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Jonathan Barker

Mid-level front end developer and designer with problem solving experience

Portfolio Work

A Small Sampling of the work I've done over the years. 

Work History

September 2015August 2016


Dreambox Creations

I worked with top tier restaurant brands such as Fox Restaurant Concepts, Grimaldi's Pizza, Panda Inn and Habit Burger to develop their websites with end goals of reaching more users, interacting more with current customers, offering deals and in general getting more people in the door. Gained experience in Fishbowl email development, OpenTable reservations system, NCR's Aloha Online Ordering system and more. Utilized HTML and CSS with some JavaScript to develop custom Wordpress themes. 

Jan 2013July 2015

UI Designer

Lifetime Produts

Started the position while company was in the middle of a complete brand overhaul. Helping to re brand and redesign the main site, along with their store and another brand that they own. I create all sketches, wireframes and PSDs for the new UI, working closely with the programmers and developers to realize the full functionality of the design.

Nov 2011Nov 2012

Front End Designer


Designed and developed bank websites for small banks located throughout the country. I consulted with bank employees on design needs, requirements and restraints and implemented my designs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on an ASP.NET environment. I advised management on best practices for usability and design of mobile banking app and designed the UI elements such as buttons and icons.

August 2007June 2012



In 2009, I tripled the revenue of 2008 by implementing A/B testing of the UI, switching payment processors and submitting site to directories resulting in increased conversion rate, more savings and increased traffic, respectively. Implemented strategies that successfully targeted high school wrestling teams, coaches and parents. I maintained the site and processed orders; implemented SEO strategy and social media strategy. Utilized social media and contacts to start sponsoring high school wrestling teams. Site was based in custom content management system to begin with; transitioned to Magento with a blog based in WordPress at a later date to gain more support and functionality.

Mar 2011Oct 2011

UI Developer


Oversaw all aspects of internet marketing and information for 28 domain names, driving traffic to the main four. I implemented WordPress to manage content on the four main sites. I reported directly to the COO of the company and outsourced talents to help design the website and create content for the sites. I used a combination of longtail keyword phrases, content creation and social media marketing to gather new leads for the office.

Sep 2009Mar 2011

Front End Developer

Fortune Learning Systems

Helped clients set up their own online business by contacting them by phone at least weekly and throughout the week by email. On the phone, I would walk the clients through the process of setting up a legal business entity, how to make design changes to their site to increase conversion, and any other random questions they might have. Also up-sold products that the company promoted to help the client expand their reach.

Sep 2007Sep 2009

Tech Support

  • Taught clients with little/no computer experience to design/market/maintain eCommerce site
  • Developed a custom SMO/SEO for each client
  • Developed custom HTML/CSS widgets for individual customers
  • De-bugged and reported problems of a custom built CMS to back end developers



I've been working with HTML and CSS since 2004

UI Design

UI is not UX and UX is not UI

eCommerce Setup and Marketing

I ran my own eCommerce shop selling wrestling shoes to high school kids during college.


I utilize OmniGraffle, sketches and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to mock up web sites, pages and web apps to present to clients and project owners. Iterations are my friend at this point in the process.



Bachelor's Science Digital Media

Utah Valley University

Emphasis in Digital Media. 


Associates General Studies

Utah Valley University

Boy Scouts of America Volunteer Work

I work with the Boy Scouts of America to mentor a group of 10 year old boys ranging from 2-13 in number (depending on birthdays) and lead them through not only the requirements to earn the Webelos rank and Arrow of Light, but teach them how to live the scout law and oath.

LDS (Mormon) Mission

I lived in Northwest Argentina for two years. During that time, I preached for the LDS church, I looked after and cared for the poor and homeless and the disowned children. I did everything in my power to serve those around me - everything from cutting a lawn of a single mother to getting groceries and food for the needy. Very basic and needed goals were met for individuals.

I also led groups of 4-10 young men and women between the ages of 19 and 24, focusing on numbers and goals which centered around preaching. Goals included number of lessons taught, number of people contacted, number of baptisms/month and more. I organized group events to lift morale, worked one on one with those that were struggling with numbers, designed training both in large and small group settings and worked with both local and foreign church leaders to set and realize goals.