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Work experience

Aug 2008Aug 2011

Front End Service Clerk

Calgary Coop

-Addressed customers by conversing on the way to vehicles

-Communicated with public effectively

-Clarified customer questions to products in store

-Provided help with carrying customers valuables to cars

-Worked in a team environment

-Trained new employees

-Transferred money to cashiers from customer service



Calgary 4H k9 and Multi

-Communicating ideas to youth

-Organized meetings and executed them according to Roberts Rules

-Analyzed various charity’s bring them fourth in meetings

-Adapting meetings/events to fit members schedules

-Prompted various youth development camps

-Incorporated member’s ideas in how to handle the club money.

-Organized volunteer activities


Sep 2011Present

Criminal Justice- Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College

The program is a intensive, two-year diplomathat will give me the skills and knowledge I need to make an impact in this vital field. I will learn from qualified instructors with real policing experience, covering topics ranging from criminal and procedural law to interpersonal skills and criminology. I will also gain valuable training learning about interviewing, courtroom procedures, conflict management, and investigative techniques.


-Grand Champion in 4H Club wining the Reserve in Show in (showmanship, obedience and agility performing with my dog) -Earned 2nd level (yellow), 3rd level (orange), 4th level (green), and 5th level (blue) belts in Judo -Various athletic achievements in: Wrestling, Soccer, and Judo -Public Speaker: reprasented the 4H Club at various levels of competition
Team Player
-Excellent teamwork skills gained from being involved with various athletic sport teams -Actively involved year round with 4H club -Accustomed working to working together towards a common goal but also to work independently when necessary -Worked in a team environment at co-op as a front end service clerk
-Showed excellent time managment and prioritizing skills by balancing the following commitments simultaneously over the past years: Homework, studying, other schooling requirements, family and household commitments, 4H Club member obligations, varies judo competitions and other events. -Trraining and sharpening varies judo moves, learning self control
-Baby sit younger cousin for aunt and uncle -Responsible pet owner: Cared for dogs on a daily basis ensuring they are safe and happy -Holding the positions of District Representative, Vice President, and President of the Calgary 4h k9 and Multi club
- Attended compete in public speaking competitions -Master of ceremonies at public speaking competition -Taught a public speaking workshop -Worked as Front End Service Clerk at co-op addresseing customers by conversing on the way to vehicles, and clarified customer questions to products in the store -Trained new co-workers at co-op - Worked on a food line in cafeteria at Lord Beaverbrook High School -Attended a Effective Presentation class at Lethbridge College -Compete in public speaking competitions



My knowledge of the criminal justice system has increased, as well as sharpened my integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, courage and community diversity through my enrolment in the Lethbridge College criminal justice policing program;These skills are not only a set of my values, but also the values of the EPS. This sharpening of skills and knowledge in the criminal justice system, can be shown through my past work, and volunteering experiences. Through the criminal justice program I have expanded my education in the policing field through classes such as Ethics, Law, Professional communication, and Effective presentation and speech; these are only a few of the classes taken over the two year diploma course.




-Trained and took care of dogs


-Working out

-Working in spare time

-Spending time with friends and family