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Jonathan Fosseries

Advanced Rigger, Scaffolder, Steel worker, Stage builder, Metal fabrication, Lightings, AV & Architectural projections.


Professional, versatile, bilingual, reliable and efficient with 12 years experience in entertainment.
Diversified skills include problems solving, client relations, safety, technical drawings and load calculations.

Specialised in General rigging, aerials, Flying effects and computer controlled hoists.

Experience from local crew to head and touring rigger.

Work experience

Best boy Rig LX

nov 2017DEC 2017

Lighting and power on French TV show called "Les Marseillais" ( Tv reality) in Brisbane.

Best boy Lighting

Eureka productions
DEC 2017

Power distribution and lighting on Australian Spartan TV show.

Rigger LX

Warner bros
AUG 2017Oct 2017

Rigging electrics on the movie Aquaman at Village roadshows studios in Gold coast.

Tour rigger/ DSM/ Props

The Illusionists
JUN 2017JUL 2017

- General Rigging + flight of a performer on fire on a kynesys system.
- Deputy stage manager + props.


APR 2015NOV 2017

Rigging and lighting at venues such as Melbourne exhibition centre, Etihad stadium, Sydney exhibition centre.

Grip rigging - Grip

NOV 2016

American TV show for MTV called Power couples where I built a ground support holding a roof system that could open and close helped by winches depending on weather and light requirements.

Kinesys operator/ Aerial rigger

Nova music theatre
OCT 2016NOV 2016

I had 2 performers flying on this show and about 12 representations at the theatre of Whitehorse centre on a Kynesys system.

Rigger/scaffolder/ steel worker

Showtech australia
Dec 2014FEB 2017

Event rigger in venues such as Federation square, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne town hall, Melbourne cricket ground.

Working on shows such as Cricket world cup, Australian TV awards (Logies), Le noir Circus, Comedy festival, AC/DC...

- Kynesys systems setup.

- Aerials rigging.

- Tab tracks and Kabukis.

- Bomac tracks.

- Hoists servicing.

- Rigging inspections.


Capricorn rigging and staging
Oct 2014FEB 2017

Production rigging for concerts such as Katy Perry, Foo fighters, Miley Cyrus, Rolling stones in venues such as Rod laver arena, Etihad stadium, Hi sense arena, Global studios.

Rigger/ scaffolder

Diversity rigging
Oct 2014FEB 2017

- Rigging of sport events.

- Human flights on winch and tracks systems.

- Ultimate fighting world Championship 2015 Melbourne.

- International Darts competition


Clifton productions
Apr 2015Feb 2017

Rigger in venues such as Melbourne convention and exhibition centre, Etihad stadium, Flemington racecourse

- Chain motors servicing.

Maintenance technician

Paradise one resort
March 2017Aug 2017

Site maintenance including tree rigging, Vehicles servicing and  general Electricity.

Rigger/Scaffolder/Stage builder

March 2016May 2016

Rigging, stage building and scaffolding company working Australia wide which I have the pleasure of working  for as a casual employee.

Rigger/ AV technician

RTR Productions
Nov 2014MAR 2016

Video screens setup and rigging.

Stages building.


Tri-point rigging service
Nov 2014Present

Production rigging on festivals and Tv shows such as Masterchef or Stereosonic music festival.

Scaffolder, Camera & AV set up


The jobs involved Setting up Scaffoldings and Optic Fibres for cameras and providing batteries to the cameramans on big motorsport events.

Scaffolder/ Stage builder

Hellfest productions
Jun 2013Jun 2014

Hellfest is the French extreme music festival I was building 2 STAGECO stages each year with a Stageco team  and setting up productions scaffoldings.

Hellfest is hosting bands  such as Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Black sabbath, Slayer, Kiss, ZZ Top, Twisted sister, Saxon, Accept, Korn, Sick of it all, Bad religion, Hatebreed, Iced earth, Deep purple, Rob zombie, Megadeth, Status quo, Soulfly, Avenged sevenfold, Opeth, Millencolin, Walls of jericho...


Seven (scenium group)
Jan 2012Jun 2014

SEVEN is one of the dominants Rigging and staging Entertainment enterprise in France, I had a position of Rigger, in venues such as Bercy, Zenith of Paris, Stade de France...


Regie lumiere
Jan 2012Jun 2014

Régie lumière is a staging, rigging, sound and lighting Entertainment enterprise in France, had a position of Rigger, in venues such as Zenith of Paris, piscine Pailleron...


