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  • 2015 International Reporting Project Fellow
  • 2014 Best Journalist in Social Media by MuckRack at the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards
  • 2014 International Reporting Project New Media Fellow


Multimedia/Backpack Reporter:

  • All Platform Newsplanning (originating, researching and producing news stories and features)
  • Blogging (video and standard)
  • Booking and Producing High Profile Interviews
  • Camera Work (DVC Pro)
  • Developing  Editorially Sound Newsplanning Ideas with the Business Department (newsgathering, coverage and audience outreach )
  • Editing (sound, picture)
  • Paper Treatments and Script Writing
  • Photography
  • Podcast
  • Producing News (Radio, TV and Online) (features, interview, packages and series)
  • Research (briefs, following ongoing stories, investigative)
  • Social Media (newsgathering and audience outreach)
  • Writing (Print, Radio, TV, and Online) (cue, copy and oov)


  • English (Fluent, Native Tongue)
  • Arabic (Upper Intermediate Level)
  • French (Very Basic Knowledge)

Software and Programs:

  • Adobe Photo Shop (can create/edit still image in accordance to Journalists Creed)
  • Adobe Audition (editing audio)
  • Avid (have edited news pieces and documentaries)
  • Burli (used system to run weekly news programs)
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro (can create/edit still image in accordance to Journalists Creed)
  • CSS (have run a blog and built a sample website for my blog using flash)
  • Dalet (find agency footage and rushes, edit film, record voice overs)
  • Elementary Java Computer Programming (can write simple code)
  • ENPS (daily agencies, entering script, copy, cue, oov, newsgathering, newsplaning,)
  • Final Cut Pro (can edit news programs, features, packages, and documentaries)
  • Fork (retrieving video, fulfilling video, requesting film from another server)
  • Html (see above for CSS)
  • Gateway (finding archived footage)
  • iNews (used this system while working on a biweekly feature write cue, copy,)
  • iDesk (newsgathering, newsplanning)
  • Mira (finding archived film)
  • Mozart (program cue sheets)
  • Newsdesk (newsgathering planning, crew requests)
  • tTunes (ordering playlists and music for packages)


An all platform journalist (online, print,radio and tv) who speaks Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic at an Upper Intermediate Level  and has experience in producing, reporting, writing, filming, still photography, audio recording, editing, researching, social media, news-gathering and news-planning. Editor-in-Chief of P.S. BEARING WITNESS (launched January 2013).

AREA OF EXPERTISE:                          REGION:

International Current Affairs               The Middle East/Southwest Asia (esp. The Gulf)

Investigative News                            North Africa

Human Interest Features                  United States of America

High Profile Interviews

Under Reported News/Angles

Note: Under reported News (From Scientific Advancments to Indigenous People,appeals to wide audience see blog; see map of blog's audience)



Work experience

May 2011Present

Freelance Online & Print Journalist

Gulf News

Gulf News is the leading English language newspaper of the Gulf region and has the highest circulation & readership figures. It is part of Al Nisr Group which is one of the largest multimedia conglomerates of the Gulf region with diverse activities ranging from print media to digital media and broadcasting.

Sarah's first article was featured in the Weekend Review Edition of Gulf News. Weekend Review takes an in depth look at the issues behind the news. It carries a wide range of interviews and reports on political and social issues, adding to our understanding of what is taking place in the world.

Responsibilities: Originating, producing, reporting and writing original content.

5 May 2011

High Profile Interview on Afghanistan: DC based Interview with Afghanistan's former Foreign Minister and Current Opposition Leader  'Conditions within should Change' Afghanistan's opposition leader Dr Abdullah Abdullah on how to achieve national stability

13 June 2012

Historic DNA Discovery: Contrary to popular notions of genetic intermixing scientists discover independent gene responsible for light hair among Solomon Islanders Making Light of Blondness

(First Article Submitted to Gulf News was published on 5 May 2011)

Jan 2009Present

Volunteer Journalist

Ushahidi - Thoughts and Lessons from an African Open Source Project
"Ushahidi", which means "testimony" in Swahili, was a website that was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008. Since then, the name "Ushahidi" has come to represent the people behind the "Ushahidi Platform." Ushahidi is a non-profit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. Its mission is focused on building tools for democratizing information, increasing transparency and lowering the barriers for individuals to share their stories. Ushahidi is willing to take risks in pursuit of changing the traditional way that information flows. Articles by Sarah Jones 3 May 2010       Phillipines: VoteReportPH 22 May 2009      How a Partnership Between UCLA and Ushahidi Could = Huge Improvments in Health Care 13 April 2009     How Ushahidi Could Help Indigenous Peoples 23 January 2009 Filling the Communications Gap in the DR Congo
May 2011Present

Freelance Online Journalist

ITN's Channel 4 News

Online Journalist

Responsibilities: writing original content; originating pitches; booking, coordinating and producing interviews for the original content

Articles By Sarah Jones

24 June 2011 

Sanctions Switch Offers Afghan Taliban Talk Prospect: The man in charge of the UN's  al-Qaeda-Taliban Monitoring Team says that creating separate sanction blacklists could make it easier for Afghan leaders to engage the Taliban in the political process.

16  August 2011 - one of the "most read today articles" on Channel 4 Website

US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with an untreatable and incurable lung disease are being dismissed as out of shape because their tests appear normal 

Intern- Washington, DC (16 May 2011 to 24 June 2011) 

Responsibilities include: pitching story ideas; monitoring breaking news; live and pre-recorded guest booking, researching and monitoring longer investigative stories/films; monitoring, ingesting, recording and sending feeds; identifying videos and images for stories; looking after guests (pundits, politicians, Generals)

  • Arrest of the former Head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss Kahn
  • Missouri Tornadoes
  • David Headley Trial (ISI connection to Mumbai Attacks)
  • President Obama's 2nd Middle East Speech (May 2011)
  • President Netanyahu's Visit to US (May 2011)
  • President Obama's visit to Europe (May 2011)
  • Ratko Mladic Arrest (interview suggestion May 2011)
  • Palin Tour (June 2011)
  • Weinergate (selecting videos and images for stories, stakeout June 2011 )
  • US and Global Debt (assisting in development of illustrative graphic elements June 2011)
  • US and US Allied Forces Mission in Afghanistan (guest booking June 2011)
  • Supreme Court Rules to Reduce Overcrowding in California Prisons (originated pitch, found interviewees, set up and booked all interviewees, produced brief June 2011)
  • Casey Anthony Trial (identifying images and stills for story July 2011)
  • News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal and the News Corp Fallout (finding and booking interviewees, background interviews, monitoring developments July 2011)
Jan 2013Present


Public Servants BEARING WITNESS is a monthly publication which focuses on under reported news from around the world and is a home for photojournalists and journalists to get the stories mainstream media wont publish out to the public. The philosophy at PS BEARING WITNESS is that if someone in the world has encountered a situation that affects others it's our job as journalists to bear witness and report all sides of the story (January 2013 to present)
Jun 2013Dec 2014

Deputy News Editor

Al Jazeera America

Responsible for broadcasting news, Assisting News Editor in preparing prospects for the day’s stories, Assisting News Editor with managing the News desk, working closely with the Programme Editors in deciding and driving the days editorial agenda, Deputies for the News Editors in their absence, Acting up on News desk when required, Filling in on the Planning Desk when required, Assigning and liaising closely with teams in the field, Coordinating recorded and live material brought into the newsroom, Briefing the Broadcast Centre coming on air next, Representing AJI in field whilst covering stories, Getting involved in a variety of other special one-off projects, Producing Packages, Taking on other roles at short notice and To assist the News Editors in the smooth running of the News desk operations as directed.

June 2013 to February 2014

Over 87 of Sarah's pitches made it to air one of which won a first place National Headliner Award.

How To Guide for the Field

Sarah Jones also took her own initiative to research, write and produce a "how to guide" for Al Jazeera's field teams. She met with members of each department that interacts with the field and had those who actually do the work share their advice and comments. Upon producing the "how to guide" Sarah went to each senior member of concerned departments to seek their formal approval before presenting the "how to guide" to newsgathering management for final approval. 

High Profile Bid

On her own initiative and with approval from her Seniors, Sarah Jones booked former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski for Al Jazeera America. The Interview aired on November 17th, 2013.

Jul 2010May 2013

Freelance International Assignment Desk Editor

International Assignment Desk Editor - Atlanta, GA (21 Sept 2011- 18 May 2013) Responsibilities under the guidance of the Supervising Editor include dealing with all breaking news and planned events within an assigned region or set of bureaus as well as the direct handling of coordination and facilitation of the numerous and variable editorial, logistical and technical details essential to the CNN News Group newsgathering needs outside of the US.

Articles By Sarah Jones

2 October 2011

US Officials Warn of Possible Retaliation over al Awlaki Killing (Contributed to news gathering)

28 October 2011

Turkish Death Toll Climbs, but Rescues Continue (Contributed to news gathering)

29 October 2011

Turkey Quake Toll Rises as Leaders mull Moving Homes at Risk (Contributed to news gathering)

4 November 2011

Two Swedish Journalists Face Terrorism Charges in Ethiopia

9 November 2011

Interview with Photographer who was Recently in the Blue Nile State --  Journalists and Relief Workers are Denied Access to This Part of Sudan 

18 November 2011

Syria Accepts Arab League Plan "in Principle," Thought Questions Remain (Contributed to news gathering)

28 November 2011

3 Killed in Philippines Blast

21 December 2011

2 Swedish Journalists Await Ethiopian Court's Verdict on Terrorism Charges

South Sudan Claims Death of Top Rebel

Ethiopian Court Convicts 2 Journalists on Terrorism Charges

22 December 2011

24 Killed in Congo After Announcement of Election Results

2 Key Organizers of Rwandan Genocide Have been Sentenced to Life in Prison

23 December 2011

Deadly Flooding In Tanzania After Heaviest Rains in 57 Years

25 December 2011

China Launches Online Marriage Database to Fight Bigamy

27 December 2011

Kazakhstan Unrest Raises Questions Over Stability

28 December 2011

Swedish Journalists Sentenced to 11 years by Ethiopian Court 

29 December 2011

US Embassy Withdraws Personnel from Afghan Media Center (Contributed to news gathering)

29 December 2011

Kazakhstan to Investigate Police Role in Protest Deaths

10 January 2012

Swedish Journalists Charged with Terrorism Will Not Seek Appeal (Contributed to news gathering)

21 January 2012

Mali Becomes First African Nation to Take War Crime Prisoners

Nigerian City Under Curfew After Coordinated Bombing Kills 7  (Contributed to news gathering)

11 February 2012

Man Wanted in Killing of Serbian Prime Minister Arrested in Spain (Contributed to news gathering)

Guinean Military Official Charged in 2009 Massacre and Mass Rapes

21 February 2012

Protests in Afghanistan over Alleged Burning of Quran by Soldier

Violence Continues After Protests Sparked by Alleged Burning of Quran

Ongoing Protests in Afghanistan over Alleged Burning of Quran ISAF

Shooting in Afghanistan Continues Deadly Trend (contributed to news gathering) 

16 April 2012

Brazilian Police Arrest Family on Suspicion of Making Empanadas out of Human Flesh (Original pitch)

 21 April 2012

Opiates Killed 8 Americans in Afghanistan Army Records Show (Original pitch and news gathering)

7 May 2012

Rare Japan Tornado (Original Pitch)

19 May 2012

Miner in China Rescued After 17 Days (Original pitch and news gathering)

21 May 2012

Mali Protestors Storm Palace and Beat Interim Protestors (news gathering)

