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I began helping fellow students to understand course materials in high school and college, and I have been in love with teaching others ever since. As a professor, I have helped numerous students deepen their understanding of the visual arts and even surprised some by revealing an undiscovered interest in them.


Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts


PhD Philosophy, Aesthetics, & Art Theory

The Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts was founded to provide education in philosophy, aesthetics, art theory, and similar disciplines related to the visual arts. The IDSVA curriculum—fusing distance learning with intensive residencies—allows working art professionals to pursue rigorous advanced scholarship without having to interrupt or abandon their professional responsibilities.

  • My research focus is a continuation of my MA work regarding craft and skill and their role in the contemporary art world
  • For my PhD, I am taking a theoretical approach to studying the current tension between contemporary art and craft while using interdisciplinary research in psychology, history, neurology, and economics to discover the true impact of rethinking the role of craft and skill in the art world

Chelsea College of Art & Design


MA Fine Art

Chelsea, part of the University of the Arts London, is a leading art and design school with a history going all the way back to 1895. It encourages a robust studio and research based practice among its students through the CCW Graduate School which holds students and staff to high standards of scholarly work and interdisciplinary thinking.

  • My areas of study included sculpture, medieval and Renaissance art history, and craft theory
  • Graduated with Merit
  • Member of the curating team for the Interim MA Fine Art Exhibition

Hofstra University


BA Liberal Arts

The Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers students the option of creating their own interdisciplinary degree with guidance and advisement by the dean of the college.

  • My degree involved humanities and social sciences through the study of fine art, music, and anthropology
  • Cum Laude
  • Hofstra Honors College Associate

Galloup School of Lutherie


Journeyman Lutheir

Bryan Galloup began his school in the 1980s and his alumni include luthiers who have gone on to work with master craftsmen including Ervin Somogyi and Tom Ribbecke. The curriculum is designed to create well-rounded luthiers that understand the need for stellar craftsmanship in creating top-quality instruments.

  • The Journeyman course involved 320 hours of instruction in the repair and construction of electric and acoustic guitars. While training, I built the school’s first baritone acoustic guitar and began researching the history and theory of lutherie

 Work History

Broward Center for American Education

Aug 2015Present

Adjunct Professor, Visual Art

The Broward Center for American Education in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is an International Center of Broward College. It is the only higher education program in Ecuador that offers fully accredited U.S. courses.

  • Taught via teleconference and online assessment, teaching my take on Art Appreciation has shown how effective it is to approach art education through anthropological and theoretical means.

Broward College

May 2012Present

Adjunct Professor, Visual Art

Broward College is one of Florida’s largest colleges and was a finalist in the 2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. I joined the Visual & Performing Arts faculty as it was beginning the NASAD accreditation process and was quickly cast as an Art Appreciation specialist focusing on developing the course further.

  • My very first teaching assignment with Broward was given to me with only 3 days notice to prepare my syllabus, design a course, and learn how to lead a college-level course for the first time in my life.
  • I have quickly adapted to my role as a professor and have become known by students looking to take Art Appreciation as a preferred instructor with overwhelmingly positive student reviews and online rankings.
  • I have also become the project lead, founding juror, and artist liaison for a joint public street art exhibition in partnership with Florida Atlantic University titled This is a Canvas.

Feb 2015Jun 2015

Subject Matter Expert, Art History is an online content provider with the goal of “making education accessible to everyone, everywhere.” With over 900 courses in their current catalog and transfer credits accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities, their goal is to offer all the materials of a 2-year degree and beyond. I was brought on as an art history subject matter expert developing engaging written lessons for their Humanities 101 course and received consistently high marks for the quality and accessibility of my lessons.


Aug 2011Present

Visual Artist

After achieving my MA in London, I moved back to the US to begin my career as a professional artist. After a whirlwind of a first year, I’m now focussing on sculptural work and block prints while utilizing my experience as a practicing artist as a source of research material and a valuable real world perspective for my students.

