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Sep 2018Jun 2022

Bachelors in Marketing and Business

University of North Carolina
Aug 2014Jun 2015

High School Graduate

Starmount High School


3.8 Unweighted 

4.8 Weighted 



Communicating is crucial in marketing. For one, communicating in marketing can lead you into success, but it can also lead you to failure.  Communicating can also be so effective, that it will make you want something. It is also important because correct communication on a product can lead to higher success in getting the buyer's attention


Analyzing is very important when going into marketing. If your trying to sell football cleats that improve your speed, your going to want to get the attention of those that are going to be active with the ball. To be even more specific, your going to want to advertise the cleats using someone that is well known, and is good at scoring


Marketing is very important. To sell a new product, to make your company grow, and to make more profit. Another way I look at marketing is by marketing yourself. it might sound like I'm selling myself, but I am in a way. If I am on a team, and I see someone struggling, I will give them advice, a boost, where I know it can help and make that person that is struggling succeed. 


Throughout my life I have had an open mind. One reason I would say I have opened up my mind is because I've always liked being the "odd ball". I've never liked copying others ideas and using something that's already been used. Instead, I've always like being original and coming up with my own ideas.


Becoming a great leader is a valuable skill to maintain, and I am comfortable have became comfortable leading a team and have realized that becoming a leader takes great responsibility.