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Technology entrepreneur Jonathan Edwards got his start in computer sales during the 1980s. After spending several years gaining experience in the industry, he purchased half of ACML, the first company to distribute IBM and Compaq personal computing products in the United Kingdom. Jonathan Edwards spent six years as CEO of ACML, during which time the company netted contracts with The London Stock Exchange and Reuters. ACML was eventually purchased by DataServe in 1989.After the sale of ACML, Jonathan Edwards stayed in the computer resale business and took a position with PCL, Ltd. As Vice President of Sales for the company, he helped it grow into an international name with billions of dollars in yearly revenue. Mr. Edwards maintained an active sales role as an executive, and he was personally responsible for PCL landing accounts with JP Morgan, GlaxoSmithKline, and Merrill Lynch.In 1995, PCL was acquired by MCI Systemhouse, and Jonathan Edwards took a position as Vice President of Strategic Accounts and International Sales at CompuCom Systems, Inc. He continued to have success working with big accounts at the firm, where he earned the business of Deloitte and Touche Worldwide, John Hancock, Bell Atlantic, Marriott, and MCI. Three years into his tenure at CompuCom, Mr. Edwards spotted an opportunity to provide e-procurement and global supply chain management for information technology. To take advantage of it, he worked with some of the biggest computer resellers in the world to found GlobalServe, Inc., where he served as CEO for three years.Mr. Edwards left CompuCom in 2000 and GlobalServe in 2002. Today, he focuses on providing professional services to investment banks, hedge funds, and other business in the Tri-State Area through his newest company, DMS.

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