Wrote a program for repeating recorded TCP network traffic. Keywords: Golang
  • Created a user interface for a network traffic simulating botnet. Keywords: Golang, Javascript, D3.
  • Setup the development infrastructure. Keywords: Jenkins, git
Jun 2009Jun 2012

Project worker

JAMK & Nestronite

I worked on an open source ALM platform ( developed by a collaboration between JAMK and a company founded by a classmate and a couple of my teachers called Nestronite. I was a big part of the project throughout it's evolution from a grab bag of tools to the professional looking platform it is today. I worked on the project in multiple roles over the years, sometimes as a student, sometimes an employee and even as a shareholder in Nestronite.

  • Researched and implemented several data integrations between OSS project management tools using various languages. Keywords: Linux, Javascript, Python, Perl, MySQL
  • Setup development infrastructure related to packaging and collaboration. Keywords: deb, Jenkins


Aug 2007Dec 2012

B.Sc. Software Engineering

JAMK Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Thesis - Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration API for the FreeNEST platform.

The thesis consisted of a partial implementation of the OSLC API, being responsible for a development team and documenting possibilities for related future development.

Other projects

Elovalo 2012

Had a part in designing and implementing three programmable 3D LED matrix cubes made from 512 LED-lights for the Jyväskylä City of Light 2012 event. I was involved with the electrical design and programmed a Python software that controlled the cubes.

Programming Languages

Used in anger: Go, C#, Javascript, Typescript, Java, Scala

Used for tinkering and experimenting: Rust, Haskell, F#


Language: Finnish


Language: English

Fluent in spoken and written English

Language: Swedish

Rudimentary understanding of Swedish