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In Jonathan Hillert’s 21 years of experience in the architecture field, he has served chiefly as an Architect and Construction Manager. Jon Hillert began his architecture career in 1990 when he began working for Harding Associates as a Project Architect and Associate. In this position, he learned many of the fundamental concepts necessary to succeed in the architecture field such as conceptual design and master planning, full construction document preparation, and construction site observation. After serving in this position for four years, Mr. Hillert began acquiring his own clients through marketing, and he shortly relocated to Williams Architects Ltd. From 1994 to 1998, Jonathan Hillert served as Project Architect for Williams Architects Ltd. He continued to perform some of the same duties for which he was responsible at Harding Associates, though he communicated more with clients in the latter position. He developed managerial skills, beginning by managing projects single-handedly. Once he proved he was capable of achieving successful outcomes as a sole project manager, he began managing a staff of project architects comprised of drafters and computer-aided design technicians. Mr. Hillert oversaw many projects simultaneously as a project manager. Following his tenure with Williams Architects Ltd., Jonathan R. Hillert began expanding his administrative career, maintaining the position of Project Executive for Williams Development Ltd. As Project Executive, Mr. Hillert held accountability for both internal and external affairs. He worked closely with other employees of the company, such as architects, and with new and existing clients. Since serving as Project Executive for Williams Development Ltd., Jonathan Hillert has functioned as President of two other development companies and as Project Executive of a nonprofit organization. He draws upon both his architectural and supervisor skills to ensure the success of all of his projects. 

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President of Investments

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Jonathan Hillert


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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee