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Jonathan Zabron

Mine Planner at KEMEK LLC

Work experience


Lafarge Quarry
Internship,, Ravena, New York,, 2009, 2010 Increased crusher throughput by providing the optimal gradation envelope by: Defining the optimal gradation envelope and conducting a“ rock on the ground” gradation photo analysis survey. Installing and calibrating pre and post primary crushing photo analysis devices. Worked in conjunction with Dyno-Consult, Dyno-Nobel and WipWare. Designed new in-pit haul road fastest traveling haul route to stationary gyratory crusher: Analyzed requirements by Caterpillar guidelines. Managed engineering firm sub-contractor. Developed cost and construction schedule. Worked with Blast Optimization Team to modify blast design to create more desired and uniform fragmentation. Reduction of both oversized and fines were a concern. Worked on calculating total cost per produced ton of aggregate with management and calculated hypothetical situations for forecasting and planning. Utilized Jean-Lutz drill monitoring hardware on rotary down-the-hole hammer drill rigs. Analyzed data to determine geological bedding planes affecting blasting fragmentation. Surveyed pit using Trimble S6 Total Station to determine various dump volumes. Worked with management to increase tons per man hour. Created a highwall safety protocol for the Ravena mine which has bench heights of 130 ft. and final highwalls of over 400 ft. CERTIFICATION MSHA Part 46

Mining Engineer

Argos USA
Mining Engineer,, Calera, Alabama, Assisted with yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily mine planning by: Analyzing customers yearly forecast and breaking volumes down to a month by month requirement. Based upon monthly requirements, a weekly plan was generated and drilling and blasting scheduled. Rock quality was verified by sampling blast holes in which a map was created and updated delineating the chemical qualities of the rock. Additionally, manpower requirements and schedules were determined based upon the forecasted volume of material to mined. Maintained and utilized Logimine On-Line Mining system Troubleshot and provided upkeep of hardware systems. Created reports showing both long term and short term loading/hauling cycles and the impacts of quarry design and road conditions. Assisted with ultimate pit slope and final highwall design Determined appropriate safety factor as well as different reserve saving scenarios for various pre-split bench designs. Mapped prominent mud seams as well as large faults intersecting quarry. Supervised production shifts. Assisted with installation and calibration of On-Line belt analyzer. Designed cut requirements to widen main haul road to allow for high speed two-way haul traffic.

Geological Engineer

Geological Engineer,., Ravena, New York, Produce yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily mine plans: Generate mine plans for a 4.6mt/year cement plant with no kiln feed interruptions related to the open pit mine. Create a quality sampling program to increase raw mix uniformity: By sampling blasthole cuttings, a 3D chemistry map is created and updated AutoCAD. Loader operators are given cut/fill feedback to the geologic contact. Sampling program has resulted in lower and more uniform MgO in raw mix as well as finished cement. Design and build new haul roads/ramps as well as overhaul existing roads A new ramp was created for future mining operations and continuously surveyed with Trimble GPS. Re-profiled two quarry benches resulting in decreased cycle time and improved driving conditions for haul truck operators. Assist in production requirements for modernized cement plant: Examine the open pit mine's requirements for a modernized cement plant. New requirements require the quarry to increase tonnage moved from 4.6mt/year to 15. 1mt/year. Determine manpower and shift requirements as well as equipment acquisition and replacement. Manage an explosives depot: Schedule bulk deliveries of over 700, 000lbs of bulk explosives monthly with no interruptions in service. Maintain depot and make sure all ATF, NY State Department of Labor, and MSHA regulations are upheld.



University of Utah


State University of New York College at Cortland


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