Jonathan salmon



Business Administration

Sep 2012 - Present
University of Washington - GPA 3.5
  • Demonstrate excellent productive and planning skills to meet deadlines
  • Study the underlying concepts for successful business operations
  • Surpass teacher expectations with all submitted work


Work experience


Apr 2015 - Present
Constantine Screen Printing
  • Help establish a brand identity for development within all marketing aspects
  • Cooperate and collaborate with customers on orders submitted for production
  • Motivate colleagues to achieve company set deadlines and goals

Film Producer

Nov 2014 - Present
  • Form a productive crew and cast to turn an idea into a film
  • Communicate with associates to figure out effective and affordable techniques to ease production
  • Inspire individuals to come together for a creative vision


Jun 2015 - Present
  • Support creative individuals and groups with apparel/merchandise agreements
  • Negotiate on initial investment, return on investment, and other terms
  • Identify and interview creative individuals and groups with a defined brand to receive profit

General Manager

Jul 2014 - Feb 2015
  • Improve the creative atmosphere for designers to maximize output
  • Manage production of seasonal collections of clothing
  • Coordinate clothing production, shipment, and release dates for collections
  • Delegate decisions among employees based on expertise
  • Organize task and goals weekly to reach the best possible results


  • Knowledge of Abode Illustrator
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Self-motivated, able to learn on own initiative
  • Strong commitment to a goal or project