Jonathon Georgievski

Jonathon Georgievski


Jon Georgievski is a Microsoft Contractor and Interactive Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, and active Musician from the city of Bellevue, WA.

- Project development experience, with Turn 10 studios' Forza Motorsport 4.

- Formerly employed as Lead Audio Designer at the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab in Cambridge, MA.Games can be played at

- Contributed audio and music to the 2010 GDC IGF Finalist, Miegakure, by Marc Ten Bosch.  

- Work on Miegakure earned a finalist position for Excellence in Game Design in the 2010 Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, CA.

- Work as game designer on Entropy during the 2009 Global Game Jam in Boston, MA received anhonorable mention as part of's Best of Global Game Jam.  

Title Credits:

Ascend (no credit) - Signal Studios Bothell, WA - Xbox 360

Forza Motorsport 4 - Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox 360

Miegakure (TBA) - GDC '11 IDGA Conference

Nanovor (2009) - Omni Interactive Audio

Camaquen (2009) -TBA

Rosemary (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Gumbeat (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Scrumpet (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

The Bridge (2009) - Publisher: Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab

Entropy (2009) - Global Game Jam '09

Blackstrap Blvd. (2008)

Work experience

Work experience

Sales Associate

Guitar Center Inc., Daddy's Junky Music

  • Responsible for sales in all areas including Guitars/Basses, Pro Audio, Accessories, DJ/Live Sound.
  • Experienced earning income through commission.  
  • Maintained healthy relationships with co-workers and customers before, during, and after sales.
  • Experience working in a corporate environment.

Reference : Lo Huot (734) 844-0600

Sep 2008 - Present

Lead Audio Designer

Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab
  • Sound Design / Music Composition / Voice over Dialogue / Audio Implementation.  Coordinated with freelance music composers when needed.
  • Responsible for detailed concept documentation, and creation of audio assets for multiple research projects a semester.
  • Responsible for maintaining detailed records of source material, asset lists, file format and sound archives.
  • Experience with Perforce version control software.
  • Small team dynamics, including scheduling of meetings with producers, and use of development team systems (SCRUMM).
  • Experience working within stiff memory constraints (file compression, variation through creative implementation and DSP)
May 2010 - Jan 2013

Audio Implimentation - Sound Design

Omni Interactive Audio
  • Environmental audio design/reverb using custom .xml scripts on Forza Motorsport 4
  • Creation of audio assets for contract-based projects.
  • Implementation of audio assets using middle-ware solutions (Fmod/Wwise/Xact)
  • Self management of daily/weekly priorities.
  • Use of version control software, FTP clients for transfer of assets.
  • Responsible for self-scheduling meetings and promptly implementing changes.
Jan 2008 - Jun 2009

Recording Studio Tech. Assnt.
  • Repair and diagnostics of studio equipment. (Outboard gear, microphones, cables).
  • Maintenance of large-format recording consoles. (Solid State Logic : 4036, 36x32 - Yamaha DM2000/1000, Sony MXP 3000 Broadcast).
  • Calibration of 1/4", 1" and 2" Tape Decks.
  • Involved in several studio constructions including the BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network) Broadcast Studio.


Sep 2005 - Jun 2009

BM - Music Production and Engineering

Berklee College of Music
  • 4 year program.
  • Extensive Recording/Mixing/Mastering experience with small bands, voice-overs, foley, sound design, field recording, live mixing.
  • Semester-long production projects for records, film and games.
  • Familiar with all major recording/editing software.
  • Working knowledge of digital audio theory and specifications.
  • Classical/Jazz Music theory and Melodic/Harmonic Ear Training.
  • Arranging and Transcription.