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I am currently a BCA/BSc student at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Also working as a Web Designer/Business Analyst/Web Analyst at Unified Software Ltd and Head Tutor with the School of Information Management at Victoria. I am a passonate, dedicated and punctual individual with a strong interest in future technologies and project management.


- HTML, CSS and graphical web design - Apache, MySQL, PHP, Adobe Flash - Business processes, System Development Life Cycle, Use Cases, Entity and Data relationship diagrams - Database design - SQL and database management - C# .NET and ASP.NET - Business analysis - Project Management - GIS and spacial data sets - Time Management - Teaching and Tutoring

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2008 - Jan 2009

Apple Sales and Service

Magnum Mac
Mar 2005 - Jan 2007

Backstage Coordinator

Taranaki Arts Festival Trust


2007 - 2010


Victoria University of Wellington
2005 - 2005

Global Young Leaders Conference



Geography Information Systems

Web Design

Been web designing for various entities since high school