Lonnietta Duhon

Work experience

Work experience


Baywind Village Convalescent Ctr
  • Assess & evaluate residents & set up a plan of care & treatment for their daily lives.
  • Accurate & appropriate documentation of medical records.
  • Transcribing physician's order's
  • Administer medications & monitor response.
  • Communicate with residents,family members, physicians & other disciplinary team members in care of of the resident.


Gulf Health Care
  • Prepare and review medical records and nurses notes
  • Assess residents to evaluate their physical and emotional status
  • Provide nursing care according to the physician's orders,care plans,facilty standards and policies
  • Transcribe physician order's
  • Communicate with residents,family members management and other disciplinary team members. 
  • Treat and educate residents concerning various medical conditions
  • Administer medications and monitor response
  • Supervise nursing assistants
Feb 2004 - Present

Medication Nurse-LVN

Seabreeze Nursing & Rehab
  • Responsible for transcribing physicians order accurately on the Medication Administration Records.
  • Responsible for the administration of prescription meds.
  • Accurate documentation after mesd are given.
  • Responsible for knowing the classification,action,use,interaction &  adverse effects of given meds.
  • Responsible for monitoring the effects of meds & documenting any significant changes.
  • Communication with physician & charge nurse.
Nov 2011 - May 2012

School Nurse

Premier Learning Academy

Administered first aid treatment for minor injuries involving students fro grades K-12

Accurate documentation of students clinic visits

Administration of physician prescribed meds to students & monitor response.

Performed hearing and visual exams & reported results to proper agencies

May 2010 - Jun 2011


Seabreeze Nursing & Rehab
  • Responsible for transcribing physician's orders.
  • Administer medication & monitor the response
  • Supervise nurse assistants
  • Assess residents & evaluate their physical & emotional state
2000 - 2004


Gulf Health Care
  • Treat & educate patients concerning various medical conditions.
  • Provide advice & emotional support to family members
  • Administer medication & monitor the response
  • Implement wound care
  • Perform vital signs
  • Maintain patient records
  • Supervise nursing assistants
1997 - 2000


Edgewater Methodist Retirement
  • Rcognize common precursors to behavior of persons with Alzheimer's disease
  • Develope plan of care
  • Provide quiet environment
  • Reduce level of distractions
  • Reassure & reorient the patients
  • Involve patient inproductive daily activities geared to their abiliies




Slidell Baptist Seminary

Completed 60 credit hours to satisfy the educational requirements of the institution's associate degree program.

1991 - 1992

  • Taught to perform a clinical examination
  • Treatment planning
  • Individual, group & family counseling
  • Client, family & community education
  • Service coordination
Jan 1974 - Jan 1975

Certificate of Vocational Nursing

Galveston College


Apr 1991 - Present

ADHD Children Grown Up

Baywood Hospital
Feb 1992 - Present

Abandonment and Abuse

Baywood Hospital
Nov 1991 - Present

Biological Aspects and Treatment of PTSD

Baywood Hospital
Jun 1991 - Present

Drugs--Not My Child

Baywood Hospital
Apr 1992 - Present

The Emergence of a Woman

Baywood Hospital
May 1992 - Present

Coordinating Life,Career & Family

Baywood Hospital
Mar 1992 - Present

Medical Complications of Alcoholics

Baywood Hospital
May 1992 - Present

Where Are Men Going in the 90's

Baywood Hospital