23 May 2012

Military Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty for Former Tunisian Leader (Original Pitch and news gathering)

Somali AU troops Target Militant Stronghold

DOD officials disclosed to Filmmakers Identity of SEALS Team 6 Operator and Commander (news gathering)

28 May 2012

19 Killed and 17 Injured in Qatari Mall Fire (news gathering)

1 September 2012

South Africa Outraged By Murder Charge For Miners2 September 2012

2 September 2012

South Africa Drops Murder Charges Against Striking Miners

3 September 2012

Syria Sees Deadliest Week Yet

1 February 2013

French President to Visit Mali this Weekend

16 February 2013

British/Sri Lankan Journalist Shot in His Home in Sri Lanka (news gathering)

Stories: Amanda Knox Trial; Rabbani Assassination; Failed Assassination on Karzai Representative in South; French Hostage in Kenya; Desmond Tutu's Birthday; Dali Lama visit to Cape Town; Dr. Death Inquiry in South Africa; Rugby World Cup; Typhoon Nesat and Nalgae; Thai Minister Tweets; Denmark Fat Tax; Mauritania protests over census; Bolivian Protests over Controversial Highway plans; Acapulco Violence; Mexico City Walmart Fire; Putin Presidential Bid; Nobel Prize; Debt Crisis; Greece Economy and Protests; Brazil Bans Gisele Commercial; Amanda Knox, Turkey Quake, Floods in Latam, Elections in Liberia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, DRC pre-election period, Sudan South Sudan violence, Post Gadhafi Libya, Former Gadhafi fighters clash with Niger Army, Kim Jong Il Death, Congo Elections, Ivory Coast Elections, Russian Elections, Russian Protests, Death & Funeral of Late Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi, Angola Elections, Northern Mali, Mali, Munich Security Conferences, Corruption in Spain, Stalingrad 70th Anniversary, Europe Unemployment, Armenian Elections

Big Stories: Egypt Announced Runoff Election; Blind Chinese Activist Chen Comes to the US; Lockerbie Bomber Dead; Alleged Quran Burning in Bagram Airfield; Tahrir Square Clashes Reignite; Nigeria Kano Bombings

International Desk Trainee - Atlanta, GA (18 July 2011 - 23 July 2011)

Training under the guidance of the Supervising Editor responsibilities included: direct handling of the coordination and facilitation of the numerous and variable editorial, logistical and technical details essential to the CNN News Groups newsgathering needs outside the United State. Managed newsgathering within an assigned region as part of a team across breaking news and planned events.

July 18: Europe

  • Monitoring Developments and Shadowing

July 19: News of the World

  • Identified the male who had attacked Rupert Murdoch with a shaving cream pie
  • Monitoring Developments and Fact Checking

July 20: Middle East

  • Monitoring Developments and Shadowing

July 21: Latin America

  • Nicaragua: Interviewed Nicaragua's Ambassador to the United States about President Ortega's proposal for a referendum which would allow the people of Nicaragua to determine whether they want to demand $17 billion from the US for it's role in the country's civil war as ruled by the International Criminal Court of Justice

July 22: Breaking News (Double Attack in Norway)

  • Gained writes for videos and pictures via social media
  • Helped gain clearance for pictures published by Norwegian Press
  • Vetted and Booked Beeper (phone interview for live air) of Witness from the Conservative Party
  • Vetted and Booked Beeper (phone interview for live air) who had witness both 9/11 and Oslo bombing with help and coordination of Wires 
  • monitored breaking news developments
Freelance News Assistant with Situation Room, John King USA, Reliable Sources and State of the Union- Washington, DC (5 July 2010 -31 July 2011)

Responsibilities include: Identifying videos and Images for Stories and Breaking News; Pulling SOT/soundbites for Air; Filling in as a Media Coordinator when the Dept is Short Staffed (ingesting, monitoring and recording feeds as well as sending recorded material); Associate producing for live interviews during breaking news; Still Photography of Major Events; Producing and Conducting Stake-outs; Logging Tape/Live Events; Scripts; Teleprompting and Guest Greeting

