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Data Management

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Trend Analysis

Public Speaking and Presentation

Contracts and Proposals

Training and Coaching

Corporate and Public Communications

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Leadership and Sire Management


A dynamic, innovative professional with experience in Operations, Site Management, Project Controls, Contracts, IT, Compliance, Training and Client Services. Successfully accomplished mission objectives and contractual requirements (deliverables) using management abilities while advancing into leadership positions in multiple industries including construction, NGO, FMS, corporate and government contract work in the United States, Middle East, and Asia. An effective speaker with the ability to relate and present information in executive and B2B settings across multi-cultural business environments. A detail-oriented, proven leader and problem solver with technical, analytical and communication skills, and a strong desire to find creative solutions for any challenge.

Work experience

Operations Manager

SOS International, LLC

Manage $84M US Air Force FMS program costs, operations, and logistics for the demolition and construction of infrastructure and facilities in Iraq to support the arrival of new F-16 aircraft for the Iraqi Air Force. Manage multiple functional areas including Operations, A&F, Project Controls, Contracts, Human Resources, Procurement, IT, Property and Safety to develop and implement processes and procedures for an austere work environment. Develop systems to report spending and budget requirements, forecast costs, and analyze data to report trends across all areas. Manage procurement, property and technology systems. Develop job descriptions, tracking mechanisms, reporting forms, and other documents.

  • Develop communications with management to understand operational needs in order to project spending characteristics, staffing, business development, technological needs and other resources.
  • Manage all computer and IT systems including design, implementation and maintenance of laptops, servers, and all other devices including security and access to internal network.
  • Develop reporting systems to track and communicate program status, open actions, deliverables, issues and other relevant information.
  • Manage the flow of information to and from team members to ensure effective and efficient communications.
  • Created new document and process system to manage all procurement and property to enforce accountability.
  • Prepare requirements and justifications for proposals, Basis of Estimates (BOEs), and change management regarding defined periods of performance.
  • Created the deployment guidelines to mobilize personnel through international airports, arranging travel, transportation, security, hotel accommodations, visas and medical processing.
  • Develop job descriptions and justifications for all functional areas including Human Resources, Operations, IT, Safety, Security and other administrative and management positions.
  • Develop training for timesheets, Human Resources, Payroll, various software and other administrative tasks.
  • Conduct presentations for employees regarding corporate and project policies.
  • Create tools and methodologies for new and existing personnel resulting in increased accuracy and productivity.
  • Train and mentor co-workers to increase overall department effectiveness.

Instructor/Training Professional

Zabeel International Institute

Conducted classes covering a variety of subject matter to multinational adult students. Addressed learning issues and customized lessons to meet the individual needs of students. Implemented Quality procedures to teaching methods. Suggested textbooks, courses and learning materials.

  • Taught courses in Spoken and Conversational English as well as English Writing and Business Correspondence.
  • Taught Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) and Business Communications courses.

Director/Site Manager

CenterScope Technologies, Inc

Managed the day-to-day operations and administration of all functional areas at training and deployment center facilities in Dubai and New Delhi supporting military and NGO personnel in multiple worldwide locations. Evaluated all procedures to comply with requirements in the US, Middle East, and Asia regions. Managed the Commercial Relationships, Business Practices, Quality Assurance, Safety, Compliance and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Successfully transitioned the Deployment Center Business Unit from a major contractor (DynCorp International) to a subcontract service provider (CenterScope Technologies) under a US government program.
  • Promoted to Director/Site Manager as a result of accomplishments gained in Operations and Project Controls.
  • Developed and managed Applicant Tracking systems including the creation of reporting metrics and analysis.
  • Built robust documentation procedures as part of the Quality Management System (QMS) to qualify for corporate ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as safety and security procedures.
  • Managed Procurement and Property functions including the review and implementation of tracking and auditing.
  • Developed, collected, analyzed, and reported performance metrics for AFEB, PEB and other reporting requirements.
  • Conducted audits to maintain quality standards and ensure effective operations according to SOP.
  • Managed and mentored a team of over 70 employees from the US, UK, India, Iraq, Bosnia and 15 other countries.
  • Developed Statements of Work (SOW), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other documents to ensure the delivery of high-quality services and continuously improved operations.
  • Enhanced processes and on-boarding techniques for the onward movement of over 6,000 civilians of several nationalities as well as movement of over 12,000 personnel into multiple theatres of operation.
  • Created proposals and RFPs for commercial services including accommodations, transportation, medical services, logistics, labor force, maintenance, food services, and offices as well as proposal evaluation and negotiation.
  • Produced training methods for a multi-cultural workforce including language differentiation with region-specific examples and developed a Train-the-Trainer Program to increase the effectiveness of all presenters.
  • Managed logistics processes including the movement of personnel, equipment, documents and high-security items through international airports, customs and conflict areas.
  • Developed an internal program for the staff to evaluate the effectiveness and quality in all areas of the operation.

Operations Manager

DynCorp International, Inc

Managed multiple functions at training and deployment center facilities in Kuwait and New Delhi including Training, Reporting, Staffing, Travel, Compliance and Quality. Created data management procedures to analyze the operations and optimize procedures in order to reduce costs.

