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Jonathan Midgley

Asst Operations Manager at NGL Energy Partners LP

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Asst Operations Manager

NGL Energy Partners LP

At ngl I take care of day to day operations for multiple swd and all incoming pipelines. I also over see communication between costumers to establish a great relationship and to take care of any issue that may occur. 


Opp's manger

Labeda engineering

Over see all day to day operations from scheduling to over seeing maintenance on pumps and all machinery, approving invoices to ensure correct billing, and managing set budgets to allow for growth and profits.


I am a very out going team player who likes to get the job done right the first time no matter how hard or how long the job takes. I like to take the initiative to pay attention to things  to see problems before they occur for a safe cost effective way to ensur things run smoothly l am proficient in most mechanics and fix just about anything 


Project Management

Overseeing and maintaining projects from start to finish. Ensuring quality control and safety throughout for the company,workers, as well as the customers.

Pipline construction

I have over seen pipline constrution jobs start to finish staying under budget and on time from 811 calls to trenching to fusing and addition to new tie ins on existing lines 


I have been a manager for over 8 years I can multitask and delegate jobs. When instruction is needed to clarify the correct procedure to take to complete a task I have no problem rolling up my sleeves and showing/training employees the correct way to do things.


I am proficient in word,excel,outlook I uses these tools on a day to day basis 


I know how to run loader, fork lifts ,sky lifts ,man baskets, excavator, backhoe and much more 

Poly pipe 

I am proficient in fusing poly pipe I have fused from 1" -12" and was pressed tested never had a leak 


I know how to fix just about anything from pumps, cars, trucks, heavy machinery 



Temescal High School


General studies