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    I grew up as a pastor's kid in a Baptist church in a suburb of Dallas called Richardson.  It was an interesting experience for me because I learned many of the moral values I would use later in life.  I learned in seventh grade that morals would never make a person good enough to get into Heaven and have fellowship with Christ so I accepted Him into my life and truly learned the meaning of love, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy.  My life has been up and down since then.  I've continued to grow spiritually albeit slowly many times. 

    I have had numerous interests over my lifetime and so many hobbies.  I raced small wooden cars with my AWANA group as a boy.  We set up a gravity track and let the cars go to see who's was built for speed.  I played football and tennis in middle school and went on to play tennis for a year in high school.  I've been drawing pictures since fourth grade and finally started taking art in school seriously in eighth grade.  Since eighth grade my art has matured and grown in idea and technique.  I play a board game called Go which is the oldest board game known to man.  The objective is to have the most terriotory or points on the board at the end of the game, but it really is so much more than that.  There are billions and billions maybe even trillions of possible game combinations with a board sized 19x19 points and each player is allowed to play wherever they wish.  The game has given me a powerful skill of observation and tactics.  Its been a great experience to learn and use its applications in many different situations apart from games.

  I also stay involved with the community around me.  I recently participated in a charity event for my school called Love Week.  We did a ton of different fundraisers to raise money for one of our teachers with Scleroderma, a terrible skin disease.  The event became so huge we were on the local news and shipped t-shirts out of state!  I am active in church activities as well, and I regularly go on mission trips.  My latest visit was to Chicago where we made sandwiches for the homeless and served the Moody Bible Institute in their efforts to reach the local community and reach out to kids and give them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I also went to Mississipi after Hurricane Katrina with my choir to spread hope and love to a people desperately in need of it.


    I love to study history, especially the history of the United States.  I want to understand the past so I can improve myself in the future hopefully dodging some missteps many people make.  Math is my next favorite subject, because of the difficulty and because it takes the brain to its very limit.  I also study works of literature to supplement my readings and create a more diverse background in the arts and humanities. 

    In my off time I enjoy playing video games and examining their artistic value and not just as a medium of entertainment.  I believe the ability to interact with a video game makes a multitude of diverse possibilities for expression and discovery.  I also read constantly and will always be a lifetime learner.  I enjoy music and concerts and movies. 

    When school gets off I go to Galveston and fish until school begins again.  I love the water and always have a great time fishing and wakeboarding in the bay.  I fish for redfish and speckled trout, and I've also caught a lot of other specimens like black tip shark, Spanish mackerel, sting rays, black drums, and sheephead.

Work experience

Mar 1993Present


Jun 2009Aug 2009

Bus Cleaner

First Class Tours

I cleaned buses at First Class Tours during the summer between tenth and eleventh grade. 


May 2008Present

Allen High School

Allen High is a great school with a graduation rate of about 98%.  I've matured and learned so much as I meet new people every day with attendance being around 3000 students!  Allen does a great job preparing students for careers and college.  I have been well educated through the IB program as a Full Diploma candidate for the 2011 graduation year.


I've been speaking Spanish since my freshman year of high school.  I've gained enough experience now to hold a conversation with any native speaker. 
I've been learning to write in school since sixth grade.  I began with fiction stories and my skill has developed into analytical essays about literature and other topics.  I have also started a journal to do free writing and further my ability to communicate through words.
I have been painting for the last year and I've been drawing since fifth grade and continue to this day.  I learn to view nature and creation exactly as it is.  The power of observation comes into play as I examine shadows and forms of objects in still lives and I learn to mix and examine colors with paint and color studies.
Computer Programming
I use C++ to solve problems with programs specifically problems provided by my Computer Science teacher.  I have learned to reach maximum efficiency and think in new ways to solve the problems.