April 20th, 2011

Breaking News Tip: Around noon Non-CNN friends and colleagues gave word that two highly acclaimed journalists had been killed in Misrata but that their family had not yet been notified. Sarah emailed the International Desk Editor responsible for Libya coverage at 12:24pm citing the information was not yet reportable as families had not been notified and that no official source had yet gone on the record. Through the support of the international desk on this tip, CNN began to work as a team and reach out to it's contacts to varify families had been notified and to confirm the story through official sources before reporting that Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros had passed.

April 9th, 2011

Best of CNN Still Photography: 12 Still Photos taken during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC were selected to be part of the Best of CNN Group within CNN Images

Still Photography: Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC morning after the potential government shutdown deadline

April 8th, 20011

Breaking News-Monitored Twitter for Network Coverage: Monitoring domestic coverage and breaking news on twitter for the count down to the potential government shutdown

March 13th, 2011

Breaking News-Provided CNN Wire Story and News Read For State of the Union: Japan Meteorological Agency released a statement that there was a 70% chance that Japan would face aftershocks with a 7.0 magnitude or higher by the 16th of March. This information was also sent to State of the Union and was written into the program and delivered as a news read by host Candy Crowley

March 12th, 2011

Brief on High Profile Interviewee for Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: Produced Full Brief on French Foreign Minister Alan Juppe

February 15th till March 2nd, 2011

Breaking News Assistance for Newsdesk (Middle East Unrest): Research, Desk Assistance, Stakeouts

February 17th, 2011

Contributed to CNN Wire Story: Contributed to CNN Wire StoryPresident Obama Details Conservation Plan under the leadership of Tom Cohen in the DC Bureau.

February 15th, 2011

Flagged Story for Wires:  Flagged that "General Petraeus Out in Afghanistan by the End of the Year" at around 1812 after reading the HuffingtonPost's article. The article referenced the Times of London report which said the General is expected to leave his post as commander of United States troops in Afghanistan.

Provided Videos of Iran Protest: Provided link to over 70 videos of the February 14th protests in Tehran

February 11th, 2011

Ahead of the News Curve: Sarah predicted unrest in Libya would begin on February 15th after finding that over 7,000 People had signed up on facebook to protest against Libya's President.

Breaking News Tips: When the President of Egypt resigned after nearly 30 years in power, Sarah provided the tip that the Egyptian President had handed over power to the Supreme Military Council. The second tip was that Reuters was reporting the Supreme Military Council was planning to sack the entire cabinet, suspend both houses of Parliament and govern with the head of the Supreme Court.

Breaking News Man on the Streets for DC Angle: Produced 'Man on the Streets' during a celebration outside of the Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC after the Resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

Breaking News Still Photography for DC Angle: On a CNN owned digital camera took two rounds of still photos of the Celebration of "Egypt's Transition to Freedom" outside the Egyptian Embassy in Washington DC. Photos were then given to a CNN Photojournalist.

Breaking News Monitoring Wires and International Coverage: Monitored Arabic language news broadcasts for coverage of Egyptian President' Hosni Mubarak's resignation

Breaking News Background Footage: Provided links to dozens of videos taped in more than 21 cities worldwide of people protesting in solidarity with Egypt prior to Mubarak's resignation

February 9th, 2011

Provided CNN Wire:  Within 45 minutes of receiving a tip shared with CNN that a Journalist had been shot in Haiti, Sarah provided CNN Wire with the Journalists name, age, location of the incident and details surrounding his death.

February 6th, 2011

News Making Interview with the Egyptian Ambassador to the US, Sameh Shoukry: Sarah originated all questions for this interview during a stakeout and asked the Ambassador what role he foresaw for the Youth Coalition with regards to Egypt's future. The Ambassador said the Coalition was important in communicating the needs and wants of the protesters and that he thought they would be important in the years ahead. 

