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jolywallet's aim is to help online shoppers save money on their online purchases

An App that Helps Shoppers Save

An easy to use application, jollywallet helps online shoppers earn cash back on their purchases and save money with exclusive coupons and deals. Once a user installs the free browser add-on and re-opens the browser window, the program is ready to go. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, the three most popular browsers as well as safari for MacOs. Any user can register for the service at the jollywallet website and then access the more than 3,000 popular Internet stores that partner with jollywallet to begin saving money. The software maintains strict confidentiality regarding user details. It does not collect data about its user's surfing habits. The only data saved is to verify purchases made. Use of the app is restricted to people over the age of 18.

How Shoppers Get the Best Deals

After registering with jollywallet, users can go to the jollywallet website to see a list of participating online stores. Some of the more popular stores are The Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Sears, Wal-Mart and BestBuy. The list of partners also includes a variety of service providers such as 1-800-Flowers and Expedia. When visiting the merchants' websites, the user will notice a green bar at the top of the browser, which signifies their affiliation with jollywallet. On participating websites, the user can select either “Cash Back” or “Coupon.” If the user chooses to get cash back, then either a set percentage of the total sale or a prearranged amount is automatically rebated to the user’s jollywallet account when a purchase is made. The cash back policy is different for each online store, but it can reach up to 65% savings in cash back. Users are rewarded with a $5 credit just for signing up and once their account reaches $10, the money can be transferred to the user's personal PayPal account. It is important to note that to receive the cash back, users must have a PayPal account.

Benefiting Online Vendors

Shoppers aren't the only ones to benefit from jollywallet. Online vendors that sign up with the service get the bonus of added traffic from new visitors to their sites. Besides higher traffic, online merchants also enjoy enhanced visibility, greater conversion rates and a higher sense of customer loyalty. Potential customers are more likely to complete a purchase when offered a cash rebate or exclusive coupon. As a result, the list of merchants affiliated with jollywallet is constantly increasing.

Company Details

Radyoos Media is the company that developed the money saving jollywallet app. The privately held firm was established in 2011 and specializes in media technologies and in online applications. Its focus is on apps that make e-commerce better. jollywallet is its first product so far. Tsafrir Peles, CEO, has experience in media and marketing and is the former CEO of the DSNR Media Group. His plan for the future of Radyoos Media are to continue developing programs with real time features that can be personalized to specific applications on the Web.


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