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Work experience

Oct 2004Apr 2007

Pretend CFO

Served as Interim CFO for 14 months, through the sale of the company. Finance is not my area of expertese, and I relied on outside support for many of the tougher legal and tax issues. Primary role during this period was restructuring the business to achieve very high revenue growth, and to refine the implementation to produce much higher margins. Company was sold for more than 20X revenues, even though it was not close toprofitability. I learned a lot about finance from this exercise.Proior to taking the CFO role, I had served on a part time basis doing strategic and business planning, as well as internal restructuring and optimization, and managed reseller channels and strategic suppliers.
Nov 1997Feb 2000

Strategic Planning

Developed the original business plan to teke Telocity into the DSL services business. Supported the company on a part time basis doing business development and strategic planning through its first 2 rounds of funding, which led to an IPO at the top of the range in 2001.
May 1992May 1997

VP Business Development

MFS Datanet
Developed the original Business Plan for MFS Datanet, which was instrumental in transforming the parent MFS communications, Inc. from a local loop provider to a global telecommunications powerhouse. My promary contribution during this period was the definition and packaging of what were then next generation data services for large copoorations and for ISPs. After MFS purchased UUNet in 1996, I served on the MFS/UUNet integration team, retiring after Worldcom bought out MFS for $14B in 1997.
Oct 1983May 1992

VP Business Development

H & Q Technology Partners
Developed Strategic Partnerships between Major US and Global corporations and entrepeneurial businesses. Primary business process was to develop a new business iniative on behalf of F500 Corporation, and find the approproate businesses to acquire/partner with to kick start the business into the approproate scale for F500 company. Clients included Amdahl, Prime Computer, HP, TRW, Lockheed, ESL, SAIC, Martin Marietta, and several Japanese firms looking to diversify into high Tech during the 80s and early 90s.


Business Planning
While my background is technical as an Operating Systems Software Architect, my passion is developing business plans for entrepeneurial businesses. I claim 3 major successes in this respect, MFS Datanet, (sold to Worldcom for $19Billion), Telocity (IPO at top of range in 2001, later sold to Direct TV), and Netli (sold to Akamai for $150M in 2007). In each of these cases, I took an operting role in the company after developing the business plan. I have developed business plans in a wide range of marketplaces, most of them technical ranging from recycling businesses to the highest of high tech. I am particularly interested in service businesses, even though they take a while to get profitable, because of the clear value proposition and relationships with customers.


Since my third retirement, I have been actively working with entrepeneurs to structure bsuiness plans which make sense and which are financeable. I emphasize internet oriented service bsuiesses, but have worked on projects in broadband TV, IP based telephony, commercial and residential lighting, and legal/financial software within the past year.


Sep 1964Apr 1992

BS Communications Science