Produced copy for CNN Wire Which Was Turned into Two Dot Com Stories: Provided resources and copy for CNN wire on President of Afghanistan's statement that he will be announcing the Afghan Security Handover on March 21st 2011. The Dot Com Story Karzai: Security Transfer To Afghan Control Will Start in March was later written by CNN Wire Staff and can also be found via this second link as well.

January 29th, 2011

Called-in to Continue Provide Assistance to Two Person Editorial Team during Breaking News Coverage: Provided confirmed Reuters report during live coverage which was used on air during panel discussion with experts (Germany threatening to withdraw aid to Egypt over violence and it has been providing aid since 1960's); Monitored news for major developments via Twitter; Pitched interview questions for high profile guest; Attended editorial meetings with Senior Producer, Producer and co-Anchor of breaking news coverage- Wolf Blitzer; and provided assistance to Senior Producer and Producer responsible for DC based coverage of the unrest in Egypt.

January 28th 2011

Assisting with Breaking News Coverage: Provided detailed two paged brief summarizing the socio-economic unrest in Egypt which was based on information provided by primary sources/personal contacts and research

January 18th, 2011

Pitched Story Becomes Tell on Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: Pitched story on NBC interview with Dick Cheney during which he revealed that he may consider a heart transplant in future. The pitch became a tell during the Situation Room's 6pm hour and was read as a news cut in by Lisa Sylvester on the 18th of January 2011.

January 14th, 2011

Originated Pitch for Mainbar on Website: Originated pitch on MLK Day's 25th anniversary for dot com to feature on January 18th 2011. CNN Wires wrote about MLK day and featured it on the website as a mainbar story on the 18th of January 2011. The story received over a thousand "likes" on facebook.

October 20th, 2010

Torture Footage: Shared raw footage of Indonesian Soldiers torturing People in West Papua after fact checking film sent by Sarah Jones Reports supporters. In addition, Sarah provided photographs which had been emailed to her proving that the incident was not isolated and also provided details for potential interviewees including those who had witnessed similar incidences first hand.

September 12th, 2010

Still Photography: Tax Payer Tea Party March in Washington DC

September 9th, 2010

Breaking News: Contributed Tip received from Sarah Jones Reports supporters which helped CNN break news that Iran would be releasing hiker Sarah Shroud three hours before it was reported by the Associated Press

September 5th, 2010

From CNN's Sarah Jones (To View Full Article Please Click on Title):

August 28th, 2010

Still Photography: Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC

Freelancer with Special Investigations Unit (SIU) -Washington, DC (18 October to 31 July 2011)

Sarah Jones has been independently investigating international Human trafficking since 2007 and traveled throughout Europe from 2008 to 2010 to learn more about trafficking abroad from first hand accounts. While Freelancing with CNN, she was asked by Senior Producer Scott Bronstein to assist SIU with coverage of Human Trafficking.Sarah's contributions were as follows: originating pitch, providing a lead in, drafting a paper treatment, and providing interviewees for off camera interviews and on camera interviews including a high profile official involved in anti-trafficking efforts.

Freelancer with In Focus Series- Washington, DC (23 September 2010 - 31 July 2011)

Responsibilities as a Freelancer with CNN's In Focus include: proofreading and editing reporter proposals, story summaries and text; story development; research for anchor intros;  editing wall video; collecting wall elements for studio shoots; assist with gaining clearance for on-location field anchor shoots; keeping track of status of packages in Atlanta, New York and DC; ordering air checks; assisting with scripts and font pages; mannaging facebook page; logging drafts of pieces for feedback process and music cue sheet; booking travel; monitoring and updating cost center and back billing; and setting up screenings for bureau and compiling notes on program for other departments.

Freelancer Training w/ Political Unit- Washington, DC (14 December 2010 - 17 December 2010)

Trained with Political Unit on the Following Responsibilities: news gathering, following wires, copy editing reporter stories and posting/publishing reporter stories.

