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Jon Georgievski is a Microsoft Contractor and Interactive Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, and active Musician from the city of Bellevue, WA.

- Project development experience, with Turn 10 studios' Forza Motorsport 4.

- Formerly employed as Lead Audio Designer at the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab in Cambridge, MA.Games can be played at

- Contributed audio and music to the 2010 GDC IGF Finalist, Miegakure, by Marc Ten Bosch.  

- Work on Miegakure earned a finalist position for Excellence in Game Design in the 2010 Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, CA.

- Work as game designer on Entropy during the 2009 Global Game Jam in Boston, MA received anhonorable mention as part of's Best of Global Game Jam.  

Title Credits:

Ascend (no credit) - Signal Studios Bothell, WA - Xbox 360

Forza Motorsport 4 - Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox 360

Miegakure (TBA) - GDC '11 IDGA Conference

Nanovor (2009) - Omni Interactive Audio

Camaquen (2009) -TBA

Rosemary (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Gumbeat (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Scrumpet (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

The Bridge (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Entropy (2009) - Global Game Jam '09

Blackstrap Blvd. (2008)

Work experience

Sales Associate

Guitar Center Inc., Daddy's Junky Music

  • Responsible for sales in all areas including Guitars/Basses, Pro Audio, Accessories, DJ/Live Sound.
  • Experienced earning income through commission.  
  • Maintained healthy relationships with co-workers and customers before, during, and after sales.
  • Experience working in a corporate environment.

Reference : Lo Huot (734) 844-0600

Sep 2008Present

Lead Audio Designer

Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab
  • Sound Design / Music Composition / Voice over Dialogue / Audio Implementation.  Coordinated with freelance music composers when needed.
  • Responsible for detailed concept documentation, and creation of audio assets for multiple research projects a semester.
  • Responsible for maintaining detailed records of source material, asset lists, file format and sound archives.
  • Experience with Perforce version control software.
  • Small team dynamics, including scheduling of meetings with producers, and use of development team systems (SCRUMM).
  • Experience working within stiff memory constraints (file compression, variation through creative implementation and DSP)
May 2010Jan 2013

Audio Implimentation - Sound Design

Omni Interactive Audio
  • Environmental audio design/reverb using custom .xml scripts on Forza Motorsport 4
  • Creation of audio assets for contract-based projects.
  • Implementation of audio assets using middle-ware solutions (Fmod/Wwise/Xact)
  • Self management of daily/weekly priorities.
  • Use of version control software, FTP clients for transfer of assets.
  • Responsible for self-scheduling meetings and promptly implementing changes.
Jan 2008Jun 2009

Recording Studio Tech. Assnt.

  • Repair and diagnostics of studio equipment. (Outboard gear, microphones, cables).
  • Maintenance of large-format recording consoles. (Solid State Logic : 4036, 36x32 - Yamaha DM2000/1000, Sony MXP 3000 Broadcast).
  • Calibration of 1/4", 1" and 2" Tape Decks.
  • Involved in several studio constructions including the BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network) Broadcast Studio.


Mike Caviezel

Mike Caviezel made the decision to hire me onto the Forza team.

Robert Ridihalgh

Robert was my direct supervisor throughout the duration of my 8 months of work on Forza 4. 

Past Projects


Sep 2005Jun 2009

BM - Music Production and Engineering

Berklee College of Music
  • 4 year program.
  • Extensive Recording/Mixing/Mastering experience with small bands, voice-overs, foley, sound design, field recording, live mixing.
  • Semester-long production projects for records, film and games.
  • Familiar with all major recording/editing software.
  • Working knowledge of digital audio theory and specifications.
  • Classical/Jazz Music theory and Melodic/Harmonic Ear Training.
  • Arranging and Transcription.