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President of the Japanese Club, Member of National Honor Society in Art, and member of the anime club, performed in the japanese dance troupe presentation state-wide (all while in high school), , Loves to be with his family and relax at home in their company., , He's focused and organized and helps his grandmother with her small start up company from time to time. Loves animals and was very good with horses as a kid. Helped his neighbor trim and groom the yard for them


Throughout his tenure as a high school student, Jonathan Kaplinsky pursued a balanced schedule of academia and extracurricular involvement. Kaplinsky held artistic proclivities from a young age and applied them in several capacities. As a member of the Anime Club, he engaged with others who sought to perfect their abilities in the celebrated Japanese cartoon form. His achievements as an artist also garnered him membership in the National Honor Society in Art. Deeply interested in other cultures, Jonathan Kaplinsky acted as President of the Japanese Club and toured the state of Texas performing in dance routines that honored native Japanese traditions. Upon graduation from high school, Kaplinsky endeavored to further his knowledge in a range of areas. Jonathan Kaplinsky pursued coursework at Brookehaven Community College and subsequently enrolled at ABC Bartending School. There, he studied the industry rules and regulations, acquired skills in mixing and pouring drinks, and ultimately developed a strong interest in the field. Kaplinsky emerged with certification from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, a group that aims to enforce a higher level of professionalism in service employees. Today, Jonathan Kaplinsky continues to explore various talents within and outside of bartending. Extremely adept at and knowledgeable about computer games, he is currently deciding whether to leverage his skills into a career path. Additionally, he explores his abilities in professional leadership as an assistant to a small start-up business, where he is helping to set up a web site as he learns HTML and SEO strategies. In his spare time, Jonathan Kaplinsky enjoys designing jewelry, creating innovative embellishments to apply to apparel, sketching portraits of his friends, and spending time with his family.


Jan 2012Present

TABC Certified

ABC Bartending School
Jan 2010Jan 2012

Brookehaven Community College