May 2011May 2011

Freelance News Desk Trainee


Training on the Newsdesk with BBC Washington

Monitor Breaking News:

  • Pictures of corpses in the Bin Laden compound being released by wires
  • US government officials saying Pakistani security forces had arrested 40 people with suspected links to Al-Qaeda
  • Details of how Bin Laden had changed his hiding tactics
  • FOIA release of US government documents showing more than a decade of frustration with Pakistan's lack of cooperation in turning over Osama Bin Laden
  • Statements made by a public interest group revealing it was prepared to sue the US government over pictures and video taken during and/or after the raid of Bin Laden's compound

Diary Dates:

  • NATO Secretary General's upcoming D.C. trip during his four city US tour

Monitor and identify strong sound bites during Live Events:

  • Eric Holder Hearing - Holder said actions taken in Abbottabad were lawful
  • House Hearing
  • State Department Briefing
  • White House Briefing

4 May 2011 to 6 May 2011

Jan 2011Mar 2011

Editorial Intern

Northern Virginia Magazine

Responsibilities for Online and April 2011 Issue through July 2011 Publication Issues include: Originating Pitches for Online and Magazine Content Inclusive of News Spreads; Writing Articles for Online and Magazine; Researching Trends within Fashion, Music, Arts, Entertainment, Health and Beauty; Still Photography for Online and Magazine Spreads; Attending Weekly Editorial Meetings; and Content for Newsletters.

Google Map and Crowd Sourcing: In January Pitched Suggestion of Using Google Maps on the Website to provide a location based tool which serves the audience and increases the number of repeat visitors.

Eye on Nova: Mealtime Marauders



  • News Spread (Assigned): Interviewed Local Irish Experts on the Americanization of St. Patrick's Day for the article: "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Isn't Exactly What the Church Had In Mind For a Holiday Emphasizing The Austerities of Lent


  • News Spread (Original Pitch):
  • Gadget Write Up (Assigned):
  • Sidebar Write Up (Assigned):


  • Main Feature for Health and Beauty Section (Original Pitch):
  • Health and Beauty Section (Original):


  • Contributor to Arts and Entertainment Section (Original)
  • Contributor to Calendar of Events (Original)


  • Contributor to Health and Beauty Section (Original)


Spring Break Gift Guides: The Snowbird Scene and Club Central (Cancun, South Beach)

Valentines Day Gift Guides: For the Person You Want To Date (1 Photo Contribution), For the Person You Plan to Marry (1 Photo Contribution), and For The Friend Who Hates Vday (1 Photo Contribution)

(10 January 2011 to 17 March 2011)

Jan 2011Feb 2011

Freelance Production/Location Assistant for Documentary "9/11 The Day that Changed the World"

Brook Lapping Productions

Link to Trailer

Production/Location Assistant for filming in the DC metro area for a documentary set to air in the fall of 2011 on ITV Responsibilities Include: assisting with shoots, helping to set up locations, transportation arrangements for contributors, and contributor hospitality. 23 January 2011 to 3 February 2011

Aug 2010Sep 2010

Freelance On-Air International News Reporter for KTV2 (Kuwait)


Beat: American Perspective regarding International Affairs especially pertaining to Middle East

Responsibilities: Originating news stories; producing news packages; on-air reporting; writing script; interview producing; newsplanning; newsgathering;

 PACKAGES (2 to 2.5 minutes):

Sept 2nd, 2010: Israel and the Palestinian Authority both agree to resume direct talks after 20 months in Washington DC Interviews with: Governmental consultant for the US Secretary of Defence, the National Security Council and the US Department of State, as well as all three branches of the American Military, Edward Luttwak and Former consultant to the U.S. Department of State and other agencies, European and Asian governments and corporations, universities, and the media worldwide on Middle East issues John Esposito

September 9th, 2010: Atlantic magazine caused a media wave in America when it's cover featured article opinioned that there was an over 50% chance Israel's air force would attack Iran's nuclear program by July 2011. But what do the experts say? Interviews with: Former consultant for the United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs Peter Crail and Senior Analyst and Iran specialist from Jane's Information Group Alex Vatanka

