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Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Sr Research scientist

Kent State University
  • SSD software coordinator

Post doctoral

Kent State University
  • SSD software coordinator
  • HFT PXL detector AgML modeling
  • RHIC run 7 data analysis (focused on using silicon vertex detectors, SSD and SVT for charmed particles reconstruction)
  • Adaptation of cellular automaton (tracking algorithm) for HFT detector
  • use of machine learning (TMVA) for data analysis
  • internal code reviews



PhD in Nuclear Physics

University of Nantes

Main Publications as principal author

  • Identification of charmed mesons using multivariate analysis in STAR experiment (J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 396 (2012) 022007)
  • Heavy Flavor Tracker (HFT): A New inner tracking device at STAR (Nucl.Phys. A830 (2009) 636C-637C)
  • Charm reconstruction using a micro-vertexing technique with the STAR silicon vertex detectors (PoS BORMIO2011 (2011) 031)