Jan 2012Jun 2014

ATA (Association des Travailleurs d' Altitude) is an organisation of Riggers, Climbers and workers at height in France, had the position of Rigger, in venues such as Bercy, Zenith of Paris, Stade de France, Stade de Lille I was also working on TV shows and concerts such as Indochine, Eminem, Kendrick lamar, Beyonce, Michel sardou, Johnny Hallyday...


Electrobeach music festival
Jul 2013Aug 2013

Electrobeach is the biggest French electronic music festival in Port-Barcarès (Southern France) where we built a 26m high scaffold stage for artists like David guetta, Afrojack, Dirty South, Hardwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dizzee Rascal and others.

Scaffolder/ Rigger

Concept even system
May 2012Aug 2013

I had the position of head scaffolder/ Rigger on regional concerts, festivals, exhibitions and events.

Scaffolder/ Rigger

Couleurs urbaines festival

Couleurs urbaines is a famous festival in south east of France.

I was responsible of trussing and scaffolding installations and responsible of a team in a range of 3-4 scaffolders.

Lighting technician/ Rigger


Pan Pot is a sound and lights service enterprise based in south of France region, I firstly was a Lights technician and then became Rigger.

Tour rigger

Ballet bejart lausanne
Nov 2011Dec 2011

Head rigger at Ballet Bejart, France tour 2011.

Architectural pictures projection technician

Nov 2010Feb 2011

Hardware is the designer and Manufacturer of the famous Hardware architectural projection machines, I was Installer and maintenance technician of these machines.

Lighting technician, Electrician

S-Group (SLS)

S-group is an important sound and lights service Enterprise, was an electrician in Big clubs or events as Palais Club Cannes (Palais des festivals of Cannes) or sound and lights installer.

Laserist/ Fx Technician

Laser projection international

L.P.I was a laser, water shows and architectural projection pictures enterprise, was one of the laserists, operating on Pangolin software, architectural projection machines as « Hardware » and fountains or water-screens installations and maintenance.

Audio and lights technician


Employed part time in a show event company, I was preparing, setting up and doing the maintenance of the equipment for concerts, conference, sport events and making christmas decorations.

Audiovisual Technician

Sud technologies

Audio, light and electric equipment installations and maintenance in French Clubs and bars.

Tools and hardware merchandiser

Geant casino
Mar 2006May 2006

Responsibility for the distribution, shelf management, promotion and presentation of hardware and tools in a big French supermarket.

Fiberglass technician

Jan 2006Apr 2006

I had a position of Fiberglass Technician making submarine torpedo cases.

Retail sales representative 


Customer service, Face to face sales and Merchandising.

Turner and milling machine operator

Wright cremascoli ortho

I was a machine operator making pieces of internal Medical prosthesis.


azur promotions

Responsibility for the distribution, shelf management, promotion and presentation of some of the most iconic brands in a big a French supermarket.

Metal fabricator/ Locksmith

L'art de fer

Fabrications and installations of gates, steel doors, grids, lockers.



Jan 2016Jan 2016

Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation


CPR First aid
Jan 2016Jan 2016


Jan 2016Jan 2016

Advanced rigging

Construction Safety Assurance Pty Ltd
Sep 2014Sep 2014

Dogging, Basic rigging, Intermediate Rigging and Advanced Rigging Courses (Australia)

SCR diver

Sep 2012Sep 2012

Qualified in semi-closed rebreather technology for operation, maintenance and practical diving.

Advanced nitrox diver

Sep 2012Sep 2012

Qualified in the use of 22% to 100% oxygen

Safety truss, set up, rigging and lift (tackle)

Artek formations
Jan 2012Feb 2012

Trusses load calculations and Safe Working Limits, Slinging methods, motor controllers and lifting.

Safety electric in entertainment

Artek formations
Feb 2012Feb 2012

French electric course (BRH1V) 400V, 20kVa.

Entertainment rigging

Techniscène formations
Feb 2011Feb 2011

Load calculations, work safely with multiple hoists, slinging (France).

Work at height and inspection of personal protective equipment

Techniscène formations
Jan 2011Jan 2011

Work safely at height, rescue and inspection of personal protective equipment.

Level 3 CMAS 


International certificate diver level 3

Autonomous diver to 60m

CAP Metal fabrication

La grande tourrache, France

Vocational training in Metal fabrication and locksmithing (Serrurier metallier, France).

BEP Automotive Mechanic

Vocational training school Georges Scisson, France

Automotive mechanic training (France).

Driver licences

-Victorian driver licence (Australia, Manual)

-International driver licence

-French Driver licence

-Recreational boat driver licence


Some of the events I had the pleasure to work on.