  • As a young artist that quickly secured a gallery contract, I had to learn in rapid fashion quite a bit about the art world and working with galleries and collectors.

I-CON Science Fiction, Inc.

Oct 2009May 2010

Art Show Track Leader

I-CON is sci-fi and fantasy convention held annually at Stony Brook University since 1982. I was in charge of reforming the show as a showcase of artistic talent centered around scifi and fantasy culture by recruiting artists to show their work and headliners like David O. Miller and Daxiong to give talks and demonstrations during the convention.

  • After years of the Art Show being absent from the convention, I was responsible for bringing it back to life as an exciting part of the event as a one-man team with an exceedingly limited budget.
  • Through persistent marketing and organization I not only booked 21 artists for the 6,000+ visitor convention, but also scheduled events, organized the sale of work, handled logistics, and put together a show that received rave reviews from staff and visitors alike.

Courses Taught

ARH2000 Art Appreciation
An introductory art appreciation course is about more than just art history, medium, artists, and technique. I utilize all of these aspects of the course to increase my students' understanding of human history, cultural evolution, and the value of critical thinking.

  • Critical thinking is paramount for the course and by teaching students to analyze an artwork and draw connections between the subject matter of the piece and its cultural context helps develop this critical skill.
  • Keeping course content connected to its historic and cultural context reinforces the critical thinking goals of the course by forcing students to consider a wide array of variables when coming to a conclusion about an artwork or movement.

ARH2000 Art Appreciation Online
As a textbook-free course, the fully online version of ARH2000 has nearly the same goals as the face to face version but helps students develop their online research skills as well.

ARH2000 Art Appreciation Blended
I’ve also been chosen to pilot a new 50/50 “blended” version of the ARH2000 course due to my extensive knowledge of the course content and the D2L learning management system.

  • The course has developed into a pseudo-seminar based around Street Art as a way to contextualize a traditional art history curriculum within students’ daily lives and experiences with visual art.


College Art Association – Member, 2015 - Present

Broward College Instructional Technology Planning Committee – Member, 2015

“This is a Canvas” BC/FAU Street Art Exhibition – Founding Member, Liaison, 2014 - Present

Broward College Adjunct Faculty Institute – Graduate, 2013

Exhibition Experience

ArtFields 2015

The R.O.B., Lake City, SC
4/2015 - 5/2015

Chocolate & Art Show - Miami

Wynwood Warehouse Project, Miami, FL

Annual Faculty Exhibition

Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, Davie, FL

Adjunct Faculty Exhibition: New Works 2014

Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, Davie, FL


LMNT, Miami, FL

Adjunct Faculty Exhibition: New Works 2013

Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, Davie, FL

Holiday Member Showcase

ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Art Bravo!

ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fusion IX: Seducing the Globe

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL
10/2012 - 12/2012

Reflections & Passions

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL
7/2012 - 9/2012

A Spring Affair

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL
4/2012 - 6/2012

Odyssey 2012

Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL
1/2012 - 3/2012

Chelsea MA Show 2011

Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK

Chelsea Triangle Show

Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK


This is a Canvas  2014 - Present

This is a Canvas began in the winter of 2014 as a collaboration between Broward College and Florida Atlantic University. It is a juried public street art exhibition meant to bring more of this vibrant new medium to downtown Fort Lauderdale and give artists a new way to share their work with the public. With installing their work in plain view of the public, visitors can see the pieces unfold in front of them and interact with the artists to learn about their process and the work’s intended meaning. After a few months, new artists are chosen and cover up the previous works.

I am also introducing a digital collection to the This is a Canvas project to preserve the work installed and contrast the naturally ephemeral nature of a cyclical street art exhibition. Pieces are cataloged with high-resolution photos and complete metadata from the artist. After a successful launch, I’ve started spearheading an expansion of the project to other locations across Broward County with a new installation scheduled for the fall of 2015 in Coconut Creek, another in the Spring of 2016 in Davie, and a second installation in downtown Fort Lauderdale in the winter of 2016.