  • Successfully established the New Delhi Deployment Center which included the selection of venues for housing and offices, as well as transportation, Internet, medical services and employee contracts.
  • Developed the DynCorp Kuwait to New Delhi Transition Plan which included the Statements of Work for all services including medical evaluation, logistics, food and beverage, accommodations and conference facilities; it also included a detailed schedule and Project Plan that was successfully implemented.
  • Created training methods and strategies for multiple nationalities to comprehend subject matter including health and safety, military policies, first aid, environmental awareness, human resources, payroll, harassment and several others.
  • Presented training classes in HR, Health and Safety (OSHA), Finance, OPSEC, IEDs, and several others with real-world examples; these examples accounted for ethical and practical distinctions between different cultures and regions.
  • Reduced processing time from 15 days to 6 days for a savings of over US$500,000 in accommodations and meals.
  • Created a visa tracking system to manage over 20,000 visa applications for employees traveling in and out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and Oman.
  • Conducted informal On the Job Training (OJT) to teach advanced skills in Excel, PowerPoint and other programs.
  • Established Pre-Arrival standards for Recruiting new employees, resulting in a 90% decrease of disqualified candidates improving PEB scores as well as ROI.
  • Resolve any and all problems with visa issuance for all personnel including transit, tourist and Kuwait residents as well as problems with specific demographics such as citizens from Bangladesh and single females under 40.

Project Controls

KBR, Inc

Managed multi-million dollar project costs for multiple departments and Regional Embassy sites as part of the United States Embassy Mission in Iraq. Created reports to address spending and budget requirements. Analyzed data to predict spending trends and their relationship to the current and projected budget.

  • Managed US$235 million budget for US Embassy Regional Support in the International Zone, Iraq.
  • Analyzed data to de-scope and save US$38 million based on actual work compared to budget at completion.
  • Developed communications with Area Managers to predict future needs including staffing requirements.
  • Prepared budget requirements and justifications for proposals, Basis of Estimates (BOEs), and change management.
  • Developed training methods for project personnel in order to comply with government (DCMA) regulations.

Special Event and Recreation Supervisor

Managed the daily operations of multiple recreation and event facilities. Developed events for NATO, the US military, Department of Defense and support personnel in a war zone. Developed operating procedures to fulfill contractual requirements and client feedback. Supervised a staff of 30 multinational citizens.

  • Awarded Certificates of Excellence and Appreciation from the US Army and KBR.
  • Managed large Thanksgiving Day celebrations for the US Army and Air Force that included NFL New England Patriots and Washington Redskins cheerleaders, Robin Williams, and several other entertainers.
  • Produced events with the USO including a diverse mix of talent including Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, WWE wrestlers, US Marine Corps Band and several other celebrities, singers and entertainers.
  • Conceptualized and initiated the remodeling of an existing recreation structure to meet the needs of the customer and to promote community events for a population of over 20,000.
  • Developed processes to efficiently maintain multiple facilities, schedule personnel and coordinate events.

Production Manager

Media Event Concepts, Inc GEAYL

Managed and supported several high-profile events for IBM, Dell, Motorola and other clients. Managed the scope of work, change policies, proposals, staff, conference room assignments, etc. Created schedules, assigned tasks to department staff and freelance professionals and tracked milestones in the production process.

  • Managed event services including lodging, transportation, shipping, food services, and signage installation.
  • Developed Project Plans for event construction and execution of supporting operations including electronic media, print, large format banners, hard substrates, registration counters, trade show exhibits, and show-specific fabrications.
  • Reviewed proposals and evaluated cost-effective, efficient and reliable sources of products and services.
  • Coordinated with venues (i.e., hotels, convention centers, etc.) to deliver power, telecom, and other infrastructure services needed for meetings, registration, general sessions, receptions, concerts and special events.
  • Ensured Quality Assurance for all production prior to delivery at venues and resolved all discrepancies for poor quality, incorrect sizes and quantities, and incompatible materials.
  • Reconciled invoices for environmental branding, exhibits, conference and trade show artifacts.


2002 IBM ESU Conference – USA, UK, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, China, 18,000 attendees across 12 cities

2004 Lance Armstrong: LIVESTRONG Kickoff – Texas, 400 attendees

2005 Dell Holiday Gala – Texas, 6000 attendees

2007 IBM PartnerWorld – Las Vegas, 10,000 attendees

Operations Manager/Events Manager


Developed all events, functions and programs including one of the largest music festivals in central Texas. Evaluated and selected subcontractors and negotiated contracts for all services including entertainment, food and beverage, equipment, infrastructure, subcontractors and exhibitors.

  • Produced the Austin Cinco de Mayo Music Festival for over 11 years, successfully transforming a small two-day event into a large five-day multi-stage music festival and carnival with an attendance of over 40,000.
  • Developed a business plan to grow the organization and events organically and maintain local culture.
  • Managed galas, awards ceremonies, appreciation dinners and concerts at convention centers, exhibit halls, etc.
  • Negotiated corporate sponsorships such as Time Warner Cable, Clear Channel Communications and ExxonMobil.
  • Managed over 300 including police, safety, security, operations, logistics, stage, medical and support personnel.
  • Coordinated with government/civil defense officials for safety, security, food policies, permits and other regulations.
  • Developed advertising and marketing strategies to reach target audiences and expand beyond current attendance levels.
  • Developed social media and online campaigns to target specific demographics.

Project Coordinator/Art Director

Special Audience Marketing, Inc 

Designed and maintained websites. Analyzed marketing data to project industry trends.

Administrator/Graphic Designer

Keane, Inc 

Planned exhibits and created sales and marketing materials for business development.


McCombs School of Business

University of Texas 

School and Management and Business

St. Edward's University


Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, iOS, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Adobe Creative Suite (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) Quark Xpress, SAP, PeopleSoft, Deltek T&E, CostPoint, Sonic, SharePoint, WebEx, GlobalMeet, and other creative and business productivity software. Professional audio, video, lighting and presentation graphic equipment, staging, rigging, and backstage setup, as well as Clear-Com, public address, front of house (FOH) and multimedia systems.