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Value Statement

Jon is your source for niche marketing solutions, your director of sales in lead generation, your strategic adviser on business development and your coach for professional & career advancement. Also known by his middle name, Jon Oliver is responsible for the leading executive level professional development & coaching brand "Oliver Lifestyle" and Business Model Consulting firm "Oliver Tactics". Jon Oliver Baumgardner built his career off of specializing in the Japanese-American entertainment industry. His invaluable contributions to acquisition, licensing and promotions within the business services, consumer goods, entertainment, food and beverage industries have profited partners for over a decade. Here are a few of his accomplishments over the past decade: • Re-engineered business model for mid-8 figure company endangered in losing international divisions. • Built, launched and managed international CPG beverage brand. • Marketed over 15 mid-tier brands & 4 top tier brands delivering an average of over 30% more profitability than projections. • Managed relationship & project status with over 75 international licensors. • Launched 3 small businesses leading to 6 figure first year profit. • Coached over 50 professionals in Career Branding, many leading to executive job placement.