September 2010: The United State Military marked what it calls a historic milestone this month as it made the transition from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn Interviews with: Director for Strategic Effects for US Forces in Iraq, Major General Stephen Lanza; The Adjutant General for Oregon National GAurd, Major General Raymond Reesel and Iraq's Foreign Minister His Excellency Minister Hoshyar Zebari

Sep 2009Mar 2010

News Planning Desk (Broadcast Assistant)

British Broadcasting Corporation World Service, BBC Arabic

arranging and overseeing any high level interviewees across all Arabic programming (Special Interview Producer), originating, commissioning and producing news stories and features, suggesting a line of interview questions for correspondents, writing briefs for reporters, putting together a weekly diary which is discussed during planning meetings attending editorial meetings, attending pre-planning meetings, working on the daily, and corresponding with reporters, and crew

(18 September 2009- 17 January 2010; last interview coordinated aired 11 February 2010  and is the only and first pan-Arab television interview with AFRICOM)

Other Titles

BBC Arabic, BBC Extra Researcher - London, England, UK (October 2009 to January 2010)

In addition to the above job description additional responsibilities included preparing briefs, suggesting guests, originating content ideas

BBC Arabic, Newsgathering Team Researcher and Interview Producer (September 2009 to January 2010)

In addition to the above job description additional responsibilities originating story ideas, watching and keeping up with developments for ongoing stories, suggesting guests,

BBC World Service, Volunteer Journalist/Producer-London, England, UK (December 2010 to March 2010)

World Have Your Say (4 March 2010)

HARDtalk (16-18 February; 22-24 February 2010)

World Today (18 February 2010; 20 January 2010)

Core News (15 January 2010)

Africa Today (15 December 2010)

Feb 2010Feb 2010

Volunteer Journalist with Newsdesk

CNN International

(24 -26 February 2010)

Attend Morning Editorial Meeting

Fact Checking Stories


Producing Briefs:

  • Health Care in the UK for Anderson Cooper 360 (26 February 2010)
  • Arrest of PKK members in Italy (26 February 2010)
Feb 2010Feb 2010

Volunteer Journalist, Shadowing Foreign Bureau

ABC News

(8 February 2010)

Mar 2009Apr 2009

Recruited Intern with "Witness"

Al jazeera English

Al jazeera English was recruiting an intern to work on it's documentary program Witness from City University's Graduate School of Journalism. Sarah was one of two students selected for a fourteen day internship with the program.

Responsibilities included writing sot, screening films, reviewing editorial changes (subtitles, and blurring of those who wanted their identity to remain hidden), logging films, background research, and corresponding with filmmakers. (29 March 2009 to 12 April 2009)

Dec 2007May 2008

Associate Producer of "Someone You Should Know"

"Someone You Should Know" on ABC 7 News Chicago

Responsibilities as an Associate Producer for the biweekly feature in a large market newsroom included researching and finding feature focuses, setting up onsite interviews, aiding in onsite interviews as well as in-studio during airtime, and assisting in scriptwriting and editing.


22 January 2008


7 February 2008

Blues Legend

31 January 2008

Refuge: Artists in Recovery

21 February 2008

African Diaspora Art Collector

11 March 2008

Scuba School

13 March 2008

Irish Dance Team

1 April 2008

Bodybuilder Dolly Branson

8 April 2008

Sarah Jones was able to find and track down Brett Eastburn from a 12 year old hand written letter that only contained a name and did not include a sender address or any contact details and was written by a viewer who did not know Eastburn personally.

6 May 2008

Mike Sirbas loves coaching softball team and teaching kids.

(22 December 2007 to 22 May 2008)


Aug 2008Sep 2009

M.A. (Merit)

Classes mostly comprised of producing a radio story one week, and then a tv package the next for the entire duration of the course

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Foreign Correspondent Training